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  1. Alex Neil would be a good appointment. But not sure if that fits with Cormacks philosophy. All the Cormack said he wanted a young manager. Neil is younger than Glass. But does he understand the Aberdeen way..
  2. Longstaff was nowhere. McGeough did more in 10 minutes and looked far better....Glass doesn't know his best team.... Cormack's might be wrong but never confused often used verbatim is sounding loudly.
  3. That may be the case, but you haven't really answered the question. How would you describe/rate his performances so far?
  4. @Millertime How would you summarise it?
  5. If he was an unknown player signed from down south in league 1 team we'd probably say he is well over it losing the ball in danger areas but does try and put himself about... I'd put McCrorie back in midfield and Gallagher at the back with Bates for the next 4-5 games.
  6. He did that in a game by the touchline next to the South Stand....you can tell fairly quickly the level of player and potential.
  7. It's going to be a rollercoaster with this team and manager...hopefully the highs will outweigh the loss. Onto European qualification.
  8. Still need another striker on the books and a centre half (unless Devlin proves his fitness but taking a risk there).
  9. Fuck the england national team.1st decent team they played. Standard was poor this tournament. England think they are building to a world.cup win....hahaha...italy had 65-70% possession and Chiellini decided to.play wing for bit as they were in so much control....
  10. Over before its even began.... Wrong team for sure...and not a hindsight situation...Christie been pish, never seen a good performance with Armstrong in it.... Adam's should have started and needed someone next to McTominay....nobody in midfield to take the ball in....
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