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  1. There's nothing worse than an Aberdonian hun. All the busses that leave Aberdeen to go down to Glasgow every other week will be loving their latest poster boy alongside Jack and Wright. Vile
  2. Cant even get a pint in Inverurie. No wonder no one wants to sign for us
  3. Has there been a Rangers game in the last 5 years that hasn't included Tavernier scoring at least 1 pen? Is it better if they get their pen at the start or end of the game? We need to be wise about when we give the ref his big chance Edit: Just googled. Absolutely brutal. Tavernier has stuck 9 pens passed Lewis and missed 1
  4. SPFL players always do shite when they go to Birmingham so we can look forward to having him on loan next season for a fraction of the wages
  5. Derek McInnes would have talked this guy into coming to Pittodrie. I realise this is a very annoying post but I am absolutely sure of it! Imagine sitting down while Glass Edit: Just to even out my post. Once McInnes had talked him into coming to Pittodrie, he'd probably have played him on the right wing
  6. He was! Think we'll all agree now that McGinn is far better than any of the midfielders we had. But the only time Hibs really got the better of us was a game in February 2018 when Shinnie was suspended. Big G had his number! Doesnt that just sum up the problem then? They probably only played together for about 3 months. Wright was injured all the season before, got injured for a while in the first half of last season then left in January. 3 months great form in a 3 year contract isn't worth big money to renew.... not that you are saying it is
  7. Gregg Wylde smiling like an absolute methadone mick at Dumbarton. Just seen his Instagram page. Absolute mong
  8. India Taylor and Derek McInnes patter has to be the worst out there
  9. This is a fine post but it is quite amusing how you were clearly struggling a bit towards the end there. St Mirren players don’t have to live in paisley and Aberdeen airport is fucking shite
  10. Now days everybody wanna talk like they got somethin to say but nothin comes out when they move they lips just a buncha jibberish motherfuckers act like they forgot about Dante polvara to the tune of my way by Frank Sinatra
  11. Fair play because I have absolutely no idea how to respond to this
  12. Him and John Stewart had ability but by Christ they enjoyed a night out. Absolute pissheads. Can’t imagine they put much effort into their careers once turning pro. im sure Darren young was made captain a couple of times and then lost it both times. First to Derek whyte then russell Anderson
  13. I think everyone knows how good Hedges is. It’s more just a frustration of how little he showed it during the last 2 and a half years due to injury and inconsistency. it was the same when Scott Wright left last year. We all knew we were losing a good player but it wasn’t like you were going to “miss” him. He never really got going at Aberdeen due to injuries and not taking his chances when he got a run
  14. Good call. I was at that one. Thousands of dons fans are the game singing “ebbe must stay!” So bizarre that he was so loved haha i mind muirhead coming off the bench. Think that was his debut. He skinned a couple players immediately and looked like he might have something… I was in the Jerry kerr stand with the wooden seats and for some reason terry butcher was sat in front of me
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