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  1. Same with Cloughie at Forest , apparently and Martin o Neill at Celtic.
  2. Alex miller was head coach and scout at Liverpool under Benitez and Houllier, Tommy Craig 1st team coach at Newcastle under sir Bobby Robson. Roy Aitken, was assistant at Leeds and Aston Villa All shit managers
  3. Apparently he stays on the outskirts of Inverurie
  4. Qarabags European record tells you they aren't mugs
  5. I wonder if the players might do what hibs players did to John Collins, ie go the the chairman with concerns, though I think Colgate would take Glass side
  6. As usual when the one of the two if them fuck up or more rare them both never any other club bloodys thier noses , fucking shameful
  7. Broken record nae worse than the rest of the arseholes on here, you don't have to fucking read do you ?
  8. I was never advocating for Glass as I would say were the majority on here, though over 90% were in agreement Hun DMC time was up, Just for the record I wanted Shaun Maloney assisted by Eric Black. Or Maloney with his choice of assistant ( Caldwell I believe) with Black director of football.
  9. Do we know if Glass sanctioned signing him? I recall the chat of a PCA in January when Hun DMC was still bleeding the club dry
  10. Well it appears he has taken on the identity of a club hero to try and deflect attention
  11. Is the common consensus not that you wait until the first round of games then you look at the position from there, We all know new manager would be a gamble, and the lack of imagination and creativity that Hun DMC had implanted in the club before he fucked off had to be eradicated, Glass has made a big error not appointing a senior experienced assistant, maybe he's worried that such an appointment will try to undermine him and want the manager job himself? But regardless he is struggling to get his message across to the players, or if he is then the message is wrong and an experienced coach would possibly help. Cormack also fucked up,. The director of football role isnt a job for some mamby Pamby club administrator who has been hanging around the place for years, It needs a hard nosed individual, that has been in the game for a good period of time, who can relate to coaching, tactics, and man management requirements, someone who had worked under different regimes who isn't afraid to call a spade a fucking spade, and s man who can see a manager in trouble, and can offer sound advice, who will tell the chairman any failings in the coaching or on field performance, I'd like to think manager and director of football sit down once a week and have Frank , honest discussion, with the sole aim of improving the side, We know that arrogant ego driven weegie would never work under such circumstances, but Glass was brought in on this premise, and I can only assume he had a good idea Gunn wad getting the job, While Glass is certainly not excelling I'd let him have longer on condition he brings in an experienced assistant or coach
  12. Expect fuck all else bet his weegie fucking media pals were in thier element, the cunt
  13. I was all for Maloney, assisted by Eric Black that for me would have been the perfect combination. However Maloney had Caldwell lined up to assist him
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