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  1. Just pisses you off more how shit we are! Can never capitalise on these situations. Celtic lost 3/6 games and still ahead of us by a point. Absolutely embarrassing!
  2. Will literally take a relegation battle to get him sacked! I’m all for giving him time but you want to see the team going in right direction and it just dosnt look good! All this talk about attacking football has just embarrassed Glass and cormack further! Last week I said we need to give him time but now I’m beginning to wonder if the people saying he’s out his depth are correct.
  3. Was just thinking this! Spending so much money on wages we must be way over our wage budget and potentially away to bring in Kanu. How can you blow your budget and have a terrible defence and no creativity!?
  4. If he’s brought in we must be absolutly miles over out wage budget.
  5. Ramsey will go on to play at a much higher level than Jess ever did. Im confident of that. Hard to compare when both completely different types of players.
  6. While I agree with you to a extent that time must be given im not having the other part. The money we have spent should be more than enough to beat teams like Ross County or Motherwell even if they haven't found their feet fully yet. Blame has to be taken by Glass or the recruitment department or even both. He was brought in to asses the squad before season end and still offered contracts to Devlin and McGinn. He should of known exactly what was needed and hasn't shaped a balanced team at all, we struggled to score goals last season and we bring in 1 striker, Jet, Watkins and an unknown quantity in Samuel in attacking third, its simply not good enough.
  7. Wonder what Patterson makes of being second fiddle to Tavernier. Could really hold back his development the lack of game time. I just don't agree with players not playing for club starting for national team. Ramsey should start and Patterson 2nd choice until he gets a run and proves he should be ahead of Ramsey. In all honesty I despise international football but if it lifts the value of our players I welcome it.
  8. You say Patterson has more experience but Ramsey cant be all that far behind Patterson now given that he starts every game and Patterson has played 1 or 2 games. Absolutely no doubt that Ramsey should be in the Scotland squad next time it comes around but I don't think he will be. Absolutely baffling how Stephen O'donnell is ahead of him.
  9. If we accept that for him it would be a massive disappointment. Doig is rated at 5m having played a season. How does Ramsey compare to Doig? I havnt seen much of him but if he's better than Ramsey he must be some player. Ramsey is on a different planet to any other youth player I've ever seen in a dons shirt in my lifetime. I just hope we can atleast enjoy him till summer and he's Scotland no1 RB by that time and all of a sudden we can command a massive amount more.
  10. Any idea what type of player he is? See he's been scoring goals. Is he a creative central midfielder?
  11. Recruitment is absolutely terrible and has been for many years. We are signing players like Dylan McGeouch who I bet is on a ridiculous wage for doing very little since his arrival. Im certain we could find better players in other countries and they would potentially not cost as much as these failed players in England on inflated wages. Im not saying it will be easy but I have no doubt it can be done.
  12. One of the Aberdeen podcasts, think it was ABZ had done a bit of research on that and said that majority of players have been brought in from markets we should be targeting like the Portuguese second division and places like that. None of the players had came from teams that would be out of reach for us, all lower leagues. It's absolutely baffling how long we have pissed about in lower leagues in England and expected to get a competitive team to challenge for trophies. It even annoys me how we have blown about scouting Europe for a couple years and still signed absolutely no-one from that leagues.
  13. None of us know that yet. Regardless of what happens with Glass a Aberdeen team with the third biggest budget in league is expected to finish third or they are underachieving. Mcinnes side has finished 4th in last 3 season and don't think he cant take credit for last seasons finish. Hibs beating us to third last season is a little more understanding as they have a very similar budget but Motherwell and Killie piping us to third on half the budget is completely unacceptable. His time was up. I really hope it all clicks for Glass but lack of CB's and creative players does not bode well going forward!
  14. The 1 thing I feared if Glass struggled is that people would say we were wrong to sack Mcinnes. Make absolute no mistake it was time for him to go and anyone saying otherwise needs to have a word with themselves. The problem lies with if Glass was the right appointment, I wasn't initially happy with appointment but he almost won me over but on reflection if it weren't for 2 GK's basically throwing the ball in the net in the Livi win and county draw things would be even worse. Things could get really toxic if we don't get results and performances that match the investment.
  15. Need to give him a couple more games but we need to sort that defence out and stop picking so many central midfielders. A lot of successful teams actually have less possession than opponent these days!
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