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  1. Fyvie was a real prospect. On a higher trajectory than the rat until injured. Shame.
  2. Good performance - not yet time to get carried away - playing against 10 men for the majority - though ref did his best to even that up by his performance in the second half Stewart needs to be less wasteful - Scales to take his chance Cracking goals - Miovski and Hayes seem to have a good understanding which is positive - despite the screamer of a goal the most telling was the 2nd because of the team work involved. Lose the silly errors and we could have a very good season. A good win - playing football on the front foot - more please
  3. Only really if we lose - win a cup or two and few will be bothered.
  4. Huns losing. Long may it continue. Commentator doing my head in with his ignorance.
  5. Came too early for sure. Sloppy passes when we had time. Not down hearted though could have been worse. Need to learn from our weaknesses; seemed weak defensively on the right and need a better central defender than McCrorie. Need to be a bit braver going forward but that will hopefully come with practice and success. Won’t criticise Goodwin at this stage; would be ridiculous; team needs to work together. If we play the same in six months I might feel differently but hopeful. Let’s go on a winning run from now.
  6. Taking anything would be a bonus - they started slow last year - doubt it'll happen twice - agree we need to have a go and just not sure about our defense but this will be an interesting test - hopefully not a horror show. Even last year they were much less effective when pressed - if we give them time they'll likely pick holes in us and win comfortably - are we fit enough to press them effectively and not be headless chickens - we'll know on Monday Give it a go - 2-0 to the Dons.
  7. and that is the pond we swim in - we are not getting a new team of established players - there is always risk - at least one of the requirements hasn't been - recent career threatening injury with no evidence of recovery
  8. We’ve been dominant and could have won by a barrow load. Ramirez could easily have had four had the referee been competent or indeed the player himself. Our defence is untested however so difficult to judge. We are moving forward better however with players moving rapidly into space. Encouraging but tougher opposition will arrive.
  9. I too was there many moons ago. A Dons legend. RIP.
  10. That header against the Huns for a start
  11. Please don't - it's a football forum. Leave the 70s &80s politics and angst to some other place and time.
  12. With our luck he'll end up in Rwanda
  13. Disappointing if true. Let’s wait and see.
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