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  1. 1) they weren't elderly 2) they got a great deal
  2. I'm amazed it's even being asked- kids of 12 and under should be going to football with no adults?
  3. I'm serious though, wasn't even joking Kids DO get bank cards, at 12 is it not, so what's the problem? And why would old people not have cards either?
  4. Kids who can't get a cash card are too young to go to the football Attitudes like yours are what hold things back Superb progress
  5. You don't think I was in cuba? Strange thing to lie about
  6. If he wants any more proof bearing in mind he paid 20, I'll happily provide it You, however I am done with
  7. Honestly, give it a rest Can't be arsed with crap like this anymore Grow up
  8. The comments from Paul Robinson too Again, like ferdinand last night, zero respect for Scottish football
  9. It was outrageous "Easy, 2 nil" So much for the unbiased bbc Least jimmy Floyd showed some respect
  10. And again, avoiding the issue You're boring me now, be a big boy and say what you mean or stfu
  11. 10 Enjoy double digits, you won't have them for long
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