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  1. I'm not out to get the boy and clearly he must have been reasonably good at some point to get so many games in Germany, but I don't think he was fine on saturday. Better than other games certainly, but I still thought he looked suspect. Passing was pretty poor, gave the ball away a couple of times with passes to no one when under little pressure, lost a number of battles for headers and was dragged out of position on more than one occasion. Hopefully it is a confidence thing as folk say and he can show us the real David Bates but so far, he's looked rank rotten to me, and was only slightly better on Saturday.
  2. Either bates is really really fucking shit or he's having a terrible terrible run of form. Either way, not good.
  3. Great turnaround well done with the change to a back 3 for these games and changing at half time as well from Glass. I do think he's been a bit lucky however. Bates looks horrendous and gets worse every game I see him play. Mcgeouch and campbell only in due to injuries as is Brown in defence and the three of them have been excellent.. not sure it would have been the same story without the injuries. All the same, we'll take it and keep it going SG. Was probably due a bit of luck. Watkins is fucking excellent.
  4. The thing is, its not a modern day foul. He came in from the side. Even by modern day wank standards that was never a foul.
  5. the proof is in the pudding is just a common misuse of the phrase. Big Dave said it correctly.
  6. Our squad is nae that bad in my opinion. Which makes it even more obvious that Glass and his coaches are the problem. A half decent manager and coaches could get this same squad competing at the top end.
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