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  1. Kennedy hasnt even left yet and I can already imagine him scoring against us when he does
  2. Aye I'm not a fan of muted celebrations but was quite surprised by that. Considering we spent 400k and he was largely crap I thought Aberdeen fans took pretty well to Stevie May and gave him a lot of support. He's never had a bad reaction when he's been back either. Bryson never took any stick either but was never really seen in an Aberdeen shirt
  3. Need to be more direct. Need to move the ball faster, possession in the middle of the park is proving useless. Need to play players in position which we all wanted before the St J game. Ojo is a competent central midfielder but due to already having 90 of them, we can't just play him on the wing and think he can do that. Get attacking players in those positions, otherwise it's just more of the same. Play defenders in defense, midfielders in midfield and wingers on the wing. It's all quite simple, I think thats why no one has faith in Glass. The stuff he is doing is just really stupid. I predict none of the above and a 1-0 defeat
  4. Anyone else starting to wonder how good Qarabag actually were now that we understand how bad the dons are a lot of us talking like they were Barcelona 2012.
  5. He’s an attacking modern day full back. That’s his position. And he’s really good at it. Liverpool aren’t playing Andy robertson at left wing. Real Madrid have never tried Marcelo there and Brazil didn’t play Cafu or Roberto Carlos as wingers. They are full backs. Doing what full backs do. Attacking from deep positions where they get space. It’s completely different positions. come on mate we can disagree on the dons but this is embarrassing
  6. For me, his good games would go unnoticed. We’d put plenty clean sheets away with minimal fuss. Not saying he was great but folk would go absolutely daft after a howler. we quite simply disagree on absolutely everything but it’s great
  7. Taylor could have 8 good games in a row then everyone would lose the plot when he makes a mistake in the 9th seems preferable to having defenders who are absolutely shite every single week to be honest. Thought Gallagher would be a step up though, so I’m not saying I told you so. Cause I didn’t. But he’s honking. As is everyone.
  8. I can’t work out if you are being serious clearly I’m referencing where we were as a club and where we were heading. What’s the point in referencing something from 3 seasons ago? Might as well just mention the 2014 league cup as well if you are going back in time I know. It’s just a shame that is our level. I mean we never actually qualified once, in reality. It got a bit boring being turfed out in the first week of august every season… had to change something to start doing more. It’s looking a terrible appointment. Will just set us back to where we were
  9. Aye but you’re the boy that said I was speaking shite when I suggested dropping Ramirez for this match how did he play? said I was bored of not touching the old form or coming close to doing anything…. Your reference of something 3 seasons ago is hardly relevant
  10. You don’t need to tell me mcinnes did well in the past…. But that was over, so it was time to move on. Rest of the season is going to be rotten though. Back to brown, mcghee, skovdahl, Patterson levels.
  11. I wanted McInnes out cause it was boring being steady, qualifying for Europe, not laying a glove on the old firm or coming close in cups. I knew whoever came in next would either be brilliant or a disaster. I think it is clear which category Glass is going to be in
  12. Strong answer. One I can’t argue against I was just rubbing my eyes in disbelief at reading signing jonny hayes in 2012 just shades signing the boy who got released by st mirren, Dundee United then played in league 1 & 2 in England
  13. Sorry why is everyone suddenly raving about a boy who has played for Ross County, Plymouth and CSKA Sofia (who have also taken on class like Cillian Sheridan) Have I missed something or is that just how bad we are now
  14. Hopefully when we see the personnel we’ll know what the formation is. There is no way to pick the 11 from last week without picking a shite formation or playing at least 2 out of position. weve had plenty tombola managers over the years but glass is taking the piss so far
  15. Getting into that circuit of low end EPL / championship / top end League 1 would be immense would it. just heading into different clubs, doing a shite job, getting sacked with a pay off then onto the next one. Bet Paul Lambert is loaded.
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