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  1. Celtic 2 v 1 Hibs Ross County 0 v 2 Motherwell Hearts 3 v 0 St Johnston Livingston 2 v 1 Dundee Dundee Utd 2 v 0 St Mirren Aberdeen 0 v 2 Huns
  2. Fuck off to the Killie forum ye boring cunt
  3. I'd already delivered my own version of Gold Top to her this morning. You've had my sloppy seconds
  4. Steady… Both a pair of cunts in equal measure
  5. Also on A Place in the Sun. Totally wooden. Thick as pigshit.
  6. Dom Sullivan


    Correct. Snochers and pyochers are part of living in this part of the world. A drink of hot water and a good hoch up works wonders
  7. Back?? I know you’re fishing Frankie but Rangers died on 14 February 2012 as you well know. New club, admitted to the league without the proper credentials, as you well know. Impossible to be “back”.
  8. I’m with you on the young players coming through -absolutely. Thing is Connor at 22 is no longer a youngster and I’m not convinced that we’ve seen enough from him to show that he can make it at this level. Pity, but there has to come a point where he makes it or the club has to cut loose and give another youngster a chance
  9. All noted but what’s your stance on McLennan? Mine us that he’s sadly not been consistent enough at this level so needs to find a level which suits him ie Championship
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