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  1. Well the good news for those who didn't like Patterson is that he is injured and out of the squad for the Austria game and now replaced by Paul McGinn from Hibs. Ryan Fraser and Kenny McLean are both also out the squad with injury.
  2. Rumour has it he travelled down to Boro to sign this morning but when he got there he found the owner had pulled the plug on the deal as he didn't want him.
  3. Still at St Mirren until Jan. No deals were done for him St Mirren loaned out Cammy McPherson to St Johnstone but that's the last deal they are doing.
  4. Not a player rumour but back room staff rumour question. Does anyone know if Greig Thomson has left the club? I saw the dons are advertising for a head of performance analysis today. Wasnt aware of him leaving but I thought that was his job role. I know he was very good at his job, and very highly thought of within the game so maybe been headhunted from elsewhere. Will definitely be a big loss if he has gone.
  5. I don't believe there is any possibility we will be signing Jamie Hamilton today . When we needed a centre back last week he was an option being considered but not now that we signed Bates. To sign Hamilton would likely cost us minimum 400-500k as when his contract ends at end of season Hamilton will be due approx. 300k in compensation anyway so they would obviously want a sizeable premium on that to sell now. On top of that he is still just a youngster who is learning the game and needs game time to improve. He has got a lot of potential but I I don't think right now he would be a first choice and that being the case I don't believe there is any way we would pay the significant transfer fee he would cost, as he wouldn't be someone who is guaranteed to start every week. And would probably be behind Gallagher, Bates and McCrorie. If we are paying that sort of money I believe we would only do it for someone who could make an immediate impact to our first 11 and be a matchwinner. We were willing to pay a significant fee for Boyle only because he would have been a first choice and he is proven as someone who provide goals and assists to win games.
  6. Griffiths heading to Dens park by the sounds of it. or at least his only mate McPake is trying to make it happen.
  7. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/david-bates-wanted-aberdeen-transfer-24852824 Scott Burns confirming we have made Bates a priority. We considered Jamie Hamilton but it was going to cost to much it seems. Now just tweeted we have agreed a fee with Hamburg and a 3 year contract with Bates and he will arrive at Cormack park today. Also confirms Mainstandmoans mention of the Icelandic left back Ingvarsson but says it hasn't went any further in past few days.
  8. Things have been made a lot harder because of the new rules after Brexit. I know both yourself and @Pondhopper would like us to be looking at other markets but its very very difficult. and it can a very long drawn out process to appeal with no guarantee that you will definitely be able to sign the player you want at the end of it. If a player has other options they will probably go to a club in another country as they will know they can sign and have their future guaranteed and secure straight away, rather than put their life on hold until a long appeal process has taken place where you might not even get the go ahead at the end of it. There was actually an excellent piece in the New York times last week about the issues scottish clubs like us face which will better explain the problems than i can tell you. If you fancy a read in your bed tonight you can take a look here - - https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/19/sports/soccer/scotland-football-brexit.html
  9. This article was from last year before he was given his new contract which took him from £850 a week to an alleged 24k a week. https://www.themag.co.uk/2020/04/unpopular-matty-longstaff-opinion-newcastle-united/ Reading the piece and all the comments below it about him it seems like Newcastle fans were having the same debate as people on here have had about Lewis this morning as in will he ever be epl standard, is he too slow, is he good enough to be in a top of the championship team, others saying Bruce has treated him poorly and not given him a chance, Bruce destroys talented players and he might flourish given game time.
  10. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/newcastle-united-matty-longstaff-aberdeen-21414843 Steve Bruce says we made an offer and so we got him. Says he isnt aware of a championship club making a loan offer.
  11. I think that's a question that that has yet to be answered. He obviously had a tremendous debut against Man Utd but some Newcastle fans say that's the only good game he has had. Other say that Bruce has never given him a chance. I know a season ticket holder there who says he has a lot of potential but he's not sure if he is big enough physically or quick enough to make in in the EPL and other than against Man Utd he hasnt shown much goal threat. If its true we have paid a large fee to take him in on loan for the season and paying a chunk of his massive wage i hope he shows he is the class act the management expect but i think its a big risk. Dave Cormack said in that interview last week that he wouldn't pay 400-500k for a player who is out of contract next summer but at least that player would be ours to sell. Paying a big fee for someone to come on loan you really need them to be a totally different level from what we have to make it worth it. Its a very ambitious move though and credit should go to DC for backing his manger.
  12. No, his deal ended with them in summer. Did preseason with Leicester and was with Leicester at the charity shield
  13. Maybe Scott Brown could talk to his old mentor and gaffer Brendan and asking if we could borrow his former team mate Filip Benkovic. When he was loaned to Celtic a few years ago he did really well and looked very good. He then went on loan to Bristol City. Last season he went to Cardiff and Leuven in Belgium but never played a single game. Leicester have lots of centre backs injured but he seems totally out of the picture there and not getting even on the bench, They have played a centre mid at centre back ahead of him and just signed Vestergaard from Southampton as well. They spent a big fee on him and will obviously be looking to look to sell him soon but lack of game time last season means his value has slumped further. If he doesn't play games for anyone the chances of them recouping much is getting less all the time. Loan him to us for the season and he plays every week, if he does well it will help get his profile up again and give them a better chance of an increased fee than they currently have. They need him to go out somewhere that he will definitely play games and help him improve again and if he does well his value rises again.
  14. Adams? Please tell me we signed Che Adams overnight
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