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  1. Not the first time we've fucked about trying to sign an Irish international, Graham Kavanagh, spent weeks on that one getting to within £50k of the asking price. Only to pull the plug as yokel Milne wouldn't go that last 50k. Mind you it could have been that Alex Miller found out he was an attacking midfielder and took fright
  2. Just like Darak, He loves life in India
  3. Surely just me went in the Argo bar, I remember one time we took lad wet behind the ears there He wore thick Nhs glasses, we thought that it would be fun to watch the go go dancers pick on him, Backfired lucky bastard got his head buried in tits ,
  4. I used to work with a guy was on the door there
  5. He has some ego, nae fear, could be shitting on his own doorstep
  6. I thoroughly agree I love to see a great flying diving catch as much as a goal
  7. Can't beat the protracted failed moves for Graham Kavanagh, and the attempt to sign John Robertson
  8. Have you never seen goalkeepers nowadays? Catching the ball,certainly isn't a requirement nowadays
  9. Bad mobby , will recall the Alford person making a hoax 999 call to fire service saying Ramadam was on fire
  10. I'm in the camp of Clark better than Lewis currently
  11. Aye , IH , that's the guy, do you mind when the lake he built at his place burst, it's banks
  12. Radars was owned by a guy who had the ground nieghbouring our place ,still owns a great skelp of it though it's all in trees now, Last I heard of him he was in South Africa and had a hotel. Radar was the name of one of his dogs, The other was called sonar. As a boy used to have the odd trip to the Argo bar, on a Friday lunchtime after going to mart or getting feed at North Eastern farmers, Used to enjoy a plate of stovied whilst perusing the performers at the the Argo
  13. When your sat in row z And the ball hits your head. That's Polvara.
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