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  1. Nice one. Been listening to a few of these.
  2. Quagmire


    He’s been in trouble in every fight so far, I don’t think he gets away with that against top 5, maybe even top 10.
  3. I wouldn't base much opinion on yesterday but he's not impressed me at all in any game I've seen him. Just simply not good enough if we want to get back to cementing 3rd place and challenging for cups. Surprised the level of negativity about yesterday tbh. Season starts next week for us, didn't expect to get anything and that's what happened. Get McCrorie back in the midfield and our first choice back 4 for the season starting and we'll get a better indicator of how the season might turn out.
  4. Quagmire


    Did you just pull that out of thin air? Thinking way too much, in the times we live in I'm sure his family will think of it as a nice gesture. Most love a bit of attention, no matter what the circumstances. Paddy will never make top 5 in the UFC.
  5. Hopefully a decent performance today and we don't make a cunt of it. Get a better idea of things next couple of weeks.
  6. The fuck did you do to them?
  7. McInnes son, Fergusons dad, Ramirez brother and missus, Jacks wife, seem to remember something about Maguires Mum. Never ends well. The players should be telling their family members to pipe down.
  8. Pete Doherty's book. Prefer your American rock n roll junkie. Different levels of debauchery.
  9. Quagmire

    Thread O Twitter

    You can just say its a shit standard so you take no enjoyment in watching it. We won't clipe Parko.
  10. Quagmire

    The Cryptos

    Not really, you can make a more educated decision by reading up on it. Despite all the fear and scaremongering bitcoins still hovering around 20k, it only hit that a few years ago and at that time people were celebrating it. Now it’s dead at the same price. It’s been on an upward trajectory since it was invented, following a similar 4 year cycle of reaching a peak then crashing 60-80% in bear market, trending for a year or two before the next halving. All markets are wrecked at the moment so it may have another leg to go down but imo it’ll easily break ATHs again in years to come. I don’t buy Bitcoin tho, I’ve got 5-10 coins I’m going to put money in every month at whatever price they are. They’re all down a 6-10x from their all time highs. I’d be disappointed if they only reach that tho in the next bull run.
  11. Quagmire

    The Cryptos

    Correct. If you believe it'll hit all time highs again then its not a bad idea just to start buying over the next few months to a year, whatever the price is (DCA'ing).
  12. Quagmire

    The Cryptos

    Crypto and especially NFTs has seen me well. As ever, everyone's a millionaire when cryptos booming and its a scam when crypto dumps. Its happened in the same cycle for years now. Bitcoin will come good again towards its next halving and every punter starts buying back in at higher prices. It'll drag the rest of the alts with it. Crypto, stocks, shares, gold, silver and basically every other commodity has took a hit cos of inflation, Russia/Ukraine, Covid etc. Peaks and troughs. Best time to buy if you have the patience and don't shit your breeks if it goes down further.
  13. We Own This City - The Punisher plays himself in a shoddy remake of the Wire.
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