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  1. johnstrac

    Pet Hates

    It's not getting a hard on when the Doctor inspects your prostate that's the problem, it's when he gets one.
  2. Anything by Jim Diamond. Lassie that lived above me at one time used to play his stuff half the night to drown out the sound of shagging.
  3. Quantum Leap currently being repeated, channel 35 I think.
  4. Ian Campbell, their father, was born in Aberdeen, moved to Birmingham as a teenager I believe.
  5. Sooner pay for the train and get in the stadium for nowt if it's like yesterday.
  6. johnstrac


    They're good but they're no Maynards.
  7. johnstrac


    What happened to pan drops ?
  8. johnstrac


    Wine Gums.
  9. If you ever hear her "jokes" at the end of Only Connect you'll soon deduce she's no comedian.
  10. So which game will we f**k up or have we put those days behind us ?
  11. Met a guy in Majorca years ago wearing what was the 3rd kit of the time (yellow & black one) plus everything else he could get on that was in the shop.
  12. Just up the road ! Pricey (Preecy ?) though.
  13. johnstrac

    Pet Hates

    I don't think He micro manages to that extent.
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