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    Daily Mail normally do good hallowe’en coverage. Tarts dressed up sluts and zombie whores. Other than that it’s a load of fucking shite.
  2. I doubt it. I certainly wouldn’t post about it online like a big fucking poof. Emotionally retarded, I’m told.
  3. Go for their throats - all out attack. These limp waisted wanks will be wallowing in the reflective glory mourning of their competitive crywank fan base. Steam right in and get them fucked. Grown men crying because an old football coach has died at 73 years of age LOL
  4. I’d urge caution lads. Very dodgy ground, that’s all I’ll say.
  5. And a big stiffened penis up the rectum
  6. milne_afc

    In The News

    It’ll only ever be swung in anger.
  7. Does that smelly looking african cunt still do his stupid egyptian goal celebration? If so, he's not he best in the world.
  8. Just off to film an episode of Top Gear?
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