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  1. The reality is he is young manager and this is the biggest club he has ever been involved with. He will make mistakes in how we handles certain situations but the main thing is the end result...he will be judged on the first 10 games of the new season and the club in general on the summer recruitment. You can't argue that his judgment on the current crop of players is incorrect and action to get rid.
  2. If you were chairman, who would you have appointed? Most of us would never had thought of appointing Glass as manager...but he sacked him, realised the mistake etc... The area he seems to have not rectified is the other senior team... Gunn etc, most can see that we need someone more experienced and proven. Young manager, which Goodwin Still is , requires experience above...is that old duffer Brown still with us?
  3. that will be him signing for some shite MLS 2 team that;s just been made up...or maybe Atalanta will do us a favour and give us £500k for the boy... The club could have just said he picked up an injury in training and has returned to the US to see a specialist and recover...almost seems like the transparancy is aimed at ensuring the fans won;t be unhappy when he is replaced by an irish unknown come the summer....or is that just cynical as...?
  4. £4m with add ons and some players on loan would be a decent deal. Not amazing, but the real question is, 4, 5 or 6m...how will it be re-invested? or how much will be re-invested....
  5. probably would have expected to see some change on the performances, set up...was hoping within 10 games he'd get the team more defensively sound. but he is also inheriting a difficult situation...he has stated he needs another 5 or 6 players, I wonder if that is net of the expected loss of Ferguson and Ramsay...in any case, how many of the current players will be in the first team? not many and therein is the immediate issue. McCrorie, Hayes, Besuijen, Barron are the only 4 at the moment you'd think will be 'guaranteed' first team football. McKenzie, Gallagher, Bates, McLennan will likely be involved in some way...maybe Gallagher with a new partner could come good, I don't hold out much hope for Bates. Who knows if Polvara or some of the youth team coming back from loan will be able to contribute... It's a massive summer of recruitment to say the least...but when more than half the squad won't be here next season it's not surprising we are getting sh1te performances. Our 'shopping' list will surely need to be more like 10 players: 1 x GK, 2 x CB 2 x FB, 2 xCM, 1 x winger, 2 x strikers...i hope this new recruitment boy and satchel boy Gunn have a load lined up already.
  6. Brown will retire end of season...
  7. True_Don

    Golf threads

    That's right...golf is changing. Clearly a lot of boys on here are out of touch...
  8. Sky reporting we are trying to sign him immediately. Move makes sense as we know at some point Ferguson will go.
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    Golf threads

    Golf is cool Bluto
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    Golf threads

    Decided to keep the same clubs, no new updates...was recommended fyfegolf.com for some new headcovers .
  11. The debate on Ramsey / Patterson is all opinion which exactly the reality that we will face...the opinion of potential buyers will dictate but it certainly helps as a marker that Patterson has commanded such a fee. Clubs will point to Patterson being capped, played in Europe so tested at that level...so let's be honest we wont get the same for Ramsay. I would think it will be a buy and loan back scenario with significant add ons based on number of apps , caps etc.
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    Golf threads

    Random golf club as well...the Erik Anders Lang guy who's done some good golf mini series
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    Golf threads

    Been a fair few new brands on golf...refreshing to see some different takes on golf. Malbon, Manors, Radda... Anyone bought any of this /any other brands you've seen that are interesting?
  14. 2 pairs of gloves actually! i'm no cheapskate : )
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