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  1. Really enjoyed the game on Thursday... A team that was pressing and not siting back waiting for the counter attack is all right in my book. They wanted the ball, the fought for it and created more chances in 90 minutes that a McInnes team would have in 900 minutes... well almost... Long may it continue.
  2. Happy to have him stay... but can't wait to see who our first choice strikers a going to be come mid July...
  3. So DMc in the papers today saying that he's going to look at loan signings again which to me is short termist and a result of a terrible scouting policy but anyway... If there's not the money there to buy players (and again AberDNA money notwithstanding) should he just not cash in on McKenna and have more than enough money to buy 5-8 of the best young players in Scotland, or a better wage structure to sign better players ? If, and I know it's a big if, the club were to get the, let's pull it out of our arses, magic figure of £5 million for McKenna that's surely more than enough to have a decent improvement to the squad to challenge for Europe and perm better domestically (as to whether it wins us anything domestically is another matter). Buy Scotland's best young players and turn a profit when Engerlund come a calling... So do you sell him and buy some better players or keep him and acquire loan signings that in the long term do nothing for us ?
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    Anyone watch the UFC ? It's UFC #149 the night... Anyone watching the pre show ? Been mental so far...
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