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  1. No I'm nae. I think you'll find I asked to be added way way back. The one you saw was the second time of asking. I should probably be higher up if anything.
  2. Haha good een. You're talking to the Hat betting champion 2018 or whenever. Man tits even sent me a bottle of whisky.
  3. Yes that pick won for you personally because of the early payout option with b365. But in the context of a combined acca with picks from different people who are not specifically using b365, it lost. Bournemouth didn't win. Very obvious.
  4. Did I? Not that I am aware of. I know I missed one week but didn't even think two consecutive no shows was possible as you'd drop to the bench wouldn't you? Anyway, as much as I enjoy the Hat Acca, my life sometimes takes precedence over it and so I apologise if that meant I missed my slot a couple of times. Jeez
  5. It's pretty fucking obvious that if your pick didn't win, that counts as a loss and you take your place on the bench. Trying to claim one particular bookie's promotion / perk makes it a winner haha. Ok I had a free fiver from paddy power this weekend. my bet lost, but it didn't cost me anything so I'll take that as a win.
  6. Why am I still not on the fucking subs bench for this? Can whoever is running this shit show please add me. Looks like you need me.
  7. Bang on shooftah, too many poofy doofies in the game today. Discipline and Dedication to the club is what’s needed. Bring back all black boots and decent hairstyles Number 3 all over, no beards. Mr Glass take note.
  8. Hartlepool at 21/20 (The bunch of Tory cunts that they are)
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