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  1. Skill of zero and work rate of Steve tosh is the dream
  2. We need to consult this guy before signing Motherwell players in future although I have said before we need to stop taking players from Motherwell cause they always end up shite
  3. No chance he goes to Celtic. Just look at their bids for John McGinn and Scott mckenna. They don’t want to keep their money in Scotland, terrified provisional clubs will spend it wisely and actually try to challenge them
  4. Maybe they can just shag each other. What a strike partnership we could be in for
  5. Yes! Both great players but completely different. McLean didn’t have fergusons engine but in terms of technical ability, ferguson isn’t close. i think most folk don’t have a problem with ferguson wanting away. It’s just a difficult situation cause obviously no one else rates him enough to make a serious bid
  6. Absolutely it is unfair from me and a no win situation. But I'm just seeing folk getting very excited over these names but when you look at them their pedigree doesn't exactly look that exciting does it? I'm not saying we shouldn't be going for them and I can't even highlight any players I know of that we could have gone for, as the standard is so poor in our division just now. I'm just saying I don't have much confidence going into the next season..... but thats cause the last few seasons have drained me of all enthusiasm!!
  7. I wish I shared everyone’s enthusiasm about the new players. Maybe I’ve just become miserable from our recent shiteness but I am fearing we are building a Dundee 2003 style team. Heaps of foreigners, bottom 6 and a massive wage bill
  8. Get a smile on the big silly yank fucks face and he’ll be banging them in again
  9. If they improve us then yeah I’ll put up with it. We finished 2nd above rangers both seasons christie was here, and who scored our first winner at ibrox for about 26 years? It’s not small team mentality at all. it happens in every league, it’s just hard for us cause Aberdeen fans basically hate everyone and think we are better and more important than the sad reality. I’m sure Norwich fans weren’t crying at getting Gilmour (maybe they were when he turned out pish) or Lingard at West Ham. Didn’t Lukaku bang in a heap of goals on loan at west brom and Everton too? i think it’s just cause I like battling you though, cause ultimately id also rather sign someone else
  10. Not sure what to make of these deals. celtic are not remotely our rivals at the moment. Ryan Christie’s 18 month spell at Aberdeen can’t be described as unsuccessful. just a bit shite when you go to play Celtic but can’t play him…. If he’s any good. Unlike Montgomery
  11. Last season has really given me the fear
  12. Is anyone else terrified we are going to spend heaps of money this summer and end up fucking shite but with a massive wage bill
  13. Sorry I thought he said SPFL not top tier Scottish football #vivalafrankie #infrankiewetrust
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