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  1. He hasn't won a game against opposition of any degree of quality. Lower league teams, a 10 man St Mirren, an already relegated Dundee (courtesy of a penalty) and a shite Hibs team who were competing with us last season to see who could be the shittest. He thinks Kennedy is good. He thinks McCrorie can play in defence.
  2. Repeating the mistakes of Stephen Glass is verging on unforgivable. The reason Jim got the job in the first place was because the manager before him did stupid shit like playing McCrorie in defence.
  3. Well maybe, but against all the odds we did manage to get ourselves in front and then fucked it up. People are being accused of knee jerking at the defeat. Its not so much the defeat, but the manner of the defeat. It was an utterly pathetic performance from us.
  4. As at 13/08/2022 GOALS Miovski - 4 Ramirez - 3 McCrorie - 3 Hayes - 2 Besuijen - 2 Kennedy - 2 Clarkson - 1 Duk - 1 ASSISTS Hayes - 5 Kennedy - 2 Scales - 2 McCrorie - 1 Ramadani - 1 Watkins - 1 Besuijen - 1 Miovski - 1 Ramirez - 1 TOTAL Hayes - 7 Miovski - 5 McCrorie - 4 Ramirez - 4 Kennedy - 4 Besuijen - 3 Scales - 2 Ramadani - 1 Watkins - 1 Clarkson - 1 Duk - 1
  5. We appointed a manager with a 30% win ratio. There should be no shock or surprise at results. I get that teams take time to gel, but today was pathetic.
  6. We have been atrocious but are somehow drawing. Big Jim needs to put a rocket up their arse.
  7. As much as Gallagher getting sent off was funny, this is a bad blow. Gutted by the Roberts injury but can accept it. But its one thing if you get an unfortunate injury, but for the loon to be put out due to that fucking cart horse putting in a shocking challenge sticks in the throat.
  8. As at 06/08/2022 GOALS Ramirez - 3 McCrorie - 3 Miovski - 3 Besuijen - 2 Kennedy - 2 Clarkson - 1 Hayes - 1 Duk - 1 ASSISTS Hayes - 5 Kennedy - 2 McCrorie - 1 Scales - 1 Ramadani - 1 Watkins - 1 Besuijen - 1 Miovski - 1 Ramirez - 1 TOTAL Hayes - 6 McCrorie - 4 Ramirez - 4 Kennedy - 4 Miovski - 4 Besuijen - 3 Ramadani - 1 Watkins - 1 Scales - 1 Clarkson - 1 Duk - 1
  9. Hops so as he was looking good. Disgraceful challenge from Gallagher.
  10. Great hit and.......... .... Matty Kennnedy set up a goal!!! Mind Blown!!!
  11. Roberts still not getting a start? Assume its an issue of getting him up to speed.
  12. Not writing anyone off. But given our creativity problems last season, you would have thought we'd sign at least one player with pedigree, supplemented by a another couple with potential. And maybe that player is still to arrive. We've spent over a million but we're relying on gambles to solve our creativity problems. Perhaps Goodwin's in full on Kennedy delusion mode. We're lucky Hayes can still cut it at 35.
  13. Is that why he recalled Danny Ward to not play?
  14. Not sure creative midfield is the area we should have been taking punts on. After listening to ABZ, Morris definitely seems like a development player for the futue. Hoping Cal Roberts can bring his conference form to the SPFL. But we could have signed at least one known quantity. Heres me slagging of McGrath but i honestly thought we'd have better quality than him lined up.
  15. We planning on signing any proven midfielders or are we going for potential all the way?
  16. Surely left sided? Milne is right sided isn't he? But we have have no cover for scales.
  17. Are you saying that he cheated science and faked high blood pressure so that he could remain at Fleetwood?
  18. Hes 27 soon to be 28 and doesn't set up goals, despite that being the job of a winger. He's never done it. So i don't expect him to start now at this age. I credited him with an assist for winning a penalty against Peterhead. But for all his so called good play, in 4 games against lower league opposition he didn’t set up any goals.
  19. Aye Besuijen could step up. Kennedy wont. Roberts could turn out to be decent too. Also the young lads.
  20. Isnt he defensive midfielder? If so, it's a strange back up choice to turn to if we're not getting Ronan.
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