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    Probably going home for his tea
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    I’ll say one thing right away. I can’t produce any evidence for such a plan, didn’t read beyond that in the third paragraph
  3. Ah cmon that was a rare bit of wit from CC
  4. Yeah surely the real test of how good Ramsay is will be if he manages to play in Saudi Arabia and Morocco, not the EPL.
  5. Because he couldn't get me to bite to his pish. Fuck now I'm doing it.
  6. Great to see another Rocket thread like.
  7. I'd donate a fiver to the Stop Poodler Becoming An Actual Paedophile fund
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    Boris sorting out the big issues.
  9. "Derek McIness" 25/1 for the Forest job. Derek McInnes probably better value at 33/1
  10. Gets stranger every time you read it.
  11. Yes I remember you stating in November 2019 that the partnership would directly lead to an underwhelming start to Stephen Glass' managerial career at Aberdeen.
  12. You two conversing there reminded of this classic: https://www.afc-chat.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/45264-once-upon-a-time-in-muirhouse/
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    I always thought Tenable could do with being 15-20 minutes shorter. Put me off.
  14. 0.5 x pot hummus 6 x oatcakes (round) 1 x mug of tea 1 x banana
  15. Five Scottish Premiership clubs have commissioned independent advisers to conduct a review of the SPFL and identify "significant additional revenues for the benefit of all". Aberdeen, Dundee, Dundee United, Hearts and Hibernian have engaged Deloitte to undertake the evaluation, which has been endorsed by the SPFL. The clubs are keen for engagement from throughout the 42-team organisation and say they will publish the key outcomes and recommendations, with the process expected to take six months. "We believe a clear vision and strategy with measurable goals is needed," say the clubs involved. The "strategic and holistic review" will cover four main points: Commercial growth The SPFL brand SPFL structure, governance, organisation, resources & competition Strategic projects The five clubs insist it is "not about redistribution of existing income sources in favour of so-called 'bigger clubs'," adding that "a rising tide lifts all ships". It is hoped the annual distribution to member clubs can be increased from its current level of £27m a year to "at least £50m" within the next five years. They go on to say improved revenues will help produce "better, more technically gifted players", to compete in Europe and for Scotland. The SPFL was formed in June 2013 following a merger between the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Football League. Chief executive Neil Doncaster said: "We wholeheartedly welcome and support any initiative that has the good of the game at its heart." US influence a driving force for change - analysis BBC Scotland's chief sportswriter Tom English These clubs have been talking for some time, brought together by a mutual frustration at the corporate governance of the SPFL. That covers a multitude but there is a strong feeling among this group - driven by American owners - that the league is punching way below its weight and that things need to change. There are people in this group with huge experience of the can-do culture in American sport. A number of them feel that the SPFL, under chief executive Neil Doncaster, should be more ambitious and innovative in terms of selling the Premiership. They feel that the SPFL is poorly marketed and suffers from a negative mindset at the top. This is about exploiting commercial opportunities and maximising broadcasting deals. For some, it's also about regime change. The prospect of a breakaway league has been mentioned as a last ditch scenario, an emergency measure to be re-examined more closely if they feel they are getting nowhere. Doncaster has given his backing to the report. This is basically a forensic examination of how he and his executive is doing its business. This could get very interesting.
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