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  1. Fuck sake, that's brutal.
  2. Out. Watching it in Zizzi bar. The booze will help me tolerate the game.
  3. Then we lose him for fuckall. If we had wanted to keep him we could be due a development fee if we offered him a deal. Perhaps he's indicated his desire to leave as that interest could've been there for a considerable time. Its only Ireland, but you Perhaps can feel quite detached from your parent club if out on loan.
  4. Awww didums. Did the nasty Irish man say some harsh words? Wise up Barbara and put on your big boy pants.
  5. As much as I don't buy into conspiracy theories or Internet bullshit gossip, but Ramirez's warm up during the 1st half smacked of someone who didn't give a fuck. No discipline in his warm up, half hearted.
  6. He's away. Indicated to the manager that he sees his future away from us. Rightly dropped as a result.
  7. Eyes as dry as the Sahara min. You just speak pish.
  8. You'll be waiting till next season then. This current team isn't capable of it. Stupid of you to think it would be happening by now.
  9. Don't let the facts get in the way of a DOC outburst
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