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  1. Thats nae bad that min, I like that ene. Ten fights in a row though......
  2. Having taken a look on the guys Facebook page the amount of selfies on there would suggest its very much about him.
  3. Come on now min, thats just crazy talk
  4. I am and she can get her tongue out of Cormacks arsehole the sycophantic cunt she is. No doubt tweeting that shite on behalf of DC.
  5. Going 11 tough rounds, being knocked down twice, then afterwards looking like he'd barely been in a scrap while singing a note perfect 'Walking In Memphis' to the crowd was the sign of a real champ. Made being up at 4 am with jet lag bearable. Great performance by Fury who overcame a very brave and dangerous Wilder. Even when completely done and breathing out of his arse there was always the possibility of Wilder landing a KO punch on Fury. Nervy kind of watch until he finally got him out of there. Wilder would still beat any of the other heavy weight contenders out there right now by the way, Fury is streets ahead of them all.
  6. The issue is the opposition having a few shots on goal and scoring with them all.
  7. It was a decent cross, great technique but they didn't score because the cross was decent they scored because our 6'4" carthorse of a centre half made an absolute arse of it.
  8. Enough of the collective nonsense, the goal was 100% Bates's fault. The more I see it the worse it looks.
  9. Come on now. It's a cross into the box that should be meat and drink to a 6'4" defender.
  10. I used to think that but I'd take him in as an experienced head to help out just now. I'd even accept him as manager in the short term if it meant getting shot of Glass. He knows his shit and can set a team up to get results.
  11. I would seriously welcome John Yogi Hughes before popcorn teeth.
  12. Anyone who's of the opinion that Hitchim Zeroalli was a superior football player to Eoin Jess can't be taken seriously. A nae righter for sure.
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