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  1. Your patter reeks almost as bad as yer maw.
  2. The only thing Millertime rips off is Betty Swallicks head before he shits down his neck.
  3. Untermensch was around long before Here Hitler and his merry band were kicking around the beer halls of M√ľnchen. Onyhoo
  4. I, incorrectly, assumed everyone could speak German.
  5. He isn't really jumping to their defence though, is he? They have bested almost everyone they have been pitted against. I hate the cunts but their results in Europe are nothing short of fantastic.
  6. I appreciate your thoughts.
  7. Not exactly. He was a fantastic player, I don't think there is much doubt about that. Seen him plenty, I was there when he single handedly ripped apart United and scored a pile against Dunfermline, that beauty against the Huns too but for some reason he never made the most of his undoubted talents, a move abroad would've suited him better. With him and Booth coming though it was genuinely exciting times.
  8. The only place he prowls is, likely, a few unsavoury websites. Preferring to spend his time screaming like a wee lassie behind his keyboard, threatening all sorts before soiling his already pish stained breeks when given the opportunity to confront the subject of his wrath. Not to be taken seriously.
  9. None, not one. Quite rare creatures up this neck of the woods.
  10. How many Coventry fans would you claim to know?
  11. Fair enough, that's a decent sample size.
  12. Swansea are getting a right good rogering. Their manager is a right ugly cunt anaw, thoroughly deserved. I've an irrational hatred of all things Wales.
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