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  1. I'm booked in the Shepherd's Rest later then the Broadstraik afterwards. Both decent. Key West is dying on its arse.
  2. There's one that often does commentary on MotD highlights. Awful.
  3. Key West is great. Really chilled out. We were there during the world Cup in 2010 and enjoyed Frank Lampard's disallowed goal whilst enjoying a cold beer. Did you go on the Conch Train?
  4. Why do the SNP push the 'both votes' message if its wasted like several posters and Salmond have stated? I don't really follow politics enough to totally be up to speed on it.
  5. Got my jag on Monday and had absolutely no issues after apart from a dull ache in the arm where they injected me. Moderna was what I got.
  6. Voted by post a few weeks ago. SNP 1&2
  7. I binned BT Sport. I make do with the highlights on YouTube for both the CL & the EL.
  8. He's not ex Aberdeen, but I played with Ross Tokely for Bankhead Academy. He was prick then too.
  9. Barry Robson when he played for Coloney Park and I Kemnay Youth. His old man looked like a pikey. Played against Russell Anderson as well.
  10. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/declan-gallagher-set-aberdeen-switch-24037335?
  11. Ach, i've seen worse than this current lot. Struggling to muster enthusiasm for the remainder of the season. I'll watch the game and as always hope for the win.
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