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  1. A bit like Lewis before joining us. He was warming the bench after being in an England squad and we were happy to have him. Then again after Langfield anything was an improvement
  2. Most cameos off the bench for Houston from what I remember
  3. Never seen a player run about the pitch as much without contributing anything. His toys clearly haven't found their way back into his pram after he threw them out
  4. You say that but the double substitution was awful. To take McCrorie and Watkins off while leaving Ojo on was an awful decision.
  5. Long shot but does anyone know of any fan zone tickets going spare? Want to take the bairn to keep him entertained
  6. In the last 10 years the only season we haven't had a 15-20 goal a season striker was DM's last season. Yeah Ramirez is good but he's not irreplaceable.
  7. Probably a 2 year deal at Ross County/Caley/Dundee/Cove on less than what we offered but worth it in his mind as it not a 1 year deal. That would be my guess.
  8. Taking the youngest to his first game for this. Time to find out if he's good luck or getting disowned.
  9. Has he scored under Goodwin yet? Seems to have gone completely off the boil
  10. Really hoped this would work out better than the Hartley signing but in truth he's been pish. Lost his swagger as he realised his talent was dwindling
  11. It's a solid appointment. Nothing exciting about it but good business. Also means that hopefully we'll start taking in players like McGrath from Ireland to develop and sell on as well as our own youth players
  12. Never blocked anyone on here before, think it might be time to start
  13. Why are Russian birds so needy. Had a few email me, just seems a bit desperate
  14. Ramirez has liked some tweet from an MLS transfer page say San Jose need a striker. Shades of when he was linked to us. If that's the case it looks like he's well and truly thrown the toys out the pram
  15. Would have expected the interim team to have been announced this afternoon. Surely be announced before training tomorrow and the pre game presser
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