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  1. This is shocking. Anyone else having issues with RedTV's picture?
  2. I would not believe Harley Quinn.
  3. Is there not a young striker coming through the ranks that we could try instead of the three loaned players?
  4. What a difference (in a bad way) it made to the team when Ramsey went off. He was a positive in a poor performance.
  5. Ramsey is looking very promising. Three good crosses put into the box thus far and looks good on the ball.
  6. I 100% agree with you. This IS the model Cormack wants.
  7. Alex Neil is not available according to Aberdeen Mad's ITK source.
  8. Got you, I was not aware that Oostende wanted to buy him.
  9. Would Jack Hendry be one of the two internationals Scott Brown has been speaking too?
  10. Good signing. Do you see us making many "big named signings" this summer?
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