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  1. Any idea how many tickets have been sold?
  2. On this performance hopefully we will sell a few thousand more season tickets. Couldn’t believe I was watching Ojo, he was transformed. Whole team deserved the win they played out of their skin.
  3. Loving our new fan favourite RED_JOHN. He has certainly raised the bar from our previous fan favourite poster @Millertime. His wind ups are just what the hat requires. Thumbs up sir.
  4. LOL. Well we do need something to liven up our boring existence in this wasteland. By the way I can vouch that BonnieDon is very much a female whose main passion is watching and playing football.
  5. Cheers Sonoftherock. Always love a good transfer rumour. Perhaps today is the day we announce Harry Kane.
  6. O'Donnell got slated last game but was solid tonight. Gilmour played a blinder. Overall I thought we were the match for a poor English team. We just need someone to knock the ball in the net. Great backing by the Scottish fans.
  7. The clue is in Bonnie Don. It's a female.
  8. 4,800 season tickets sold according to the club website. I would think we will get a bump on the ticket sales if we manage to get Ramirez deal done.
  9. Crashnyploshnit


    Frankly you could get run over by a bus and the death would be put down as Covid.
  10. Thanks TC. How times have changed. Sky TV has altered the landscape irreparably.
  11. Josh Hawkes should be on our radar if we can’t get the lad from St Mirren. Outstanding talent and only 22.
  12. Gunn does sound as thick as mince. As long as he can do his job though I really don’t care though.
  13. Stuff him. Stick a 6M price on him.
  14. Happy with this signing. If he troubles other teams like he did against us then we have a bargain signing. Welcome aboard JET.
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