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  1. Im not sure if your attempt was simply ignored due to the fact it was shite or if nobody got it.
  2. There are still actual spastics living and breathing amongst us to this day who don't realise that Kenny McLean was a fantastic midfielder.
  3. Nullified by the fact that 99% of those who have that played in the Highland league weren't good enough for the Dons.
  4. Aye, he can certainly spray it around and looks tidy, but against your St Johnstones and Motherwell's he will have some horse breathing down his neck and he might not be so expansive. Slightly concerning if we are looking in those areas to strengthen though, I think we need more proven players to get us up beside Hearts and, likely, Hibs who seem to be doing good business.
  5. The standard of opposition in that footage would suggest that college football is no better than the juniors. He must be magnificent at finding space, either that or the marking is rotten as there is never anyone near him.
  6. Zander Clark first venture north to Aberdeen next season will be when the Huns arrive as he will be sat on their bus.
  7. Offer him to St Johnstone, they'd take him, throw in Kennedy anaw. They will be bringing in half a dozen players or so. They might laugh in our face but you never know.
  8. I suspect Birmingham wouldn't even answer the phone to us after we ripped the utter cunt out of them with Cosgrove.
  9. Hayes is making a fool of himself on a weekly basis now, Watkins isn't much better. Alarmingly, as bad as we are, imagine how much worse we would look without Hedges even if he is a fairy. Reckon this performance is the final proof that Glass isn't the answer.
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