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  1. I kind of agree, Ramsay is the stand out but thought Brown was decent enough Saturday. The problem remains the lack of creativity in midfield.
  2. I'm not buying that they think he's good.
  3. I can't question any ex player having a pop at us, our fan base treats our players like shit.
  4. Aye, already matched Kennedy total of goals in the whole of last season, speaks volumes.
  5. Did you see Kennedy last season?
  6. They'd both walk into this team.
  7. He basically confirmed it himself in one of his honest interviews with a Dutch paper, he fully intended to sit on the bench all season as his deal is so good.
  8. Thing is, Glass recruited Ramirez so must have known the type of striker he was? I agree with the points your making but seems totally bizarre we've spent a fortune on Ramirez salary (He was on $1M I think over there) but not bothered to recruit the players that would actually help him score the goals we need? Or did our entire tactical plan hinge on Hedges actually staying fit, something he's never done before?
  9. Hes a lower league England standard player, no brain whatsoever, just a bit of pace, does the same thing over and over, before blasting a cross to no mans land. Sure it was Bradford he was on loan at and they didn't rate him. We aren't going to ever improve recruiting these players on loan. I'd actually ban us recruiting any players from England as for every one decent player we're having to endure 5 useless cunts.
  10. Why don't we try playing a right midfielder in front of him so he actually has a hand now and again?
  11. No chance, he's playing because he's on an expensive deal, he will be gone at end of season.
  12. Kennedy was and is hopeless. Shocking.
  13. Yeah, glass was clearly unhappy at the question as he knows it's to set up player v fan.
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