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  1. Henry

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    Probably doesn’t happen that often in chartered accountancy, for example, or deep sea diving.
  2. Would've thought a Tory like yourself would've appreciated the free market capitalism on offer.
  3. Henry

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    I saw a man in an AA van today, crying hysterically and battering the steering wheel. I thought "that guy's headed for a breakdown".
  4. Henry


    God no, that would be awful, putting people out of their misery like that. Foolish idea. @Clydeside_Sheep
  5. Mentioned elsewhere, but Kenny McLean is out for the Euros. Pretty shit getting injured in a dead rubber match, missing your only chance at an international tournament as a result.
  6. Bastard I was just downloading a neeson picture.
  7. Aye, that's the precedent now. How long until promotion is allowed? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57059711
  8. Another unsuccessful Cher single.
  9. No way man, I don’t believe that.
  10. Allosexual: Sometimes shortened to "allo", an allosexual is someone who experiences sexual attraction and the intrinsic desire to have sexual relationships. Or turned on by French cafe owners
  11. I had that the last time I bet on the DWT
  12. Folk who wear their mental illness acronyms like a badge of honour are a pet hate of mine
  13. Henry

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    Boy whose photos got pinched seems a bit of a tube as well.
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