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  1. Given that the bed wetters have been proved right for at least the last 3 or 4 transfer windows, it's not much of an insult anymore.
  2. Yeah he was good at that moment in time. But how long ago was that? He's been out for so long and suffered so many injuries, I don't think there is any chance we're going to get that player back.
  3. So have they even agreed a pre contract? Or are they of the opinion that if they don't get him now, then there is no point as come the summer they could be in the EPL and won't need him anymore.
  4. Maybe we could have different values stuck to various inflatables, located in a supermarket. Buying club chooses an inflatable, reveals the price, and hey presto, transfer agreed.
  5. Aye and taking the cash turned out to be the wrong decision.
  6. Exactly did we not flog Lee Miller for £500k years ago when he had six months on his contract? Also think we got a decent wedge for Foster!!!
  7. I see the BBC have jumped on the bandwagon of trying to talk down Ramsays value to £4M. Saying "a fee of £4M has been talked about" , despite the fact they should be fully aware per Tom English (their employee) that the club hasnt set a price.
  8. Now, we just need him to call out the Watkins injured for the season rumour.
  9. Hard to tell from the highlights reel, as it will obviously be a compilation of his best moments, but the main takeaway is that he seems to have really good vision and the ability to quickly execute a pass/long ball from the middle of the park to take advantage of it. One touch then plays the ball. None of this 5 touches before looking to see whats on, and realising that nothing is on because you've taken too long to think about playing the ball and the other team has now got into position - which is what we're used to.
  10. Aye, for all his faults, I've no doubt Big Dave will have put something in place.
  11. At least they're not fucking about clinging to the hope that these players will come good. A bit like the early years of McInnes, - if you're not good enough you're out. The main area of concern is that they ever thought these players would be good enough in the first place. Time for Mowbray to earn his corn.
  12. He had exactly the impact that was expected.
  13. The main problem is that the format is antiquated. Not optimised for viewing from a mobile phone. I recall a few years back it basically became unusable for a while due to pop up adverts.
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