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  1. If it takes a couple of tonkings to make Cormack realise the game is up then so be it. As long as it isn't at the hands of the Huns obviously.
  2. That was evident after his pathetic attempts at defending last weekend. Start by docking his wages for underperforming, see if that does any good. Cunt that he is.
  3. Cormack tried to be clever and and despite backing Glass to the hilt, it isn't going to work. A poor Saints have just got their first win of the season at the 11th time of asking. I know it's early days but we would be as well stopping the rot now before it gets even worse.
  4. Fuck TV money,fuck Rangers and Celtic. A breakaway involving anyone who wants to come along, outwith those two rancid bastards. If there is a shitey TV deal, then fans will just have to go to the stadium and clubs will have to cut their cloth. Certainly myself, and I'm guessing many others, don't really give a fuck about the standard on the park as long as there is competitive competition. The crowds will soon rise when at least half the teams in the league fancy their chances of the title. If UEFA shut us out then fuck them, we pretty much shut ourselves out anyway.
  5. Whoever it was that let the Motherwell player walk past him onto a header for their 2nd should be fined a weeks wages. No way should he be picking up a wage for such incompetence. It's fucking basics and they aren't doing their job properly if it's that easy for the opponent.
  6. Of course he enjoys it. Who wouldn't enjoy our dazzling brand of football? It makes for extremely pleasurable viewing regardless of the result.
  7. Doesn't stop him from shoving his dad up his bum.
  8. He can shove his granny off a bus for all I care and he can also shove his faither up his arse. Wanker.
  9. Even our passing at the back is shit. Too pedestrian, yhe recipient has to wait an age for it to arrive. The passing needs to be quicker, crisp, ahead of their stride so they can get onto it rather than standing waiting. It's like some cunt watched a Barcelona video and thought "fuck aye.". Possession for the sake of it isn't entertaining, it's utterly pointless unless you have a clue where you are trying to go with it. We are a honking side who doesn't score and can't defend.
  10. Aye, him and that hearts cunt need removing.
  11. It is very cryptic, there might be a fraction of relevance if Moldova were playing Denmark tonight. I can't, for the life of me, see what their stats against Scotland have to do with ours against Denmark. In what way does it say how shit we are?
  12. I wonder what money McGeouch is on, reckon it might be pretty high. Kennedy I can't see being on much, Saints pay a few of their squad less than a grand a week so I can't see him being more than, say, 2k. Still, they are entitled to sit out their contracts
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