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  1. Fuck off with your dribbling pish
  2. Quite possibly. Delighted he’s gone. Showed none of the qualities he was supposed to have when winning his international caps. A major disappointment while here. That all said, wish him no ill will - unless he’s playing against us
  3. I'll wait to see what the Club has to say but if it transpires that this is a loan rather than a signing, this is pretty uninspiring
  4. Aye, she said she’d been touched up by a limp wristed teuchter
  5. Too many visits to Tesco’s car park
  6. How is it the clubs fault for Ryan the Rat fucking us over? little snake had no intention of signing an extension as he’d already made his mind up about joining Sevco despite stringing the fans along. Hunnish behaviour
  7. Pedant alert - Türkiye Enjoyable I trust?
  8. Dom Sullivan


    Bite, my arse (not literally). Outgunned big time
  9. Cove Rangers will take cash for pie charts
  10. ^^^this. Potential. Done well in some games but often out injured. BBC reporting £4.5m plus potential add-ons of £3m and a 20% selling on fee. Good luck to the lad - a move he clearly couldn't turn down. I hope he does very well and that turns into more dosh for the Dons.
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