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  1. Nothing much has changed here, it's just virtue signalling (albeit very expensive) from the SNP leadership. The devil is in the detail, because Sturgeon has reiterated time and again that she is going the Section 30 order route. Rational thinking people generally agree that Johnson - and indeed any UK PM - will not acquiesce to this (Cameron only agreed because he thought it would be a walkover AND kill the issue stone dead indefinitely) as they don't want to go down in history as the leader who lost the UK. No, what will happen, is that the Murrell Mafia will go cap in hand, then when it is inevitably refused outright, another grievance campaign will begin and yet another yellow-gilded Krankie Karrot (AKA "jist wan mair mandate, pretty please?!") dangled, just in time for the Westminster election in 2024... which will return another Tory PM, followed by another in 2029, barring a miracle. Conversely, I think there is a very real chance of a referendum being granted on a United Ireland before 2030 and will bet anything that the establishment won't fight anywhere near as hard to keep NI in the UK as they will Scotland. Discerning minds may make of this disparity what they will.
  2. Pat McGinley was a specimen Davie McPherson, with his Brillo pad hair Check out the site ugly footballers.com for more inspiration.
  3. From what I can see, Henry Cavill is the best candidate to rescue the series, but somehow I just know it'll be someone who ticks the diversity boxes. Idris Elba may be too old now, but a young black transvestite will get the woke mob braying with delight.
  4. Not to mention the "Suarez is innocent" episode... I was amazed they didn't lay a mountain-sized shrine of stolen hubcaps outside the San Giro when Peter Beardsley was sacked by Newcastle for calling someone a monkey. With a face like that, no wonder he's an icon in Liverpool.
  5. Fair point, but the Scottish mentality is just as complicit in our situation. Why did we so convincingly step up our game against England and get a very creditable draw at Wembley, but choke against two teams whom England convincingly swept aside, despite us having home advantage? Ditto the rugby team this year, who beat England but choked elsewhere against teams England beat. Our history is littered with such anomalies; remember the Euro 2008 qualifiers, where we took 6 points from the French and beat Ukraine 3-1 at Hampden, but choked in Georgia? Then did same thing in Euro 2016, after taking 4 points from Eire and two very creditable draws against Poland? We're a nation of bottlers and small-minded parochial types, who wax lyrical about how proud we are and how strong our identity is (and equally telling people what we're NOT, i.e. English) yet we relish being underdogs and plucky losers, weaving tales of hard-luck stories to any cunt who will listen, while never stepping up to the plate and being a grown-up nation. Until this pathetic state of affairs changes, we'll continue to get what we deserve.
  6. Good thread. I'm too young to remember the first era (I started going to games in 1988 when Smith/Scott were co-managers) but the second had some fantastic teams, which played some of the best football in our history. What immediately springs to mind is not only the infamous 1991 nearly men, but Miller's first two seasons, where we first pushed the Huns all the way as runner's up in all three competitions (people said at the time that, if not for Andy Goram, we'd have battered them and won the league and possibly at least one of the cups as well) and then got another second place in the league, but with the most away wins in Europe and were within a whisker of knocking Torino (then one of the top sides in Italy) out of Europe, being ahead in both legs. Oh, how times have changed, but I'm thankful I saw some fabulous football, hampered only by cheating Masonry.
  7. I hear the investigation into the Champions League final fiasco has been concluded; apparently the huge delays experienced by the Liverpool FC fans were caused because the French police had to reprogramme the turnstiles to scan Giros instead of e-tickets... Hubcap stealing Scouse bastards. 🥸
  8. The problem is, who else is out there who is not only markedly better than Clarke, but who would genuinely want the job? I remember Lothar Matthaus expressed interest a number of years ago, but he didn't set the heather alight with Hungary. I think we missed a trick years ago by appointing Vogts, when George Graham was available and maybe, just maybe, could have been persuaded. Other than that, I see few options. I agree and would add that Souness, in addition to being the biggest hacking bastard in Scottish football's history, should never get within a hundred miles of the job. Correct. The virtue signalling for Ukraine is pathetic, but also ironic when you see the rainbow flag crusaders liken Putin to Hitler, sidestepping the fact that not only are Communism and Nazism diametrically opposed, but in WWII half of Ukraine supported the Nazis.
  9. The problem is though, we've been getting schooled for decades, but still never learn a single thing. It's even more embarrassing when we consider that, in recent years, countries like Iceland, Hungary, Uruguay, Northern Ireland and others have all punched well above their weight and made an impact. Not Scotland, though. Oh no, no, no. We never learn. The ghost of Masonic chancers like Jim Farry still looms large and as long as we're ruled by establishment Huns who have no ambition other than maintaining the natural (orange) order of Scottish football's status quo, we'll continue to be left behind.
  10. A few pundits, as well as Craig Brown and other coaches, have said over the years that it's a travesty that Willie Miller is lost to the game. Say what you want about his final season with us, but he reads the game as well as any Scottish pundit I've ever known.
  11. Totally agree with you. For all the machismo of the Scots, telling the world how proud we are and how strong our sense of identity is, we're a nation of underachievers and perennial bottlers. I said on this board nearly a decade and a half ago, that as long as our mentality of being plucky underdogs and/or parochial northerners with a national chip on our shoulder prevails, we will never get anywhere, either in football or the wider world. You only need to look at our football and rugby teams in recent times; both raised their game massively against England and came away with fabulous results, only to flop against other teams whom England brushed aside. It's no wonder outsiders think we're small-minded types with little to offer than a grudge against the English. Our perceived disdain wouldn't be so bad, if we actually had the balls to back it up, but yes, we were weak enough to vote against our own independence - and if polling is to be believed, still favour that status quo over growing a pair. Pathetic.
  12. I'm waiting until the whole Better Call Saul season is up before I check out this latest (last?) season, but next up is Ozark's finale, before the next Cobra Kai hits.
  13. I agree, the latest Double Woke 7 instalment was a huge disappointment, a mere box ticking exercise. I would best sum up the Daniel Craig era as "inconsistent"; he did two undeniable classics in Casino Royale and Skyfall, but which were both followed up by subpar Jason Bourne rip-offs, now this... It's also a bugbear of mine that, even at his best, the things Craig was praised for (most notably the serious, gritty interpretation closer to Ian Fleming's original character) are the very same things Timothy Dalton did long before him - and did better (of all the Bond actors, Dalton is the closest to Fleming's original novels) but was criticised for, mostly by Roger Moore fanboys. Tom Hardy is a fine actor, but for me would be a much better villain, so Henry Cavill is still my pick for next Bond, but it'll likely be a minority and/or homosexual, just to up the box-ticking ante of "the message".
  14. I was quoting the bare minimum. In the major cities like Dublin and Cork, it's considerably more. My point was made to CS regarding his comments about doctors' fees; in Eire 50 Euros is pocket change even to the working class. For all its many flaws (and there are many, particularly the property bubble and homelessness) the RoI trounces the North economically, despite the latter having had a huge head start a century ago. As it stands, I see no reason to waver from my years-long predictions that not only is Scotland no closer to independence under the Murrell dynasty's leadership , but there will likely be a United Ireland before an independent Scotland. Incidentally, a United Ireland may actually make independence harder for Scotland, as a lot of Norn Iron Huns may relocate to our west coast, bolstering the loyalist demographic and emboldening Hun belligerence. Between that and the continued immigration (of largely metropolitan lefties) the SNP insist on, the NO vote won't be short of entrenched volunteers.
  15. Anyone got any left-field choice recommendations for Xbox Game Pass? I'm looking for something to jump onto after I finish the Mass Effect Legendary Edition (loved the original, but the Mako is still shyte! )
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