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  1. Clearly not saying that. There were two aspects to what I was saying. Firstly, looking at how a keeper plays in a team that continually wins and is the favourite can be very different to how a keeper plays as an underdog or in an evenly matched game. Secondly, just because Neuer is world class because he has these characteristics, doesn't mean that he is the only world class keeper, and the only type of keeper that can be world class. Plenty world class keepers are less aggressive in style than Neuer. If you don't have the characteristics to replicate it, doesn't mean that you should try and install it in a 35+ goalkeeper. My view is that it is complete whataboutery to say that this wasn't a fuck up by who ever made the decision to have Marshall so far up the pitch (Marshall himself, or coaching staff), because Neuer does it.
  2. Keepers are playing more advanced, but where Marshall was? Regularly? And by that, I don't mean just the last minutes of a game when desperation sets in... I don't see that myself when watching games. I find the view because the best to play recently had a certain style, all should imitate it to be way off. If it doesn't fit their style, then you should not do that. Even in the game yesterday, I remember Marshall coming out and doing the sweeper keepering after a terrible Hanley touch. His start point was way deeper, even though the play was in their half. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000x33v/euro-2020-scotland-v-czech-republic 57:30 in here onwards. All Scotland players are in the opposition half at the point it is cleared, yet Marshall seems to be in his box. It's only 13 minutes in, but clearly the style is different and either he or the coaching staff has made a conscious decision to push him further and further up during the game, which was clearly a mistake.
  3. If that is why he is there, then he maybe would have been better served to go and attack the ball then. He was after all closer to the point where Shick takes his first time shot than Shick was when the ball started breaking...
  4. So all keepers should model themselves on Neuer, a world class keeper who has probably been on the team favourite to win the game 90%+ of the games in his career? It's a whole different mindset. A keeper who has found himself in a position where he needs to run back towards his goal for six seconds straight, and still not be on his goal line, has clearly made a bad choice. It may take a lucky break and a ridiculous finish, but that doesn't excuse Marshall being in no man's land. As for the rest, clearly Scotland have some really good players just now, but they don't play in the positions where they can drag a team to victory themselves, and they really don't elevate the ability of the clearly inferior players in the squad. We matched the Czechs all over the pitch yesterday, but still lost 2-0 with Marshall making some decent saves. That is because we can't stick the ball in the net. We've got one player that has got more than 5 international goals - McGinn with 10 (and 5 of those have come in 2 games against San Marino and the Faroes). We will never become a factor at tournaments like these unless we can develop better forward players. Christ, our entire squad has 36 international goals to their name. That's way less than all the other group teams in terms of a total in the squad and on a per cap basis for their outfield players. The future may be bright, but I don't see the young forwards and young keepers/central defenders that are going to have Scotland genuinely competing at the Euros or actually having us able to compete in World Cup qualifying.
  5. First Scotland game I've watched in ages, but they look like a team who scraped through a new way that lets a couple of teams from the bottom half of European football get to the big tournament, regardless of their performance in the normal qualifying (which was abysmal). With the Czechs, their two goals were half chances that fell to a 25 year old that has moved twice in his career for more than €20m. Comparatively, ours were falling to a 25 year old Australian who was playing for Queen of the South two years ago.
  6. Pretty sure that most, if not all the doors at the Guild Street end of Union Square are manual doors... And the few times I've been through, there has been no door-opener...
  7. https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuro-2020/event-guide/glasgow/stadium/ Bottom of the FAQs in this link says:
  8. No idea... I've paid no attention to this and only seen it here. I don't really see the logic in staged arrival unless staged departure as it has the same issues...
  9. Sorry, I read access as leaving, since it was answering mine about leaving, my bad. People seem to deal with restricted access to loads of places with high turnover. Thousands of folk churning through the doors at Union Square every hour (I'd estimate), don't think they are being cleaned after each entry/exit. All of this seems like overkill to me.
  10. Need to add "after a Curtis Main double" to this scenario now... I'd be thinking away fans are unlikely at a time that these restrictions would be in place... You are only going through the turnstiles one at a time anyway. Nae much chance of social distancing through those doors, if that is the aim. Da fuck? You allowed a pish, or is that to be held in the entire time you are there too?!
  11. By logic, if you need structured entry to a stadium, then you are going to need the same out? You'd maybe have to sit around for a signficant time beyond the end of a 2-0 home defeat to Hamilton St Mirren, in winter?!?!
  12. Foster14

    Pet Hates

    Chucky Egg and Stunt Car Racer are my earliest tape based Spectrum memories. Still venture on to games, online too. Frown down upon me.
  13. Foster14

    In The News

    Ultimately, it is what "sells" and that counts for the televised news too. Sarah Everard, a 33 year old, white, blonde female going missing (and assumed abducted/murdered by at the time an unknown assailant) is more sellable than that of Bennylyn Burke, a 25 year old person of Asian descent (and her 2 year old daughter) who was reported missing in Bristol and was traced and ultimately found to have been murdered in Dundee. In part it will have been location. In part it will be that one was abducted in the street, whereas I assume the other had some sort of relationship with the person that killed her. My thoughts are that in the case of Sarah Everard, there is more of a "that could have been me" angle to sell it on. I thought the same as moobs though. I thought it unusual that the Dundee double murder got so little coverage on a national basis, particularly when it involved a woman and her two young daughters, though at least the seven year old survived. There is something not right about it.
  14. Foster14

    In The News

    It's a fairly shocking incident in isolation, but adults killing children isn't that unusual. Happens far too regularly for a myriad of different reasons...
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