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  1. A far cry from the scantly clad Senoritas from Espana.
  2. Quagmire


    Blast from the past. Used to enjoy a couple of their albums.
  3. Mary love, you need to stop taking everything exactly as its written.
  4. There’s a poor homeless DS loon, with a similar build to Harvey Price, who sits under the sky train here. Pipes story runs through my head everytime I walk past. Always slip him a note in the hope he remembers me when he finally unleashes that mongo strength on the general public.
  5. Quagmire


    Get a room you bunch of queers.
  6. Quagmire


    Fuckin love this band.
  7. Horrendous. As bad as the matching skinny fit jogger/jumper combos you get.
  8. Quagmire


    A change in tone since you last said this NEM. I remember Parkie saying damn right he’d say it to your face until he heard you were a Muay Thai enthusiast. I’d fancy your chances now though Parkie, low in confidence since his last fight and a gammy arm to boot. Co-headliner in the Roberto + friends v Rocket & mystery mate event. Cage to be set up at Ferryhill Hoose.
  9. Quagmire

    In The News

    Sounds like you were talking when you should have been listening (to the band). Did you win?
  10. Lost in Translation. My Bloody Valentine, Jesus & the Mary Chain, Phoenix, Air, Death in Vegas.
  11. Quagmire


    MAD had just started a new job handing out the Joop and Cool Water in Club Tropicana before Covid, Parko. Not everyone has been as fortunate to work right through this pandemic like yourself.
  12. Quagmire


    Do you police it? You must know all the boys in the CC and where they live. Arsed with all that. I don't think it'll be a surprise to anyone on here if you're claiming 'long covid' in 6 months time.
  13. Quagmire


    Does that mean technically 5 mates from different households can't sit at a table together in a bar?
  14. Young bird must be creaming her knickers when she comes out the bathroom to see an old mannie cuddling a pregnancy pillow in her bed.
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