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  1. milne_afc


    The 3 R’s Rob, rape and arsing around
  2. milne_afc

    In The News

    Dave Cormack?
  3. milne_afc


    Sounds like young Moobs is light on his loafers(bent).
  4. The cunt’s a £10m player imho. He absolutely ragdolled £3m McKenna on several occasions and without checking, his European record is pretty good.
  5. milne_afc


    Good job you’re here to keep him right
  6. milne_afc

    In The News

    Was just going to mention this. Seems like a bit of an overreaction.
  7. Think she was the night before. Boo’d aff according to some from Aberdeen who’d traveled down especially for her. We got tickets on the Sunday morning through one of those itison/groupon vouchers - don’t it had been promoted very well. £15 for Hot Chip and a couple of other decent acts. Drinks and grub were extortionate, wouldn’t be surprised if they hit £10/drink this year.
  8. I went to the last one on the Sunday night. Was a weird mix of middle class families c/w child in papoose mingling with drug addled teens. Was alright.
  9. milne_afc

    Pet Hates

    In which case, a lot of them have nothing to complain about.
  10. milne_afc

    Pet Hates

    They’re being asked to care for people during a pandemic. What on earth did these people think they were signing up for?
  11. Good result. Their goalie was reminiscent of the useless Gonzalez - wouldn’t get carried away yet. Top 6 looks a distinct possibility though.
  12. milne_afc

    Pet Hates

    NHS staff Shower of greedy, lazy arseholes.
  13. This has been very good by the Dons. Some words(cocks) being rammed down throats(up arses) now.
  14. I’m sure he’d be up for it.Still live in the AB postcode area. Not sure how that daily commute to Edinburgh impacts on his injuries.
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