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  1. I think we are trying to force him out but will bf difficult to find someone willing to take him.
  2. And someone said this was edited?
  3. Pretty mad that folk are questioning standard of conference in the week Motherwell got played off the park by Sligo.
  4. Yeah but that’s supplies for fans. Don’t know any team who can’t even wear the home kit ?
  5. Doubt they’d do that down to sponsorship?
  6. It seems it's not just us impacted but it's pretty bad the kits are not available.
  7. His performance yesterday was a joke. That miss at the end was woeful.
  8. I actually thought he had a good game. Yeah he gave the ball away, but his actual defending was spot on, great in the air, and that block at 3-0 was tremendous, body on the line.
  9. Good performance. Scales and Ramadani look excellent.
  10. Theres 10 outfield players. We were missing 3 starters so just about 1/3 of our team, who will certainly improve our team, with 2 or 3 others still to be signed.
  11. Imo a good deal all round. His style better suited to Italy than England where his lack of pace would be exposed. A fair price and great that I won’t have to see him play again for us.
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