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  1. I’ve slated the lad in the past but he had an excellent shift last game. He appears a genuinely nice lad and willing to learn. Should keep him in the squad for tomorrow.
  2. You forgot they must also be indigenous, midget and a Muslim
  3. Agreed, the Cat n’ Fiddle pub in Calgary is crap.
  4. Dons scarf on the ceiling of the Cat n’ Fiddle pub in Calgary.
  5. Bobby Clark has only just turned 76 today. Wonder if he fancies going in goals. He surely couldn’t be any worse than big Joe.
  6. Glass and Joe Lewis have to be punted ASAP. We were shocking yet again.
  7. Crashnyploshnit


    This may interest Tinyweelad, Manboobs and Consi. I make no comment on the constructs espoused: https://druthers.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Druthers-Sept-2021-final-resized.pdf Page 6 is revealing though in where this is supposedly all going.
  8. Crashnyploshnit


    Consi, thanks for asking. It is about the underground economy. I have provided a link to an 8 page summary for anyone interested. https://thefatemperor.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Uncovering_the_Corona_Narrative_by_Ernst_Wolff.pdf
  9. Crashnyploshnit


    What is the No. 1 reason why intelligent people are seemingly in denial that anything wrong is going on? Because the lie is so big that they keep telling themselves "it can't be, the government aren't smart enough" or the one I get regularly "what would they gain from doing this". They simply don't believe the evidence of their eyes and ears because the lie is so big. If someone that has been in denial and thinks I'm nuts (I know a lot on here think I am but I am OK with that) suddenly says "I think you may have been right " the last thing I'd do is say "I told you so”. I'm not interested in point scoring and I'm certainly not gonna be happy about being right about this.
  10. Crashnyploshnit


    I love how your posts are a space for both enlightenment-era style rhetoric and uplifting moments; so many people act like understanding and happiness are mutually exclusive.
  11. Crashnyploshnit


    In the news yesterday, Pfizer made $19 Billion in Q2 this year, or $211 million per day. Some known risks of their EAU covid vaccine are blood clots and cardiomyopathy. Luckily for them they make Eliquis for treatment of blood clots(13%) &Vyndaqel to treat cardiomyopathy(77%)
  12. Crashnyploshnit


    How many “Jabs” of an experimental gene therapy will you agree to, before you feel “fully vaccinated” ?
  13. Crashnyploshnit


    They need 100% compliance for their programme to work that way they cannot be blamed for anything that may happen to us. World domination by a select few and social credit scores that if you don’t do as they say no groceries for you.
  14. Crashnyploshnit


    Riddle me this why is it that the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn't protect the protected?
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