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  1. I thought Robertson was good. Only so much you can do as a left wing back though. He's not going to skin players then smash it into the top corner. McGinn though, agree. He was pish. 2 up front sounds good but not when both are terrible. Fraser and Forrest, on form, are good players so surely 1 up top and playing wingers makes sense. Then you can use Robertson as an actual full back. Give Tierney another go at right back? Think Clarke likes this 5-3-2 malarkey too much though
  2. Shanklands away to turn 26 and has scored about 7 Premiership goals in his career. Wasn't there some young boy banging them in for the under 21s? What was his name again?? Hornby
  3. I think playing Dykes is absolutely grim. Fairly poor for QPR and Australian.... straight into the Scotland team. But you can't even name who should be in there instead cause we are that bad!
  4. True Quality of the league is gonna be very bad next season I think. If we can beat these sides celebrating stickers in gorgie and signing players named after ice cream then surely we can at least be a convincing 3rd this season - which would be a start.
  5. I got dildo'd and laughed for my comment but thats exactly what happened. We went for route 1 because we didn't have the quality of Gilmour to pass the ball to. Armstrong coming in for Gilmour and it has to be said, McKenna coming in for Hanley, were both incredibly noticeable
  6. Played decent and you'd think if we keep up that level of performance we'd finish top 2 in our world cup group..... if we can stick the ball in the net Where we have young promising players we need to start playing them. Gilmour and Turnbull in the team, end of the road for Armstrong, McLean and Jack surely. All 3 are solid but give the game time and experience to the younger boys. Same with the wee hun cunt at right back, he needs to be first pick now. As someone else said, a fit and motivated Griffiths would have seen us through that group easily. Probably qualified after 2 games.
  7. If you want to capture the hearts and imagination of AFC Chat posters that quite simply won't do. You need to go to AFC chats most popular thread, the one where everyone talks about Sevco, and write about them for paragraphs and paragraphs. That will go down a treat.
  8. Heading for League 1 I'd like to think a wee look at AFC chat scared him off
  9. Financially no massive drama but how many of these signings are we going to make before we are getting pumped by St Mirren
  10. Doesn’t add up how can someone hate a club so much they wouldn’t take the step up and the extra money? either way, fuck him!
  11. I hope you can quote me on this and laugh at me down the line But very much appears in the category of a signing you just know is going to be shite and at no point during their dons career do you ever doubt it
  12. You wouldn't imagine he came through the ranks at Georgia Gwinnett Grizzlies if he wasn't at least half decent
  13. We've got the moves like Jack Gurr, we've got the moves like Jack Gurr, we've got the (Section Y to supply the high notes) mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooves, we've got the moves like Jack Gurr
  14. I get what you are saying but I am hoping he does a lot more! Other than that free kick, he basically just got kicked and cried every week. Then got benched and we turned as good as I've ever seen us. Some free kick though
  15. I think he is absolutely our level of player. Not one we'd move on for money, but one that would play decent week in week out. Pretty much a replacement for Logan. Was decent for Kilmarnock too and look at the state of them since he left. Seemed to be a very McInnes signing as well, strange we never made a move for him.
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