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  1. 2 wingers and 2 strikers neded at least. And thats before you consider that we only have Considine and Gallagher as centre backs. So if one of them gets injured, suspended or falls out of form were fucked. In addition our only full backs are youngsters, and whislt they do look promising we still have the threat of injury, suspension, falling out of form or just needing a break from the team.
  2. Well if that is the case we'll just have to pray that Ramirez somehow manages to find his form of 4/5 years ago.
  3. Sydney Van Hooijdonk. But it's made up shite.
  4. He's worth a punt if he is our second choice or supporting striker, but not as the main man. I know the SVH rumours are probably made up, but he would be a striker worth getting excited for.
  5. Well the decision wasn't the SFAs and they weren't relegated. The SPL members (not the SFA) took the decision not to allow them to transfer membership to a new company. Had Rangers opted to retain the membership with the existing company, they could have continued to play in the SPL. They decided to go with the new company to avoid paying their debts and had to ask to be let into the SFL, with the SFA doing their best to pressure the SFL clubs to try and get the cunts parachuted in to division 1 (that's helping) . And the requirement for 3 years audited accounts for SFA membership was glossed over (that's helping). Not to mention allowing the same club and trophies myth, whilst other clubs who had done similar had been told to fuck off (see Airdrie). And lets not forget Stuart Regan's pathetic pleading. But you're right about the inferiority complex of Aberdeen fans. When we have people like you in our support, spending every waking hour trying to make sure we know our place, then I can't deny an inferiority complex exists.
  6. It still amazes me that they think that the SFA didn't help them. But it's an indication of the cunts' sense of entitlement, that they view what happened as not being helped by the SFA.
  7. Well yeah, you would think so. If they had a better option they wouldnt have been stooping so low as Clark Robertson. Very concerning. Waiting for Dave to announce AFC branded snake oil on sale in the club shop.
  8. Yeah it is, but it's also extremely concerning and disappointing that we even considered him in the first place, and disgusting that we went back in with a fresh approach.
  9. Aye you're right. The joke's on Hibs
  10. Nope, not true. Hibs signed Doidge and Nisbett. Both had proven scoring records in the seasons immediately preceding. And we apparently have a bigger budget.
  11. Most folk on here were wrong then. Most folk on here though Wilson would be good, the stats screamed that he would fail and he did. Most folk on here thought Kennedy would be good, the stats screamed that he would fail and he has. Most folk on here thought Curtis Main....... well I guess they called that one right. So basically you're saying that we cant comment on a player unless we've seen them in action, despite the fact that nowadays we have a wealth of information on their contributions by way of goals and assists. Me watching him won't change how many goals he's scored. 21 in the last 3 and a half years. And to be clear, I'm not one of the people saying he is shite. But a 30 year old striker who's goal scoring is on the decline, is a massive gamble if he's being signed as the main man. As I mentioned I reckon he is worth signing to see if we can reinvigorate him, but not as the main man because if Ramirez doesn't spark into life then we've got JET and who knows else to fall back on.
  12. I read his goal scoring records. There is a reason why Hibs were able to predict that Doidge and Nisbett would score goals.
  13. Disappointing if that is the case. He's 30 and his goal scoring exploits have been in decline for the past few years. There was a time when he was banging them in, but that was a while ago. As such given his pedigree he's worth a punt to see if a move to Scotland could reinvigorate him. But as first choice striker its madness.
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