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  1. Better. Ramirez took goal well and having mobile support gives him a bit of space. Defensive cover a wee bit scary. Keep up and at them. COYR.
  2. Aye, well, two more windows will be well into next season given our cack handed leagues - let's hope that we're not in the championship by then and for those who think that's impossible - how many points have we got in the last 5 games (against such SPL luminaries such as Dundee, St Mirren and Motherwell - though to be fair we did manage to draw at home with Ross County before that) and how bad is this run for Aberdeen FC compared to any in the the last twenty years - if we give it another fortnight we have a realistic chance of breaking new ground but not in a good way. At some point will the penny drop that six months in and multiple windows to get things right on Snake Oils Park it isn't happening - that's the tragically hard data - I hope I can say that it all got better in November 2021 but then I hoped that in October and September too and the product still isn't delivering and the same problems persist. I believe the chairman is a supporter but I believe he's got an ego the size of Cormack Park and won't admit their is a serious problem and that starts with him and his appointee - supporters can be complete tossers at times.
  3. It seems to have got stuck on midfield - is there an option for a winger or striker? Maybe this is how we chose the manager too?
  4. The Snake oil salesman Stats Dave The clown Mr Prawcess The teeth Deluded Dave
  5. More MT than you but us getting zero points out of the next three games has to be as likely as us getting anything more than that and that is sad and so unnecessary. I’m not raging just irritated by blind faith. Neither SG nor DC have done anything football wise to merit any faith in them. DC has come over as a snake oil salesman and SG is sadly just not up to the job.
  6. Delusional. You can fool some of the people all of the time.
  7. We don’t need to worry - we’re working really well and winning on the training field. He’s like the wizard of oz whose had the curtain pulled back on him. Nothing to see hear, everything is fine. The emperor is naked and it’s not a pretty sight.
  8. Puts the radio performance into fresh light though as criticism from within is likely to have stirred this outburst - as was observed elsewhere there is more than a hint of the Trump about him
  9. So you're saying the board is split - do tell
  10. I go to games and am critical - I genuinely have not seen signs of an organised defense or wonderful creative football breaking out - in the first games of the season when there was positivity I pointed out our defensive weakness - it's not rocket science and you don't need to hide behind statistics - our defence is woeful. I'd love to see SG succeed but we are now in the good money after bad scenario - the gambler hoping the next one is the big win to make back all his losses. I'm afraid Dave is trying to drink himself sober.
  11. Much like stealing candy from a baby
  12. Wow - he must've been at a different Motherwell game to the one I went to - we could still be playing and still dominating possession and still not have scored.
  13. That should have been done around April/May when he arrived - not now - we need a competent coach pulling the strings not advising the puppeteer
  14. Wouldn't be hard - we can't do any worse - we have a grand total of zero from the last 5.
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