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  1. One of the strangest transfer sagas in our history is over. May this be the end of Cormack signing players.
  2. Would suspect Dean will leave, whether that's on loan or not i've no idea.
  3. Hope he's good. Looks different in style to our normal midfielders so that's a positive.
  4. He's not scored in 8 of his last 9 appearances.
  5. He's on a brutal run at present. Needs to get back scoring.
  6. Boy from Leeds. He was diabolical.
  7. He's taking Aberdeen u16s as of next Tuesday.
  8. I think he will do a decent job at Kilmarnock.
  9. Would certainly be weird if Calvin sold Ronnie. Becoming a messy situation all round. Having watched him play I can only assume atlanta now know he's shite. Question is who actually thought he was good enough for Aberdeen? Hopefully they aren't still involved in scouting.
  10. He was in a moon boot but glass seemed to play it down. Weird. Very injury prone, been a few games where he's clearly not 100%.
  11. Strange post even by your standards.
  12. What do you make of him? Apparently by his own admission his youth team was dire at Aberdeen.
  13. I think your right though. You really need 500 headcases in to make most of it.
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