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  1. Cares passionately about himself I'd say. He's got his ego to think about
  2. Well that was fucking horrendous. Goes on about the stats but chooses to ignore the ones about clean sheets and win percentages. There won't be many clean sheets on here the next few weeks either the way he's blindly backing Glass.
  3. Unfortunately Cormack is fluent in bullshit. This exercise is purely to massage his ego.
  4. Lots interest in this when he started going on about DM. McInnes's time was up and claim anything else is shite.
  5. Why would you give him until the end of the season? Minimum standard was set by McInnes of European qualification through the league, which ultimately it looked like even he wouldn't achieve last season and it rightly cost him his job. Glass has the same standards to maintain. He had a major rebuild in the summer but looks like he's failing to deliver. He's out of his depth and needs gone if Aberdeen are going to achieve anything this season.
  6. Got slaughtered at the beginning of the season for saying this had shades of McGhee about it. Cormack said himself that he may get it wrong but he'll never be confused. Well it looks like the jobs for the boys route was the wrong decision. Edit: Should have been sacked when we signed Gurr
  7. According to Derek Rae on Twitter, David Bates is being frozen out of the Hamburg team and training with their reserves. Surely worth seeing if we could get him on loan? Would prove the cover we need at CB.
  8. Had a look over there and they're utterly shell shocked. One poster claims that losing 5-1 to the ugly sisters would have been bad but to us it's embarrassing. They still believe they're better than any team in Scotland
  9. Just a thought that we would have been well aware of this lad's situation while expressing an interest in Ramirez, so either Glass rated Ramirez more or we were priced out
  10. Roll on Thursday so we have something else to talk about than whether or not Red John should be on this forum. Not seen folk on here get so pent up about a new poster since Tup joined
  11. Kevin and Perry go large. Quite a few phat choons on that. LARGE!!!
  12. Got perfect draft last week so on Becks with a 15 year old Dalmore chaser. Plan is to have a stinking hangover and the munchies around the time of the football
  13. I know. Still investigating it though. Also investigating booing the Danish national anthem and "fireworks" being let off by fans. All seems a bit pointless to be fair
  14. UEFA launching an inquiry into Schmeichel having a laser pen pointed in his eye during the penalty. Not really sure what it will achieve.
  15. Noticed Kennedy wasn't invited, was playing pirate island adventure gold with his bird instead
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