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  1. Aye you can easily make a good profit getting a pair and flogging straight away. Made double my money with the Goretex city series a few years ago. Didn’t even open the box with the Amsterdam’s.
  2. Odd numbers are always on the left hand side of a street if the street is numbered odd one side, even the other.
  3. The Boofon


    You’re less boring than you used to be. How’s that perked you up?
  4. Yip. Did exactly that last week getting a room plastered, coving fixed up and a ceiling rose made. Bill was £600 shy of what I predicted.
  5. Miss of Lego headed charlatan Darren Mackie proportions.
  6. Not if the pint was a Dublin one.
  7. Cabaret club or the one directly across the road. Both fantastic. (
  8. God help you if this isn’t an act.
  9. The Boofon

    In The News

    @Henry Taxi for Brian. beep beep. Where to pal? Australia? Canada? Norway? Dundee?
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