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  1. Sounds bloody ace. Walking about Amsterdam out your tree riding all sorts (Love Bertie Bassett) while the wife and kids play with the rosary beads waiting for your return.
  2. Correct. Thick as shit American. Thank fuck he's gone never to come back again. Liked him to start with too. Played with a smile, loved Jesus. Was all going so well.
  3. Fuck the family off and get fucked (sexually and narcotically)
  4. The Boofon

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    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-10820569/Idrissa-Gueye-missed-PSG-game-REFUSED-wear-shirt-number-rainbow-colours.html Ledge alert.
  5. Yeah my wife binned a pair of mine a while back too. Grey / grey ones. Worth a bloody fortune too. She said they looked dirty so binned them. Gype.
  6. A pair of these. Terrific.
  7. The Boofon

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    Cheers. Love the apology to the boy at the end.
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