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  1. Jesus Christ. Its blatantly obvious that Glass is out of his depth, that is the reality. You don't want to admit, but it is. He will not turn this around. I'm in complete denial of reality because I said Glass is done
  2. Classic response from a happy clapper. Nothing to defend their man with so attempt belittling to make criticism go away. Glass is done. Cormacks ego is only going to make this worse.
  3. I can accept people making mistakes. What I can't accept is them doing fuck all to rectify it once the mistake has been identified. Cormack has now had 8 days and done nothing!!
  4. I'm sure we all want aberdeen to succeed, but why are we talking about how much time Glass gets? He's had time, he's done! Why jeopardise th the club. Rectify the mistake and move on.
  5. Fucking hell, ditch him now. The only thing worse than a mistake is compounding it.
  6. Date it became clear Glass was out of his depth: 11th September 2021 Time wasted to date: 1 week.
  7. There is no shape up or ship out. He's done. Its obvious. Why prolong the agony
  8. Sorry wasn't meant to be a riddle. Sack Glass and get a proper manager.
  9. Aye so keeping us in a negative situation for no reason is deemed positive.
  10. He's looking for positive change. You're being negative by promoting the notion that we stick with something that is never going to work, for no fucking reason.
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