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  1. What are STV playing at? Presumably their budget is a fraction of ITV4. Stuart McCall and Kevin Gallacher FFS
  2. Agreed, that’s enough Scotland supporting for me.
  3. Can’t believe one of my mates ratted me out as a fat cunt to Roberto off the Hat. what are the chances!
  4. Well unless you’re holidaying in Orkney any time soon, I’ll let you know next time I’m in Aberdeen
  5. I don’t believe I’ve ever denied being a fat little fuck, or indeed a wee geek. Making a proper cunt of yourself.
  6. Deary me. Having a moment in front of our eyes.
  7. Seriously min, we get it, you called the Armstrong thing.
  8. Henry


    £20 bottle of dark rum will do me big lad. Dark mind, none of your spiced pish. If you order it tonight, I might have it for going on hols on Saturday.
  9. When that guy inevitably gets sacked, @ericblack4boss will be straight on to tell us McInnes is highly rated amongst the West Brom support and will be in with a shout of the job.
  10. That was just on the flight over there.
  11. So it's not just AFC and SPL wages you're an expert on.
  12. Henry

    Pet Hates

    Takeaway burger?! madness.
  13. Henry

    In The News

    ^^ He said, clutching his pearls.
  14. Henry

    Pet Hates

    I find the pizzas taste much better in a wood fired oven. But only if you chopped the tree down yourself.
  15. 2 no. bagels with firecracker chicken, Nandos squeezy sauce and cheese (done in the George Foreman) 1 no. glass of milk 1 no. banana
  16. Blackburn, Lancashire Not sure of his heritage Great name anyway. Got to be the best coach name since Gardner Spiers.
  17. He'll also be solving the tricky RB slot at Real Madrid or Bayern if he's as good as the huns and the Glasgow media like to portray.
  18. I thought bottom right was the Godfather out of WWF
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