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  1. I've no doubt Brown's signing has the potential to be a great one, *if* we get a full two seasons out of him. Roy Aitken was a great signing on paper, but his legs went sooner than hoped and the rest, as they say, is history. Paul Hartley is another who had great potential, but we know what happened there with injury. If Brown is another Barry Robson, on the other hand, I think he will prove invaluable and with him having the added incentive of his coaching role, he may well be useful way beyond his playing career. He'll certainly have a pivotal role to play with the young players coming through.
  2. Jocky Balboa


    This is what many of us have said from the start. I would have thought the progressive authoritarianism was a dead giveaway. Contrary to what some continue to insist, this doesn't go away through compliance, it refuses to go away precisely because of compliance. After all, why are we still under such strict regulations when the elderly and vulnerable groups have, for the most part, all been fully "vaccinated"? As for the experimental vaccine itself, I'm not touching it with a bargepole. The fact the virus has around a 99.7% survival rate for young and healthy people notwithstanding, I refuse to trust scum like Bill Gates and rogue pharmaceutical companies who have both accumulated billions of dollars in fines and been granted zero liability for what is, lest we forget, an experimental vaccine. We are effectively test subjects here.
  3. A thug in a uniform. How appropriate.
  4. The thing is, she hasn't hidden it and it's been known for some time that she's a devout Christian. What is telling, is that her opposition to much of the SNP leadership's woke policies hasn't incurred the wrath of the FM and her circle. If Forbes were a heterosexual male, on the other hand, you can bet the wrath of the virtue signalling Murrell Mafia would be down on her so fast...
  5. Here's a hypothetical for you; Arguably fighting on all 3 fronts got us the Scottish Cup and ECWC, but also cost us the league in 1983, allowing Dundee United to pip us to the title by a tiny margin. They were subsequently 90 mins away from the European Cup final, winning the first leg against Roma comfortably, before caving in the Olympic stadium (I read somewhere the referee was bribed, but Jim McLean conceded their performance was poor on the night). If we had held on for the league in 1983, could we have gone a step further and at least made the final, possibly beating the dirty Scouse bastards? With the defence we had, it's hard to imagine us losing 3 goals away to Roma, considering we bested Bayern, Real and Hamburg (who themselves kept a clean sheet to beat Juventus to the EC) and McLeish and Miller kept Hansen out the Scotland team. In a one-off final, who knows? A lot of people say 1986 was our best shot at being European champions, but I think 1984 is up there as well.
  6. Jocky Balboa


    If history tells us one thing, it's that once people voluntarily give up their freedoms, the powers that be never give them back without one hell of a fight. If history tells us another thing, it's that compliance is seen as a sign of weakness, something to be exploited. This creeping authoritarianism isn't simply going to go away, no matter how much some continue to insist it will. I think there will be massive civil disobedience, even mass riots, before we see a change of tack from globalists.
  7. The unionists among us need not fear, for the union is very safe in the hands of the SNP leadership. The Sturrell Mafia and their cult of woke sycophants are far too busy creating their version of Airstrip One to act upon - or even care about - such a fundamental constitutional change as independence. I wonder how long it will be before their happy clappers catch on to the fact their mantra of "Vote SNP 1&2" has, for the second consecutive election, been detrimental to the numbers and actually strengthened the unionist contingent at Holyrood.
  8. I see the Rev Campbell has just announced Wings is done. I'm not surprised at all, given the election result, but while I found his abrasive manner to be as much a hindrance as an asset to the wider debate, there's no denying his forensic skills as a journalist. He called out a lot of lies and corruption from Unionists and Nationalists alike.
  9. Oh, I'm not denying that. It was a good run and great fun being there as a fan. In context though, what I'm saying is that for every Dnipro, Copenhagen and Bayern at home, there were hammerings from Panathinaikos and Dundee Utd and multiple defeats to lower league teams like Queen's Park, QOTS and Dunfermline. My main point being, one admittedly good Euro run papered over many cracks and deflected from the inconsistency (top 6 trophy aside) of the Calderwood era - hence my referencing Brian Irvine's quote. This is something which was replicated in the McInnes era, where an admittedly welcome trophy was offset by multiple (often timid) disappointments after it.
  10. Exactly my point. Fantastic though Dnipro away, Copenhagen and Bayern at home were, we were also thumped 3-0 by an ordinary Panathinaikos team, held to a draw by a Moscow team there for the taking and were outclassed in Madrid and Munich. Don't forget it wasn't just those two cup results, either... We were knocked out by lower league opposition 3 times in 3 years and IIRC, hammered 4-1 by Hibs and thumped 3-0 by a Hearts team changing managers more often than a Gorgie tink changes his underwear. In the McInnes era, that solitary League Cup, though most welcome, was also papering over a hell of a lot of cracks in the last few years of his reign.
  11. Yes, I agree they are different scenarios altogether. Tommy Wright left behind a club that had, relatively speaking, consistently punched above its weight under him; a fine platform from which to build. Conversely, we are in a position that needs an Eddie Turnbull-style clear out. While it is an early opportunity missed, clearly the players at his disposal were not up for the fight and so Glass cannot be blamed for this. I have said for some time that McInnes latter days had strong echoes of Calderwood's last 15 months (the latter of which was fortunate, as Brian Irvine so eloquently said, to have had "a European campaign that simply papered over the cracks of our true position"). I agree with you and others who state that it must be Glass's team completely before we can judge. If Cormack backs him as promised, that will still require a few transfer windows at least. I'd be happy with a place in Europe next season, along with visible signs of improvement in quality of fitba, while anything else is a bonus. After that, going into 2022/23 is where I will start to judge fully.
  12. You continue to defend them and that is your right, but I would ask rhetorically; if the Sturgeon and Murrell regime, after over 6 years in charge, coupled with a set of circumstances never more favourable (and perhaps never will be again - surely the opposition can't get any worse?!) cannot convince a reasonable majority (let's say the Unionist 2014 yardstick of 55%) then what does it say about the SNP leadership? On that note, what does it say about Scotland as a region/country, that it would rather persist with the status quo than grow up and take responsibility for its own destiny? We talk a good game as a people, telling the whole world how proud we are of our identity, culture and history. We also make great currency out of blaming England/Westminster/Tories for our ills... Yet when it comes to the crunch, we shyte ourselves at the prospect of acting as all other nations do. I ask again rhetorically; does Scotland even deserve to be independent, given the above and given its tolerance of both SNP and Unionist corruption?
  13. Even though I support independence (albeit as someone who loathes Sturgeon and co's politics) I think you're right. She's either a devolutionist who is bluffing about independence, or she believes in it but shytes herself at the prospect of having to go for it, lest she and her husband risk their luxurious lifestyle. Independence is off the table as long as they remain in power.
  14. I'm not saying for one minute that this system is ideal, nor that I even like it. What I am saying however, is that we have to play the cards which are dealt. The smart play this time around, for those who prioritise independence, was to give their second vote to another pro-independence party, but once again the wider electorate have repeated the same mistake of 2016. A true careerist trougher; failed every election he's ever stood in and, to add insult to injury, not even a particularly good MSP. All he does is make dog whistle Hun comments and say no.to independence. As the saying goes "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me..." They were warned but didn't listen and many didn't even take the time to familiarise themselves with the voting system. They can have no complaint about what the SNP and Greens are about to unleash over the next five years.
  15. Regardless of the fact he wasn't the founder, he chose to step forward as its figurehead. Sadly, many put their preconceptions about him ahead of critical thought about the merits of another pro-independence party. Whether he stays on is immaterial. Even if he retires tomorrow, the party has 2 Westminster MPs, defections from councils and around 5000 members, despite being only two months old. This story isn't over and there has to be somewhere to go for those who support independence and are wise to the bullshit the Murrells are peddling. I foresee a battle for the grassroots independence movement ahead and it won't end well for the Sturrell Mafia. Good riddance when their political demise comes. Independence campaigning can then resume in 2026.
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