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  1. What, you reckon any of these measures are justified now? Still shitting the bed at folk being tested positive and the only thing they can use as part of the MSM propaganda machine to keep us all in line. Deary me. You must be afraid to go outside after the sun goes down with that sort of attitude. The pharma companies are pishing themselves laughing at the money being spent. Every single living person will be targeted for the vaccine. Mark my words. Watched a great interview with a Belgium professor of psychology.... talked of mass forming and hypnosis and gave examples of where this was used in previous times (Stalin, Hitler). He said that the main ingredients needed are a society full of anxiety, ready to cling on to a 'narrative'. But hey, what the fook does he know eh. Just some clown sounding off on the interwebs nae doot!
  2. It's not a mandated requirement. Pittodrie is not an indoor environment. That's why no one bothers. They aren't required to wear a face nappy. As for the 'show me your paperz' malarky, I won' be providing any proof to anyone, regardless of whether I am vaccinated or not. If the club refuse my entry then I'll be requesting a refund on the 4 season tickets I purchased. Simple as. Anyone who gladly rolls over and condones this pish is playing into the hands of Nippy and her claptrap. I can see it being challenged in courts in any case for a number of reasons. And before anyone starts to fire off a reply, start your train of thought by how many people are actually dying 'with' Covid. Square root of feck all, that's how many. It's a complete and utter scam for which most have been played like a cheap violin.
  3. Jesus.... I watch and read dozens and dozens of links that people share on Twitter. Many of them direct quotes from people far more qualified in the subject than you or I. Some evidence of contracts awarded, companies interlinked with one another, previously released information on various government policies or projects on health care. The real issue is that because none of this is published by the MSM, it remains largely bunkered into social media or those willing to stick their head above the parapet, but classed as some fraud. It's amazing the amount of people with absolutely nothing to gain, and everything to lose, who have been voicing concerns. Some are MP's and you see them at PMQ's or their equivalent. Largely, just swotted aside by the party whip of the giverning party. Look at the vote yesterday in Holyrood.... the Greens siding with the SNP when for years they have stood against human rights violations. If the cap fits.... blah blah. Vaccine uptake was not the reason for society opening up and nor it should be. Sadly, the real stat that was used last year for driving policy but washed away under a tide of PCR and LFT positive cases, was deaths. Even then, the figures last year were including thousands who didn't die from Covid... just tested positive anywhere from 1-28 days prior. None of the death cert's were challenged (when their was a degrading of the level for those allowed to sign them off) as if you did question it for a loved one, they said you had to get an autopsy done. So died from a heart attack from riding your hooker in a hotel room and had Covid 3 weeks prior with little or no symptoms... you were added to the ever growing list. Simple scientific data of mortality rates was all that was needed to say whether it was safe to open up society. But that was never the agreement in any case. They wanted to (and still do) drive oppressive policies based on fear. They do that today by giving us ridiculous Covid case figures. Largely increased expotentially by kids being tested from home with pishy Later Flow Test kits - ironically, made in China. Good for you. When they start to tell you, you need a jab for this, a jab for that, an app on your phone to prove your alcohol consumption over the last 2 weeks before you're sold a drink at a bar.... it starts of slowly slowly catchy monkey with nightclubs, concerts and fitba... but come on now, you think it ends there? After looking back at Feb 2020 and then fast forward to now and taking stock of the average age groups who have been said to have died? And various clips doing the rounds from 2020 where Vallance, Whitty and Bojo all said Covid, for the VAST MAJORITY of us, would be treatable from home. But yet here we are, in the midst of this infamous Delta variant, and we need to vaccinate 100% of soceity to protect 1% of the vulnerable. Do you know how many folk die each year in total and what percentage Covid makes up of that? Probably not. Drama queens or people standing up for your rights and trying to defend them? The problem is, you accept this, then it's grow arms and legs. I think you should thank anyone who has the balls to stand up for injustice in life, whatever form that takes. Valid point. In Scotland right now, they don't have an app for use on your phone that they could set up card readers. It would be a total nightmare if they had to check your paper one, like they did for LF Tests for the early season games. Q's were bad enough when it was just a couple of thousand or so. I suspect the club, when they get the responses from the twats like Dandyesque above, will quitely roll over. How many will ask for refunds on ST's off the back of this, god knows, but hey, it's not the club's fault. The SNP know what they are doing - who to target in order to get more uptake among the young. Conniving, poisonous bitch that Sturgeon is.
  4. So a passport helps keep us all safe or the vaccine helps keep us safe? Which one is it as all I see is coercion and blackmail through restricting people's civil liberties and freedoms. BTW, how many people fit and healthy people drop down dead every day from heart attacks? There's no guarantees in life unfortunately. This has swiftly moved from a pandemic to a casedemic. Case numbers are used to enforce restrictons, not preserve life. They were working on a vaccine for this SARS-CoV-2 variant Don't be so feckin lazy. You want to believe it all in favour of vaccines, masks, etc, and not consider the evidence and want me to spoon feed you with counter arguments? Do some alternative research.
  5. Oh come on now... you really think that the Chinese, USA or UN published the damning evidence that states this? Of course it's not out in the public domain. But there's many, many sources of information on how the US were working on a virus in the US, which then moved to the Wuhan lab, still partly funded by the US, WHO, Gates Foundation etc, and Pfizer was patenting vaccines many moons ago for Covid. Additionally, Countries such as the US, UK and WHO, were doing studies well in advance, on the likely effects of a pandemic from a coronavirus type flu. 2014 in fact in the UK. And whistle blowers who saw evidence of PCR testing machines being order up before Batty McBatface made his appearance in a wet market in Wuhan. Of course, all these stories are made up, Gates, Fauci, all the World Leaders, the WHO, the WEF and many, many more people who tell you what's going on and what to do, are all as straight as a dye, as honest as the day is long, and have never, EVER, told a lie in their lives. I'm done with this conversation. Today's vote has pretty much rubber stamped the future of society. Good luck with that.
  6. There's one discernible difference that you're all missing when comparing the Spanish Flu and Covid. Spanish flu was actually real. Not a man made virus from a lab in China, designed years in advance of it's release with multiple Government plans of how it was going to be rolled out. If not for social media, the internet and 24 hour news channels, coupled with testing everyone to within an inch of their life, no one would know Covid was even a 'thing'.
  7. Aye, it is mental. Don't take my word for it though. These comments, statements, utopian visions, are all out in the public domain as are the named person's business connections. That the MSM will never publish them is not my fault for your ignorance.
  8. Bill Gates is not involved? This the same Bill Gates who fund dozens of medical institutions and been on record as saying population growth is out of control? The same one who reckoned he'd find a cure for malaria etc etc. Next you'll be trying to convince us that the head of the CDC, Anthony Fauci, isn't linked to any organisation either. Blackrock... follow the money.
  9. Masks are used to suppress free thinking and instill fear. That and that alone is the reason we were coerced into wearing them.
  10. Need some convincing that vaccine passports are just one piece of an otherwise gigantic jigsaw? https://www.bitchute.com/video/8afb6YC0qEoZ/
  11. I think you need a vaccine for typing bollocks, as that made very little sense at all. However, can I just pick up on the point you make about 'more likely to catch it sitting next to someone unvaccinated'. OK, even if that's true (which it's not, but let;s just go along with your theory), then surely that means that every single living person, from now until the end of civilisation, will need constant booster jabs every 6 months, in order to top up the vaccine. Do you not see how that is so absurd? Name one other coronanvirus, that needed ongoing immunisation of society, in order to protect 1% of society from dying? You do know, that last year, before the roll out of the vaccine, the average age of death attributed to Covid was 85. It still is. Anyone who goes to their place of work on the big yellow bus and is still convinced this is all being done in OUR best interests, needs to be kept away from sharp utensils or mechanically operated machinery. This latest guise of passports, particularly targetted towards the demographic of society who are now digging their heels in about getting vaccinated, is so transparent in its nature, a blind man could see it for what it is. Who mostly goes to football or clubs or gigs... the young. Who is being targetted in order to lower world population figures.... those of child bearing/giving age. Like I say... I expect this to meet with frenzied resentment and disdain in Scotland. Can't imagine the loyal Tory voting huns being pleased at this news. They'll be marching on George Square soon and dare I say it, I may well join them. Someone needs to stand up to the tyranny.
  12. There's a wee bit more to this than meets the eye though isn't there. Start with nightclubs, concerts, football matches, and then it'll transcend into most typical activities you've all became accustomed to attending. Absolutely nothing to do with covid. Not one little bit. AFC will be going absolutely friggin mental at this proposal. I see a day, in the not too distant future.... a JFK kind of day, where World leaders are taken out. The people won't take this lying down. The largely peaceful demos all over the World will turn nasty sooner or later.
  13. Some slack for the coaching team and the side.... - We've just came through a 6 week period where we've had to play twice a week, travel overseas 3 times during that (one an 7 hour flight), with a basic squad depth and some injuries thrown in as well. - Lack of proper coaching and analysis of tactics due to rest and recuperation/prep for next games coming thick and fast. Not easy to adjust to obvious problems without a decent amount of time to spend on training pitch. However, a wee bit of a learning lesson from today's game as that was probably not what I expected to be watching for long periods. - Probably a bit of a gamble to throw Longstaff in. I don't know what McGeouch has done to piss off Glass, but there was a huge gap in midfield today with his name written all over it. Someone to put their foot on the ball and calm things down. Instead, we bypassed midfield with a thirst for playing it out wide. Our width came from our 18yr old full back. Good, but not TAA or Robertson-esque. - Samuels looks decent, but at home, to Dross County, this was screaming for a Watkins/Jet/Ramirez front three with Ojo/Brown/Ferguson in midfield. Ramirez left isolated on his own for large chunks of the game. And disappointingly, for the majority of the 2nd half, we never tried ti adjust and the players looked devoid of ideas. - Assume McKenzie was injured and not to be risked, but Campbell looked like the player who drew much criticism from some of his games last season. Anyway, if you had suggested 7 points from our first 4 games as a likely outcome, I don't think too many would have argued. The Livi game should have been a point and today shoud have been 3, so the two even themselves out in my view. A bit of a rest now and get back to basics at Cormack park. We've lost our shape, our definition of how we want to play and dare I say it, our mojo.
  14. I see there's not gonna be away fans again due to the red zone claptrap. Wonder what they'll do when the bigot brothers are due in town? Could be a cunning plan to keep their buckfast swilling scummy fans out of the city. Also, 500 free tickets for NHS workers.... I am a wee bit skeptical about this. Most that I know who work in the NHS were/are embarassed about the clapping etc. Wards were empty for months at ARI as they closed and cancelled scheduled operations and out patient appointments. Anyway, will be interesting to see what else they plan. It's called our 'homecoming game' but to be honest, anyone who wants to go see a game can buy a ticket for Thursday against carrier bag.
  15. Much depends on how the game evolves around him. See Ramsay, he will just bomb on up the wing... he's got the Trent/Andy Robertson vibe about him. But Dean looks nervy if the team aren't on the front foot and invariably plays it safe. I'd like to see him be more confident and direct. In fact, I'd like to see players fined if they pass it sideways or backwards more than they do going forwards!! Think starting him at full back may be a risk, and given McKenzie's size and physique, I would absolutely prefer him to be fit. I suspect he will be, but Dean's an option for that role if you ask me. Not in midfield - he just gets steam rollered.
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