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  1. Bit tired this now Soop. He’s gone. Move on.
  2. The Boofon

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  3. Matt Armstrong’s Dog possibly. What you wearing MAD?
  4. Dundee water park wipeout thing. Bloody ace.
  5. She got booted off the Apollo missions for being a wifie. He felt sorry for her.
  6. Been debunked. Flag still flutters in a vacuum with movement.
  7. Surely if it’s a white stick it wouldn’t be matching? Anyway. Would you be bothered about a matching white stick if you were blind? Wouldn’t bother me. Folk laughing at me not being able to see would be bad enough. Wouldn’t care about my outfit.
  8. Bad recollection. Sanctimonious cow.
  9. The Boofon

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    You seem obsessed with pedos. Seem to mention them a lot.
  10. Use the coconut to make a Dazzy coffee. Ever tried a latte made with oat milk? Impossible.
  11. Same. 23 and 17. She went away to school the morning after we met. Proper Renton moment.
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