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  1. I actually think he looks just what we've been looking for. Seems up for it with his comments
  2. I just hope we win the game, regardless. A good euros would be great for the game up here.
  3. Not a chance this is true.
  4. Doesn't look like ojo or Wright. Where did the pic come from?
  5. Not sure what's worse, the signings or Jimmy trousers.
  6. On ferguson, we want £4m. Clubs have been made aware. Not sure if anyone will be interested at that fee.
  7. My mate seems to think uefa have said nobody will be locked out. Makes you wonder what's the point then?
  8. If that's the plans for our games I won't be turning up at any game. 3 hours early to Pittodrie in December. Fuck off
  9. I bought one but I've no expectation of actually seeing a game live. After euros we will probably be locked down again.
  10. He wasn't in provisional squad. Crazy competition. Two groups of 5 and top 4 teams qualify from each group, assuming they even find a host.
  11. That we are advertising the role shows we've nobody in mind. Not sure whether that's a good thing or not.
  12. Mckenna and Wright both came through youth academy.
  13. It's a weird one as he's done some good work as someone said but a refusal to try other markets.
  14. Head of recruitment is the most important job so let's hope they've got someone lined up.
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