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  1. According to Derek Rae on Twitter, David Bates is being frozen out of the Hamburg team and training with their reserves. Surely worth seeing if we could get him on loan? Would prove the cover we need at CB.
  2. Had a look over there and they're utterly shell shocked. One poster claims that losing 5-1 to the ugly sisters would have been bad but to us it's embarrassing. They still believe they're better than any team in Scotland
  3. Just a thought that we would have been well aware of this lad's situation while expressing an interest in Ramirez, so either Glass rated Ramirez more or we were priced out
  4. Roll on Thursday so we have something else to talk about than whether or not Red John should be on this forum. Not seen folk on here get so pent up about a new poster since Tup joined
  5. Kevin and Perry go large. Quite a few phat choons on that. LARGE!!!
  6. Got perfect draft last week so on Becks with a 15 year old Dalmore chaser. Plan is to have a stinking hangover and the munchies around the time of the football
  7. I know. Still investigating it though. Also investigating booing the Danish national anthem and "fireworks" being let off by fans. All seems a bit pointless to be fair
  8. UEFA launching an inquiry into Schmeichel having a laser pen pointed in his eye during the penalty. Not really sure what it will achieve.
  9. Noticed Kennedy wasn't invited, was playing pirate island adventure gold with his bird instead
  10. It would appear you have more dildos than Ann Summers
  11. With pre season in January. Fairly sure winter in Minnesota will be harsher that here
  12. Posted a shot of himself on an aircraft on his Instagram story. Looks like the poor bastard is in economy, should have asked for business.
  13. So where's the alleged money coming from, drugs, whore houses, racketeering?
  14. I'm ex military so have no issue clearly, however I appreciate there are elements of the personel who are utter nobs. The breed of super hun who are allowed to flourish in the military sicken me. Fighting amongst each other to be paraded around snake mountain for the satisfaction of the knuckle dragging hoards on Remembrance Sunday. Guys from England and Wales who, because they've been based in Scotland for 10 years put on a fake weegie accent. Worked with a bloke from Wrexham who used to constantly belt out the sash, fud! Most ex military offshore can be bellends too. Like vegans and crossfitters and have to tell everyone who they are.
  15. Personally don't think it's a coincidence that we were at our best with Watkins in the team. Him, Hedges and Wright played well together. There's clearly no mad scramble to sign him so think we could get him on a decent deal
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