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  1. Ferguson has been a sleekit hoor trying to manoeuvre his exit, what do you expect from a Hun cunt, with a father like he has, and the ex sleekit bastard who was manager
  2. How many more can we expect considering Goodwin said he's only going with a 22 man squad
  3. Alan Gow up there with the Paul Coutts posts
  4. I'm this cost of living the clubs should revert to changing home and away every alternate season like it used to be
  5. Exactly they are all grossly overpriced, go and look of pro direct soccer, the same Adidas gear without the club badge or sponsor but a hoor of a bit cheaper, In today's climate I've no issue if this encourages a youngster to support the club or attend then i think it's worth the cheaper ones
  6. The guy is a tink, thick as fuck, unfit, unprofessional, with little respect for the fans, his club or country, but by fuck that cunt was a great goalscorer
  7. It's a known fact that the OAF ran a holiday camp regime, and Hun DMC was no better
  8. Better hope shes not resident on here, with the term Hun being bandied about. I did also prefix it with, rampant
  9. Aye the days of cosy cliques like The OAF and Hun DMC see gone
  10. To be fair baseball bat wielding is par for the course in Paisley
  11. I happened to suggest that she had Hun tendancies of a Facebook group and was asked to remove the comments, as she was a member was unhappy with use of the term ", Hun" and was threatening police action.
  12. Nice to see cost of living rises bypassing some!
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