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  1. Absolutely agree Parky. He had a very sub standard team alongside him for the majority of the season. If (and it’s a major if) we can up the supply to him this season he will score plenty of goals for us.
  2. Hope he proves me wrong and makes the most of this loan period. Maybe there’s a player buried deep inside him which is bursting to get out but I doubt it.
  3. Given he’s a hell of a lot younger I’ve no doubt your correct.
  4. Agreed. Some delusional posters on here. They know who they are.
  5. Thanks for your consideration. Where did I say he did anything wrong? He’s just not cut out to play for us.
  6. I knew some Russian oligarchs when I worked in Moscow. I suppose they wouldn’t be allowed to buy the club given what their pal Putin is doing in Ukraine.
  7. I agree he seems a nice lad but you can hardly call him a 1st team stalwart. He has no steel in him, he is as soft as butter. Let him go to some team that suits his competence level and get him off our wages.
  8. I’d willingly pay his bus fare there to get rid of him for good.
  9. They can have him with pleasure. I’d rather not loan him though as I don’t want him back.
  10. Congratulations to McKenna and thanks for the £1 million. Let’s hope the money is provided to Goodwin to improve our squad.
  11. I thought he was spot on with his comments. He clearly has no respect for Bates or Gallagher.
  12. Agreed, Campbell is Scottish Championship material at best. As for McLennan I hope he has other skills as it’s not as a football player.
  13. The blame for this debacle has to start at the top. Cormack has horsed this. We should have punted McInnes earlier and brought an experienced manager in rather than Glass. Glass then goes and signs (along with Gunn) some of the worst players on this green earth. Goodwin can’t do anything with the playing side of things until the summer but an Eddie Turnbull style clear out is required. We just have to expect those with deep pockets to dig deeper than ever to let Goodwin get the signings we require. Massive few months ahead.
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