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  1. Would imagine the majority of them are gone. Talk of Montgomery deal being extended which would be a massive red flag if it is. Cant see why we are waiting to reveal the released list unless we are trying to tie down 1 or 2 of the players on new deals
  2. Those 3 would be a great start to window. Think Ogbene is maybe been playing wing back so would be Ramsay replacement.
  3. Think we may go with Kieren Ngwenya and McKenzie at LB. RB we need atleast 1 and could have McCrorie as back up, Centre back beed atleast 1 too.
  4. Where did I say I’d only be going with 2 CB’s next campaign. We already know we are targeting 6 player plus what is sold. Just listened to Goodwin interview and he says that we need to bring in 3/4 in the vinnie mould so we aren’t so reliant on him. That and a CB and GK and we will be in far better shape. He said he really enjoys the recruitment side of the game. I’m looking forward to seeing who we bring in.
  5. Probably fits better with personnel. No idea what either would be on but can’t have £10,000+ a week sitting on bench the whole season. Got to try and get some value out of them.
  6. I wouldn’t be against us going with a back 3 with a new commanding CB in between them. As has been said maybe a quality GK will make a substantial difference to our CB’s.
  7. Idea world yes. Value for money they aren’t doing it. Probably the 2 highest paid CB’s in league outside Rangers and Celtic. If not very close. An absolute disgusting thought. I’d make them available and if we can get someone to cover even half their wages ship them out. I’d be more inclined to keep Gallagher if any of them but definitely need a captain type CB at very least to play alongside 1 of them. Absolute no way we can line up with them both next season and expect any better than this season.
  8. We need a lot of players to be honest. In a ideal world how many of our current squad not including Ramsay or Ferguson would you like to see in our starting 11 next season. I’ll go first Vicente Besuijen Connor Barron Ross McCorie I genuinely think that’s it. Squad players I’d keep and hope they can push for regular starting spot. Dante Polvara Johnny Hayes Jack McKenzie Ryan Duncan Liam Harvey Alfie Bavidge Kieren Ngwenya Really slim pickings. Looks as if we will have 6 new signings plus 2 if Ferguson and Ramsay go. Assume a few loans too. Really looking forward to seeing the released list just to see who we are actually keeping. Hoping it will also include players that are free to find new club.
  9. You can’t be comparing Gogic to Shinnie but I take your point we could be doing with someone that will drive the team forward!
  10. It’s a worry but equally (possibly more) a worry is our attacking creative players. Been absolutely terrible.
  11. We need both defenders and attackers but attackers have to be top of the list. Absolutely hopeless!
  12. It’s probably a orange card if their was such a thing!
  13. Can’t see us scoring from open play. Need a pen to win this.
  14. Every week for 6 months I forgot we are absolutely shite and think we will turn the corner in next game!
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