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  1. A few ITK posters a lil late to the party
  2. This wouldn’t even be in discussion if it wasn’t for the fact that Blackburn have shown repeated interest in signing Hedges. I am not saying their assessment of him is correct or wrong but I am clearly not the only one that believes he would be capable of slipping into their squad plans in some way. Similar arguments were had with rgds Ryan (spit) Jack when Napoli & Everton were reportedly interested in him & I was of the opinion that he wasn’t good enough for clubs of that ‘stature’ so I was arguing the other way on that point. All about perspective in reality.
  3. Much as I hate to say it but both Hedges & Wright probably played their best football together & they brought out the best in each other & suited each other’s play. Hedges hasn’t had that since Wright left & whilst I am not saying Wright is great or better than Hedges, I will say they complimented each other’s style of play. Hedges could find himself with better players than Wright in one of those yo-yo sides to complement his play as far as to say he wouldn’t look out of place or out of his depth it is also worth pointing out that a good few of the current very lower end of the championship consists of teams that have been or are still classed as said yo-yo clubs between top of championship & lower EPL
  4. He was very much on the brink of their squad for euros had he not only just returned from injury. I also haven’t claimed he would be either a regular starter or less in said ‘yo-yo type clubs’ but I will say that I believe he could very likely be a squad player for one & get ample mins to be classed as ‘able’ to be in said teams squads. All boils down to a general delusion by most that think all EPL sides & all their players are of highest quality & even stretching as far as to include ‘top’ championship sides as same, which (IMO) is vastly exaggerated based mostly on financial advantages You mention Mclean as an example but (as with the bitterness towards Hedges) McLean & Shinnie/McKenna etc. Were all also slated/tagged (by many) as ‘not good enough’ for the type of yo-yo clubs we are now ‘correctly’ discussing. Similar was said of Dykes for example & even the likes of John McGinn who was often claimed to have been in Shinnies back pocket when they played in Scotland. All about perspective really & mine is that the lower EPL/top of championship really isn’t even close to the exaggerated quality many stubbornly (or possibly ignorantly of being truthful) believe Also worth mentioning how quite a few so called ‘quality’ players from down there have been signed by arse cheeks & been absolutely/blatantly bang average at best in Scotland Joey Barton for one example of said shite
  5. Only potential upside I can see for Atlanta is a similar scam to the Hernandez deal but with actual good players Basically use Aberdeen as a stepping stone club to persuade players in the back door on the cheap. Hopefully Atlanta will fund these signings so no great financial risk for us as we are a cheapskate club
  6. Already have centre backs? come on now, that’s pushing it. We need options at CH. any that will keep Gallagher out of the side are a boost & also prevent Devlin faking his way back again
  7. I don’t think I ever claimed he could be among the top player’s for English clubs. In actual fact I think I said he could be in a side that yo-yo’s between bottom EPL & Championship. Just as most of the Welsh squad could. Its easy to argue against my opinion by exaggerating it to imply I classed him as far better than I actually did
  8. Our wee bairn would make a cunt of your bland shite chat even before he’d learned his ABC’s FACT or his ABerdeeeeeeeeens
  9. But he is. Really. This delusional love of Guffy football really needs reeled in. This is exactly why the English football national side is so shit. Delusions of grandeur has really taken hold of the dumb fks.
  10. Yes but the point is that a shit load of lower EPL teams also aren’t consistent enough to play at the top level Hedges is perfectly capable of being in those sides. Especially when on form.
  11. Glass was the best of the ‘four man shortlist’ That one has to have been his best yet
  12. We should 100% take whatever fee we can get for hedges now but this delusional shite that he’s not good enough for top of championship or lower EPL shite is nonsense. We weren’t that far off Burnley when we played them. Not like they slaughtered us. There is no denying there are some real quality players/sides in EPL but the exaggerated quality of ALL in EPL is BS
  13. So you are buying into ‘a strong arse cheeks makes everyone else better’ philosophy? I am more inclined to say we have seriously regressed & we notice the rest are nearer our level. Rather we are more their level Or do you actually think ‘the rest’ have all improved to easily compete with us to the extent we no longer can confidently go into a game where we should be strong favourites?
  14. Apparently it was the physio that convinced Glass on re-signing Devlin. Guess he’s on performance/hrs related salary rather than fixed
  15. Ramsay best get his steel shin guards looked out because they will be after him
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