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  1. with Mackenzie likely to be out for a sustained period i wonder if we might reignite our interest in DavĂ­d Ingvarsson the left bk from Breidablik who we were interested in previously or maybe try for Dunne again if St Mirren reduce the price as he can play left back or left centre back and i think its likely we might want someone who can cover both. I havnt seen enough of Hancock to know if he is ready for the step up but the fact we were going to loan him out suggests we don't think he is quite there just yet.
  2. Yeah, the BBC have f#cked up and not read it properly. The report says we need Hancock because of the injury and then have added a bit on the end saying Devlin is training with Fleetwood. When i saw you message i thought i had missed something when i read it last night. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/aberdeen-fc/4464672/hancock-deal-off-as-ex-don-michael-devlin-linked-to-fleetwood1/
  3. Where are you seeing that he's going to Fleetwood? I thought we had cancelled it because of the injury at the weekend to Jack Mackenzie means that we want to wait until he is fit before we let him go and we plan to use Hancock ourselves? Are you sure you have not misread a headline that his deal is off and Mikey Devlin is away down training with Fleetwood.
  4. Yeah, as i mentioned i know he is very highly rated but I don't think its completely impossible that they would consider a move up here. If someone had asked this time last year about Longstaff people would have said that wont be happening either and he also had championship interest at that time. I certainly didn't expect Anderson to be loaned out to league 2 in Jan either. Also most of the championship clubs have so much competition for places, players go out from EPL and don't get given the game time they would like so I'm just throwing the name out there as a possibility. Similar to when Maddison came up here as his agent felt his game would benefit more by coming up here at that time. Also Dan Ashworth the new technical director has spoken about the benefits of sending players up here when he was at Brighton. Goodwin said he is not worried about asking anyone the question and the worst that can happen is they say no. So i say Go for it Jim, give it a try.
  5. Hibs did have bids turned down for him last year so I think the interest from them is likely to be true. With his age, if he does join someone it wont be for free and there will be a considerable amount of compensation due to St Pats.
  6. A player who i reckon we could be looking at as a possibility of signing on loan would be Elliot Anderson from Newcastle. Young player with huge potential, he can play up front, left midfield, attacking midfield. Went on loan to Bristol Rovers in Jan and was another level from those he was up against. Eddie Howe has said he wants him to do pre-season with them before he decides whether to let him out on loan again. There are reported to be lots championships and league 1 clubs also interested in loaning him and Barton wants him back at Bristol after they got promoted to League 1. He made a comparison that he had similarities to Maradona in the box and thinks he will go on to be a star for Newcastle. England u21's are trying to get him to ditch us so shows how highly rated he is. With the signings the toon are making i dont think he will get starts with them and not convinced he will get guaranteed game time in the championship so a move up here might be an option to compete with going out to league 1. The only worry would be that Ameobi who is the loans manager at Newcastle will have blacklisted us after we didn't give Matty Longstaff minutes when we realised he was sh#te. But if we could convince Ameobi and Anderson to come up here would be a good move, i think he would be superb signing and exactly the exciting type of player we need. Someone who gets fans of their seat, Scores goals, and provides assists but also works hard. He played for the Scotland under 21's against Belgium and linked very well with Connor Barron.
  7. Sounds like Dick plans to play him left wing or left back. I thought he always played Centre back for us but i see it was left back or left mid he played when at Stirling. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/3432810/arbroath-sign-winger-loan-aberdeen/
  8. Haha! I still have lingering doubts going on what I was told by someone i trust and know is very close to him. But i don't catch up with the person that often so it is quite some weeks since I heard what I got told. But your contacts are maybe closer still and something may have changed so I'm still very much looking forward to bowing down to your greater knowledge on this you seem very confident and JG also seemed quite confident on the subject yesterday. Although he did have a little dig at Connor's agent again who is the same agent as Considine had so already there is a little bit of friction there and I think he should maybe wait until its signed before having more digs at him. Unless he has already signed it?
  9. not to mention the big new lucrative contract extension for Connor Barron that you have promised us is basically signed
  10. I knew he cost a fee but didn't think it would be anywhere near the 300k mark. I had thought it would be about 100k. I may have to rethink my thinking that McCrorie would start the season as first choice right back.
  11. He was born in Leeds but eligible for Scotland as his grandad was scottish striker Jim Conway who played for Celtic and Norwich and was a coach at Bolton. He even used to scout for the dons many many moons ago.
  12. if @DandyDonsideis correct with what he said earlier in the week I guess that would mean its Jackson Conway from Atlanta UTD. Got Scottish blood so no worries trying to get a visa for him.
  13. Norwegian media reporting he is flying to Rotterdam this afternoon with his teammate and that he wants to visit them too before he makes a decision on which club he wants to join. They have them pictured in the airport.
  14. Sounds like we are but according to the Norwegian media he is flying with his team mate to Rotterdam to both visit Sparta this afternoon. And he will then make a decision on whether he joins us or them. Whether that is true i don't know but they do have him pictured in the airport so it looks like he was definitely flying somewhere this afternoon.
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