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  1. Can someone ask MSM on AbMad why the Griffith's deal is dead?
  2. Kennedy to SJ as part of a Hendry deal?
  3. Your right the situation keeps changing depending on who wins which cups.
  4. If they both win and Saint Johnstone lose their Euro playoff then they are out of Europe.
  5. No its dependant on whether the two Manchester clubs win their finals.
  6. Davidson's belly slide.....magic.
  7. Cheap as chips....step forward Gurr.
  8. Hibs have completely screwed themselves. Where do I begin, 1.) they have not covered their COVID losses (unlike Aberdeen who have) so now they have to sell their best players and can't use the money to reinvest 2.) they are rumoured to have to pay Dunfermline 45% as a sell on fee for Nisbet and have a transfer clause of only 500k for Boyle i.e they are only going to be able to bring in any serious money from selling the young full back 3.) they enter the same stage in Europe as Aberdeen i.e they got no extra advantage whatsoever. Enjoy your COVID losses.
  9. I was lurking on a Watford forum to see what they made of their interest in Ferguson, very interesting...... Firstly they are apparently broke, so unlikely to meet our 3 to 4 million valuation. Secondly one poster claims to know of a few scouts....Ferguson's agent offered him to Norwich and was promptly told they were not interested.
  10. Haraldur Ingólfsson AFC on Twitter says we are monitoring Boyle and Irvine.
  11. Time for some JET fuel.
  12. Have you got any ITK sources as to who we are looking at?
  13. JET would be a great option to have. I would doubt he will be the main striker.
  14. Are we going to be linked with any quality players?
  15. A poster on AbMad is claiming our next signing is a McInnes type of player but one that excites him. Apparently its not Clark.
  16. Interesting to hear your comments considering you have actually seen him. Forget the fact that he has played for us previously, based on what you have seen of him playing in the Championship how does did compare to our current set of defenders?
  17. Not the Europa playoff spot surely?
  18. If Saint Mirren win the cup would their European place go to to the beaten finalist or third place?
  19. I think Woods is too small to be a good keeper.
  20. After yesterday's announcement, todays is a real downer. Clark is a massive down grade on what we have today (Hoban etc...). I am basing it off his previous seasons with us and his injury record. Anderson is the new Darren Mackie and can just take a hike as far as I am concerned.
  21. This video might give us some insight into Glasses appointment and the nature if the relationship with Atlanta.
  22. I thought he was going to Hibs? Where did you see that?
  23. He would offer us something different and unlike Curtis Main can actually bully defences. I think is a good player to hold up the ball bring others into the game.
  24. I would give JET a deal.
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