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  1. Yesterday was one game where St Johnstone offered very little attacking threat and their one option was lumping it to Kane. Still, McCrorie managed to pass straight to one of their players for a quick counter attack for the umpteenth this season. He might be learning but it does seem a shoe-horning in there because of Ramsays emergence at CB and Brown/Ferguson filling his role in the midfield. As for your comments about McCrorie being part of our best CH pairing, perhaps that is correct. Which is a worrying indictment on what was done there over the summer, as he isn't a very good centreback.
  2. Ramirez is a difficult one to gauge. He seems to be constantly running (to the point he is breathing out his arse 60 minutes onwards), and seems to what on the face of it looks intelligent plays of defenders. He is just not fed the ball, or if he is, he's offside by the time he is. Which makes me wonder, are the runs particularly intelligent... When the alternate is the ball coming in to his feet/chest and him having nothing to do with it or him not controlling it, there just doesn't seem to be much going right for him. Or he's not very good. What is clear is that right now, the way we are set up and playing, he isn't offering enough to merit a place in the lineup. That said, neither is JET and Watkins isn't available. Who else are we going with there? Long balls to Samuels? One final thing, his free header at the corner on Saturday is about as bad as you will see.
  3. That was a miserable affair on Saturday. Turgid game of football. I'm starting to have some real concerns about the Dons under Glass. The tactics are all over the place. Seems like the Tombola is in full use. 3 strikers starting on Saturday, but two on the wing who don't look very comfortable there. Samuels at least has the pace to cause problems, but JET offered nothing out on the right side (when he was actually there). The only natural width comes from our full backs who are offered so little support throughout the game. I don't like that no matter what centrebacks are available, it seems that McRorie has to fill one of the slots. He doesn't look comfortable there and yet again had another wayward pass from the back that was lucky not to cost us a goal. As much as I have enjoyed the contributions from Hayes and McGinn for the Dons over the years, it is a sad state of affairs when that is what we are turning to in the second half to try and do something in the game. I don't think either have much to offer at the level we want to be any more. I guess Glass may point to injuries to Hedges and (I assume) Watkins, but we have a large squad this year with 8 players plus that he was involved in brining in. We should not be looking so clueless in a game against St Johnstone.
  4. Foster14

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    I'd agree with you that she is perfectly entitled to do what she wants, but I do feel that a falling out of love with tennis after earning loads and getting fame is being dressed up by her (or maybe coverage of her) as something it isn't really.
  5. Foster14

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    Sport is about competition and is based on a desire to win. If the external pressures on you to win are exceeding your own personal desire to win, then you're fucked. There will have been a point in Osaka's life where there were significantly more people with the physical tennis abilities as her, but they didn't have the application and desire to get to the elite levels she has. Is that still there? Based on some of her comments, it seems not. The bit that annoys me about it all is that competitive sport doesn't owe anyone a living. Osaka seemed to think it did for a few months, until she did what she should have done in the first place, and take a break from it if it was getting too much.
  6. I was more meaning loan or transfer, not loan then transfer. But Greg Leigh...
  7. It depends if we are looking at this as a selling point at point of loan/transfer or the completion of a spell at a club. Given the two times we can sign players on loan or transfers, we are going to be in the early rounds of cup at best (or out at worst), and given we have won one cup in twenty six years, I don't think we can use the potential winning a trophy as a selling point. Alternatively, as at 31 August as the deadline shuts, we could potentially be able to sell the opportunity to take part in European games almost up to Christmas. At the end of a spell, if they had sampled both, would a player look back more fondly on winning a medal/trophy, or some random games in Europe? I'd hope the former, as that is what football is really about, isn't it? Certainly what I'd prefer as a fan.
  8. Definitely high on the list of comedians I had hoped to see live. Very funny guy.
  9. Is this the same @Tinyweelad who once threatened that he and his fellow professionals might not return as they were closing the RDU?!
  10. Joe was pissed off at the end, was mouthing off at someone (the manager), the whole way in to the tunnel before a staff member pushed him away. I missed what happened, but someone did something to Brown that needed him held back. Wasn't sure if it was the manager again, he seemed to be a bit of a character (cock).
  11. We are talking about the casual fan to take it up to a sell out, not those who will be at every game. Last night, we may have had maximization of ticket sale revenue in total and the reduction in ticket price to get a sell out may see the club earn less. It depends what the management want, and it seems from Cormack's rhetoric at all times that filling Pittodrie is what he wants. Getting a full Pittodrie needs a good product on the pitch and lower prices for one-off tickets.
  12. In the two games we've had against Breidablik, we've had two halves of McInnes football and two halves of decent attacking football that clearly leaves us hugely exposed defensively. 4-3 in the attacking halves, 1-0 in the dull as shit halves. Both should have been more but for bad finishing though. Breidablik had a bit more about them than I thought they would, but my concern right now is that if we don't see significant improvement from our defence, then we may see more McInnes football than I was expecting to under Glass. Rangers/Celtic home and away, Edinburgh teams away etc...
  13. If a couple were to take their two teen kids, depending on where you sit, you are £90-£100 for tickets alone. That to me seems ridiculous. Perhaps it is a sign of standard pricing to come this year, as I can't see anything that tells us that yet. It doesn't bode well for getting the casual fan in more regularly though.
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