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  1. His leg definition is pretty non existent, I've noticed that before In fact his entire leg looks like a Princes hot dog
  2. Aye, the way he Dived after getting thumped by Stryjek was an absolute disgrace eh He isn't overly bad for diving, let's not buy into that narrative
  3. "Taigs"? I dont think I've ever said anything more "rangers"-like than that Have a look in a mirror son
  4. Says the guy so consumed by them that your username refers to them Creeeeeeeeinge if you're not any older than 14
  5. Mini is very much the one with his finger on the pulse, actually
  6. Great My life's better now I have read that Cheers
  7. He has said he sees Barron playing in the "10"
  8. I find it humorous you slag glaswegians whilst linking to a guy like that
  9. Haha he looks a wee bit like a really weak scott mckenna
  10. Haha I just read that Kent, morelos and aribo all out contract in 12 months Bad state of affairs
  11. I'm not asking with a view to buying one, just out of interest They look authentic to me
  12. Of course it does Bassey is a top player and one of their few properly valuable players
  13. What are these, copies, or indistinguishable from real, down to the tags?
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