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  1. Crazy talk. He’s been absolutely horrific since we re-signed him, though not through lack of effort.
  2. Always been nothing more than an engine and harrier. Slows down play every time. He’s got very little actual football ability. Zero finesse. He’s a great example to any youngsters that hard work can get you far even if you are not the most talented. He was probably bang average ability wise as a kid, hence he was at Hamilton and not Sevco. Not one of my mates agree with me on this however. They think he’s brilliant.
  3. Lewis has been garbage but Woods is absolutely pish.
  4. Lewis dropped and Gordon Marshall punted would be a start.
  5. Couldn’t agree any more with you. What a strange signing. ANOTHER centre mid. Madness. The moment I realised we had a dud in charge. Ah well.
  6. Is he the best youth player we’ve produced since Jess? Toss up between him, Stephen Wright, Fraser or McNaughton for me.
  7. The 7 was excellent. The really young boy no14 looked to have bags of potential. Get them signed.
  8. Improves massively every game. Really like the lad. Seems like a down to earth young man also.
  9. I actually thought he was bang average in his more advanced role today. Pathetic walking down the tunnel sulking too. He’s signed to 2024, Glass should show him who runs the show these days. No more Hun sympathisers.
  10. South Stand. Yeah non season ticket price (I live overseas).
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