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  1. Not defending the club but it’s often the case you have to wait longer to get the real quality in. The biggest problem is waiting months to get them over line then they fuck you off to fleetwood or some shite. Then end up signing someone with a lot less ability. I just hope we get at least 1 player in that meets the criteria from cormack and Glass, ideally a winger or creative type.
  2. I think we need to offload some CM’s ridiculous numbers in there having just brought in Jenks and Brown ontop of everyone we have already got. Gurr obviously happening sooner rather than later. What is Jets best position, we all seem to think he will be a bit part but looking like he could be a starter for us.
  3. I think at our level Gallagher and Brown go down as good signings, would be harsh to say otherwise at this point. JET I think could be a handy player if he’s fit and Jenks is highly regarded but no real idea if he can cope with first team football. Gurr on paper looks a terrible signing, Ramirez looks risky to me based on his stats the past 3 seasons and assuming he will be a top earner. Pressure is on him right from off. None of the above fit the bracket Glass and Cormack promised us a few months back though. Be interesting to see if anyone of “star” quality arrives....
  4. Think the deal for Ramirez is agreed but awaiting the appeal of work permit to announce it. If it’s rejected we may never hear anything about him.
  5. Feel sorry for O’Donnell, just living the dream after all. If he is anywhere near the starting lineup we deserve a pumping.
  6. Is it this coming week the players return or the management? Interesting to see if Ferguson is a no show for pre season.
  7. We don't deserve to progress if we are signing players like that.
  8. Especially when you consider they have a turnover of similar to Hearts and Aberdeen yet paying double the wages. There turnover was half that of Aberdeen’s prior to getting promoted. Majority of championship clubs are over 100% wages to turnover it’s just utter madness and hope the shit hits the fan sooner rather than later!
  9. Have no doubt we are going to get shafted here and go into a third lockdown! I don’t see Boris or Nicola having the balls to get on with it!
  10. Scored some crackers for Shrewsbury last season. Pretty good return for loan spell. Would be happy to get him on board. If this is the case we could see a few players on way out as squad is starting to fill up.
  11. Really good run of fixtures to hopefully go on a good run at start of season!
  12. Surely the number of cases dosnt matter. It’s the hospitalisation and deaths that matter. Someone said to me last week that aberdeen hospital had lost less than 10 people due to covid. No idea if that’s true, sad as it is we can’t close everything down again as people won’t listen and it will finish a lot of businesses already struggling!
  13. We haven't had a LB for about 10 years. I see no reason why Mckenzie doesn't stand a chance of making it. Lets also not forget we were completely hopeless last season and almost finished third. They are good enough to be in mix for third.
  14. Not sure how the correlates to previous seasons but that seems quite alot at this stage considering we only sell 8500-9000 in a good year.
  15. Cormack is going to get a shit tonne of abuse if at least 1 quality signing isn’t unveiled and rightly so.
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