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  1. Why what? The first part is an educated guess based on the link up. Someone that knows the Atlanta 2 players. The second part is just because I'm interested to know. No obligation from the club obviously but I wonder if someone is considered more of an assistant and the others coaches. Anyway, an interesting appointment. I'm sure some of those details will become clearer in time.
  2. Got to imagine this is to help facilitate players coming across from Atlanta 2. Would be good if the club could clear up the pecking order or are Apaloo, Brown and Russell all just assistant coaches?
  3. Long sleeve isn't quite as offensive. I imagine he will wear that.
  4. You'd be annoyed if it looks like you're finally getting your shot at a decent sized English club and Alex Neill nabs it.
  5. Concerned the work permit side of things will drag on with this one without us pursuing a plan B alongside it. Got to imagine there's a high chance of it not being approved.
  6. I can't see this one going through. Too many hurdles. From what I've read it sounds like if we get the MLS on board with the deal, we're still relying on an appeal on the work permit front.
  7. Bit of a myth this. He was an attacking midfielder in college and had a pretty good goalscoring record. Converted to a right back with Atlanta 2 as I understand then used as a midfielder by Del. I suspect it was a bit of an adjustment with us but not a new position.
  8. As he points out in that podcast, Vancouver haven't hit the heights of his first season since. He's been in management longer than Glass and has won more honours. Obviously has MLS experience too, so it's not really a question that he has more experience. He just does. But I don't think anyone is touting him for the Aberdeen job in this thread, rather making the point that he's more qualified to speak about the merits of our Atlanta partnership than you or me. So if he says he has concerns over it, I'm willing to listen to that judgement.
  9. He's actually been a pretty successful manager. Did really well at Carolina Railhawks, winning the league there, had a really strong first season at Vancouver and left after not making play offs in second season. Basically helped start a new club in South Korea and did decent enough there then went to Indy11 where he transformed them into one of the top teams in their league. The guy has a better CV than Glass, there's no doubt about that, and with his knowledge of the Scottish and US game I'd listen to what he's saying about the Atlanta partnership.
  10. Not overly concerned that most of the signings or targets so far have been older. If you think about the turnaround in players we're seeing, we do need to bring in experience. It's tempting some times to say let's rip the team apart and play youngsters but we could easily get ourselves into some serious bother in the league next season without a selection of players who have been there and done it. If it continues in the same vein for a few windows I'd be more concerned.
  11. Is there anything in the Martin Boyle chat or are folk just suggesting him? I couldn't see him moving from Hibs to Aberdeen. Always got the impression he and his family are settled in Edinburgh. Does his partner not play for Hibs women? If anything I could see him being picked up as a squad player for Celtic or Rangers. He's brilliant on his day and would be worth the risk if we could bring him in. Dives a bit too much though. Got caught out for that yesterday.
  12. Looked pretty awful today. We should've signed this guy when he was at Ross County. He was superb back then. Now I look at him and I'm not as enamoured by him. He's ageing and seems to have a bit of a heavy touch. I think it'd be a bit of a lazy signing.
  13. Agree with this. Think we did well enough in getting decent fees during the McInnes era. Wonder if we could've got slightly more for McKenna when Villa were interested. We didn't really pull in big transfers before that because for a lot of the years we were pish and weren't producing many good players.
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