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    Polio is similar to Guillain-Barre syndrome which is also a known side effect of the Covid waxx. So supposedly it’s been found in the waste water, no actual confirmed cases but big panic obviously, must inject all the kids immediately. This polio vax is in addition to the normal vaxx schedule regardless of how many jabs they’ve already had. And not just London. New York has also found polio in the waste water. What’s the chances of that?!?
  2. tutankamun


    doubt it. all the young cunts at my work get it just because the work pays for it. they usually end up getting the flu
  3. tutankamun


    So you're highly suspicious of big pharma and governments yet trust them anyway based on a lie that big pharma and governments told you?
  4. tutankamun


    Not getting the flu jab has worked out for me every year
  5. tutankamun


    Refused the booster? Interesting
  6. tutankamun


    Monkeypox is just shingles caused by the vaxxx. That only gay men get it is government/ media propaganda designed to created resentment, division and fear as usual.
  7. Don’t think there was one unless you count ‘Heart of Darkness’ which I haven’t read.
  8. I think all except Trainspotting
  9. No it’s a more recent version than Redux. ‘Apocalypse Now Final Cut’ which is Coppola’s favourite version apparently.
  10. Watched the directors cut of Apocalypse Now last night. A beautiful and fucked up movie. Cinematography second to none. Robert Duvall ‘I love the smell of napalm in the morning’ steals the show’.
  11. Surely you’ve read much more than 1 book before seeing the film? Off the top of my head, books I’ve read before seeing the film: Trainspotting Acid House 1984 To Kill a Mockingbird Lord of the Rings The Hobbit High Fidelity About a Boy Fever Pitch The BFG The Great Gatsby Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  12. Discounting half time apparently And 2 concussion subs
  13. We had already used the 3 opportunities to make subs. You can still sub 5 players max, we did 4 today.
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