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  1. To be fair, he's always been a dribbling spastic.
  2. I've a proud history of paying in cold hard cash for a pie but, alas, no longer. Times change.
  3. Good point. There only Juan John Aldridge.
  4. Pointing out an obvious untruth is classed as pedantic?
  5. I never realised that John Aldridge was Basque.
  6. Another thing you aren't good at is fucking off.
  7. I rather fancy that there is a co-ordinated plot to kill this messageboard off. The recent influx of utter mongols, all interacting with each other, spamming the place with dross and writing novels. Those who run this place need to be careful.
  8. She's an raging alkie apparently. Just chance yer mitt sometime around late afternoon and it's a shoe-in.
  9. I've read enough of your posts over the years to know what plain shit is.
  10. So to sum up, you've no idea, kinda what I was saying.
  11. Goodwin made it very clear that he doesn't appreciate cunts spilling their guts to the media, quite rightly so. With that in mind, just wait and see what happens. There will be stuff going on that nobody has a fucking clue about till the ink is dry. Strong winds predicted tomorrow, I suggest you get your bedding out early doors.
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