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  1. No but Hibs might! In all seriousness, after yesterdays shocking result, I just feel we need a couple of big name signings to lift the fans.
  2. I am more filled with dread rather than excitement over our upcoming summer rebuild. I just hope the next signing is a marquee one. If its not I fear for season ticket sales.
  3. Media are already saying, "we told you to be careful what you wished for"
  4. Sorry he has alot of potential but is not ready yet.
  5. Considering how much was on the line for this game, its alot worst than Ross County.
  6. We can make excuses all we want but a massive rebuild job is required. This is our worst result in many year.
  7. I used to have a 5's team that played out in Wester Hailes. It made for some interesting nights!!!!
  8. Spurs aren't exactly a top European club are they? AC Milan have been non existent for the last 10 years and then there is Arsenal.... Sounds boring if I am honest.
  9. Midfield has been poor. Livingston are completely dominating and winning every first and second ball.
  10. Surely Brown will be captain next season.
  11. Woods is getting a new contract according to the Sun.
  12. He did not rule out signing leigh griffiths when asked.
  13. Off to a bad start by offering Anderson a new contract.
  14. No news on Gallagher signing......?
  15. Your actual budget has NOT been as big as Aberdeen's for nearly 10 years.
  16. Why do Hearts fans think that they have a higher budget compared to Aberdeen?
  17. I thought Deano played well today Ollie. Please tell him that.
  18. What on earth happened during the half time team talk? Well done Aberdeen.
  19. I think you mean Mckenzie is the only player not hiding.
  20. This was always going to happen (lack of confidence and sulking) after sacking DM. Players are lacking belief.
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