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  1. Its all arse about face. Claiming they're trying to get him on a permanent. The time for that was before we agreed to anything. Now that they have secured a 12 month loan for him, Celtic can just sit back and tell us to fuck off. Now they can ignore the issue until this time next year.
  2. Noooooooo. I see they're Serie B, although i guess still a bigger draw than us. Hopefully the club have 1 or 2 up their sleeve.
  3. We need to be looking beyond Ronan and McGrath for creativity. If the club think those two are going to solve that problem then they are mistaken. Ronan might add something, but McGrath would just take up another space in midfield. Get this cunt Neimeijer in.
  4. To put things in context, peak McGinn and Hayes were getting about 9 to 12 assists each in the league as well as a heap of goals. None of our squad managed more than 4 across all competitions last season (albeit i don't have the stats for Miovski and Richardson). That's a massive gulf.
  5. Do we really need McGrath. I get that he grabs the odd goal, but we really need creativity. Theres only so many midfielders we can play - we have to include some creative players in there.
  6. Just wondering who else the club has lined up in terms of creating goals as none of the current squad have a very good record. The only name that has been mentioned in terms of decent level of assists is that dutch boy Neimeijer, but that's only on this site.
  7. 20 goals and 14 assists last season. Yes please. Come on Theo get this cunt signed up.
  8. Wow. I agree. Team with serious lack of creativity, who have to date signed zero creative players, suffer from a lack of creativity. What do people expect?
  9. Exactly, we might moan but at least we actually support the club, unlike some.
  10. Ferguson is not going to buy into Aberdeen long term regardless of how much we pay him. He has ambitions to play for an English team.
  11. if he did that, then he'd probability win me round.
  12. Strong enough for Buckie, but will be interesting to see what happens in the next week regarding our achilles heel - creativity. You've assumed Ronan is coming in, which would be a start, but i wouldn't assume that 1 player alone would fix all our problems in creating goals.
  13. I agree, let him go, just as soon as we have received the £3 million required to buy him. Club have put in a lot of effort to put a line on the sand with Ramsay deal. Let's nit undo that by flogging Ferguson on the cheap. Ramsay, his agent and Liverpool appeared to have approached things in the correct manner. Ferguson's agent and Watford were a fucking disgrace. We certainly should not be rewarding or kowtowing to that behaviour. It sends out the wrong message - come the cunt and we'll buckle. Nope.
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