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  1. Yeah & final ball is apparently the weakest area of our new RB so we clearly need to add some wingers with a decent final delivery. Cannot rely on Kennedy for that, Hayes probably our best at moment so we haven’t improved in this area at all yet
  2. Because his agent has probably told any clubs interested that they’ll get him on cheap because of his ‘unsettled’ position. Leaving Ferguson & his agent to receive a bigger signing on fee. imo
  3. Could do with a wee update here @Tord31 get an idea of first team squad numbers also given JG’s 22 man squad statement I fail to see an argument for ‘quality over quantity’ with a 22 man squad that ‘currently’ lists fkn McLennan, Kennedy, Watkins & a few others diminishing that ‘quality’ number quite substantially
  4. If he doesn’t will you fk off as well mooth or you a shitebag?
  5. Bojangles will be the new (cult hero) Pandev. Macedonian hero
  6. Probably need him for the Phd game if mr Bojangles hasn’t got his work permit. Keep the cunt here cleaning boots until he figures out what they’re for
  7. Maybe he thinks the keeper is a wanker
  8. JG wants to make the loan permanent in the January window. What fkn use is that Jim? Agree it now at a fixed price or fkr off. Waiting until January is of no benefit to anyone but Celtic. They will know then if he’s shite or played decent & can set the price at a level we cannot afford
  9. Hopefully JG tells him to toughen up a bit & quit his diving
  10. NE are all just Douglas Ross’s bum boys. He’s the perfect poster boy for them. Hun ref Tory Looks like Pob & he’s a cunt
  11. I scrolled rapid through those pages full of the Hun shoofta’s unionist pish
  12. ‘Oh well’ just ‘little lies’ I guess ’i don’t want to know’ you’ll probably just ‘tell me lies’ anyway
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