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  1. RB or sub. Never a midfielder. Zero actual football ability. Great athlete though.
  2. I championed Goodwin before we got Glass even but fuck me I’m worried now. Gave Hayes a new deal and plays McCrorie as an AMC. Alienated the dressing room too.
  3. Hooked at HT. Not sure if he was injured or just shite.
  4. Gallagher?? He was/is rubbish. Been an absolute disaster of a signing. All he’s done is get into petty squabbles with opposition players and give away needless fouls and cheap goals from day one at AFC. Barron only gets pass marks for me today.
  5. Fine guy. As dull as dishwater. A good thing we won’t have him as a coach now. Imagine him trying to inspire youth players! Goodness me.
  6. All 3 Sky Pundits saying it’s a pen and boy has to be sent off. Madness. They must be in on the blatant corruption.
  7. This but try Ramsey instead of McLennan. He’s never a defender. Move Watkins up top instead of Ramirez. At least he can run channels and isn’t a total fairy. Might even hold the ball up or win a header. Not a fan of McCrorie in midfield at all. Move him to RB as you say. McGeouch should start every game. He’s our best player and can dictate games.
  8. My issue with all these opinions is a lot depends on his wage. Same applies to all these charlatans. If Ramirez is on +£5k a week then he’s not giving us bang for buck. Just like people saying Ojo should get a new deal because he’s a good squad player is ridiculous when it’s said he’s one of our high earners. Hayes is obviously a high earner and he’s been shite since coming back so for me he can also go. If he was on £1800 a week I’d keep but he’s not. Without being privvy to wages it’s hard to make a pure judgement. (Ojo on £1000 a week would still be a raw deal, however). The new deal Devlin got is just mind blowing. That’s £120k minimum for 0 minutes of football this season plus all the associated medical costs.
  9. I thought Rooney was bang average at best too.
  10. I’m not willing him to fail. It’s done though. He’s not made the grade like thousands of other youth players. It happens all the time. Very fine margins. I commented at HT of Killie’s and AFC’s games. We were still in the cup at the time. I take a keen interest as I’m genuinely confused if it’s me and I just can’t see the Jim Bett reincarnated that so many have sung from the rooftops for the past 3 or 4 years. I still don’t see it. I still haven’t been given a single DC attribute. I’m not going to comment again on this thread. I think I’ve made my point. It’s not a personal vendetta. Campbell is one of the few likeable personalities at our club currently. I’m sure he’ll do just fine in whatever route he pursues outside of full time football. Good luck Dean.
  11. Unfairly treated??? He’s got 80 odd appearances for the club when he’s offered absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch. I’ve asked 10 times what his attributes are, no one can even give me one. You work with his dad, admit it.
  12. You were wrong. It happens. I thought Zander Diamond was quality when he broke through. He wasn’t.
  13. Is it his father or his mother you are pumping? Your 3 year love affair bigging up DC is pathetic. You’re mates with his old man so I don’t expect you to say anything negative about the loon’s footballing ability but when it’s been clear from day one he’s way off it maybe it’s better to just say nothing at all. It’s the bias and bigging up on here that hasn’t helped things. And I was called glaiket by his father for saying he was nowhere near ready for the 1st team. Well egg on his (and the white knights) faces.
  14. Hooked at HT today. Part time football soon for DC.
  15. Agreed. Lewis is honking at saving pens but Woods is honking at every aspect of being a gk.
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