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  1. No, but it is what I was doing, twiglet legs!
  2. Afterlife season 3 First 5 episodes were appalling Last one was superb and the last 5 mins of the last one was televisional history
  3. Ah right, when Bates pulled Sakalas shirt? I was outraged at first, but one of the angles showed a pull
  4. That, honestly, was horrendous So long winded and an awful ending
  5. Was he not superb for a short period of a game against rangers?
  6. Millertime


    During autumn and the run-up to Christmas, only about 15% of deaths involving Covid in England and Wales did not list Covid as the cause. In the week after Christmas, that rose to 22%. Haha WOW... so 85% of all deaths in England and Wales were put into the covid numbers from autumn till december Thats it, its done, argument over the whole things a complete shame
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