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  1. Although last time we played them at Pittodrie under Glass they never beat us.
  2. Also these things work both ways. Hearts won something like the first 8 games of the season to be top a few years back. They then collapsed and within 18 months were relegated. Almost like its still too early to tell!
  3. Congratulations. Doesn't change the fact you created a fake profile to back yourself up in arguments on here. Which does suggest that for some reason you really do give a shit about this forum! As for Bryson I wasn't angry reading his trolling, just found it amusing that a player whose clearly been effectively a cripple for 3 years was taking some second hand "glory" and satisfaction in his team beating Aberdeen (where he failed miserably).
  4. Just remember FND who acts like the forum is an irrelevance to him : (A) Posts more than anyone else (B) Made up an account and a girlfriend to back himself up on this forum.
  5. Not really. He was useless for us. Stating a fact. Unfortunately everything that happens at or around the club gets a reaction from you. Usually a 17 pager repeating yourself. Hows the fake girlfriend sad act?
  6. Apparently Craig Bryson was joining in the trolling of us on Social Media. That fucking useless cripple
  7. Fucking broken record talking about your dream managerial team on here! Ill say it again. Eric Black shite as a manager and retired and Shaun Maloney as much managerial experience as Glass!
  8. 100 per cent. In fact he was demanding the ball constantly and i thought he could have been fed more often
  9. Fucking hell Useless as a coach/manager and retired. Good call Also hows Maloney different to Glass as a manager? Untested . Just because he puts the cones out for Martinez doesnt mean he has anything about him as a manager!
  10. This is easily flipped on its head. Anything bad or cunty the current Westminster Government does - Means Independence is a great idea just .. because. Anything good we get out of being in the union (E.G. over 40% of the working populations wages in Scotland being paid for by Westminster during Covid / more spending per head in Scotland than England due to the Barnett Formula) - Ignore. Or claim we would magically have it all anyway if independent.
  11. Guesswork! Hearts as a club make no attempt to play football, never have. I dont know why you are triggered for Hearts being called out for what they are.
  12. In Hearts case its that GMS is part cheat and part shite (unable to control the ball) .
  13. Hearts wanted him and he chose Aberdeen . So this one is bitterness. Aside from that you name 2 players of ours whereas your entire squad / your manager and your club ethos as long as anyone remembers is hoofball hammer throwers. I'll admit you are evolving this season , in so far as cheating for penalties is back!
  14. Also Rooney? His last 18 months here Rooney was utter shite. Slow and not finishing chances off
  15. Point is the amazing Woodburn has a pish goal record too and apparently hasnt played for Wales for 2 years. Not sure why hes so exciting ...
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