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  1. True. Wasn’t even saying it tongue in cheek as given our start, I genuinely wouldn’t bet on us confidently beating anyone right now.
  2. Dundee must be desperate for this game to come along. Could be yet another side searching for their first win of season & we seem to be that gift
  3. Hearts fans probably never thought so either many a time. we have one win v Utd & a lucky win v Livi so far from a pretty dire start. How did Hearts start their last season in this league after half a dozen games? Just curious if they managed a massive 8 points
  4. I only mean in the sense that he will often drift out wide right with him to play one twos. Which prevents the need for Ramsay’s to put in a diagonal ball earlier to front of box. Ramsay gets a little further forward with the ball when JET is out wide
  5. To add to that congestion in the middle up front it looks like the FB’s are being told to send in diagonal balls early more so than trying to get closer to byline before crossing in. I assume to justify all these players being shoehorned in middle but all it’s doing is causing confusion & having too many players on top of each other. This (to my simple mind) is pretty much all that Glass is ‘trying to do things a little differently’ as he says. Ramsay is doing a fantastic job to play so well with this tactic, all things considered. Changes a little when JET is playing as he gives Ramsay a bit more support out wide
  6. If things at the club don’t improve quite a bit, I can see Brown fkn off to a club for a player manager role sooner rather than later.
  7. Maybe Ferguson is just being stifled in midfield under Glass tactics & the transfer request & him not giving a shite now etc. is just a very convenient/obvious excuse for most to jump on? Seem to remember he was also pretty shite (compared to his normal/better than average) for the latter part of last season also, even long before McInnes was binned. Don’t really think it is in his/agent, or dads interest for him to deliberately play shite just because of a wee huff. Kenny McLean had a good few spells for us where he was completely off boil/non existent in games. Mostly in early parts of seasons. It happens.
  8. More likely a couple of penalties from McGrath
  9. Too many chiefs not enough midfielders
  10. Also Murrayfield They both offered to name stands after him but he got offended & thought they were taking the piss so he threatened court action, so both Huns & SRU caved from fear & named whole stadium & training ground after him to calm him down
  11. Glad Raith put is out. Saves better sides making a proper cunt of us. Smart thinking by Glass. Playing the long game & all that
  12. Jellyfish Spineless cunts. Even the stronger ones will struggle carrying that squad o shite
  13. Best for Scottish fitbaw n aw that byraway
  14. Aye Shinie ya dimwit cunt. If we hadn’t been trying to stop St Johnstone scoring as well they might have scored another goal, maybe even 2
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