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  1. See the P&J has an article today about AFCs worst paid transfers. Pinched from here no doubt…
  2. Love the fact that sometimes players come along and everyone and their dogs know they will be useless. Gurr is one of these players. Why on earth Cormack/Glass et al thought he’d be the standard we need is anyones guess. Boggles the mind!
  3. Tommy Wright. Paid £100,000 when we had fuck all cash.
  4. If true, I'd assume we are getting rid of Woods...
  5. Gutted we never signed him.
  6. “We might? Be wrong, but we won’t. Be confused!”
  7. As long as we keep getting the odd result and no end up in the bottom two, Glass will be safe. It’s clear Cormack feels this season is a write-off anyway, and wants to give him a chance. Just how bad things need to get before the chairman finally sees sense remains to be seen. Dire stuff.
  8. Been on the decline since getting the captains armband.
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