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  1. Wow, people with vision at aberdeen. What's going on!!!
  2. I see the tartan army are trying to help clean up london. Top of the news on the bbc. I think it says it all, if true, the difference between scotland fans and huns, who seem to enjoy wrecking their own neighbourhood.
  3. Dykes is useless. If that's the best we've got, then he's going to have to play a system without him. Apart from missing an absolute sitter. He kept on giving the ball away, he couldn't hold it up. Then he couldn't do his job.
  4. Marshall martialed his goal e extremely poorly. Plan b now. Beat england and Croatia.
  5. Lyndon dykes is garbage. I hate when strikers get the old, it'll come davie, nice davie etc. When davie has missed sitters. Meanwhile the defence let in the 1 nil winner. Yer shite, I felt he tae watch him (their best player) etc. So unfair since lyndon dykes missed at least one beautiful chance. He even had time to put it in his preferred foot. Rubbish. We were at least a bit better when he went off, but it was too late.
  6. tightbreeks

    In The News

    I see that head brexiteer has started taking his revenge on bojo. The brexiteers are now turning on themselves, to distance themselves from the mess brexit has turned out to be. If it wasn't for covid, the shit show that is brexit, would have been front and centre. I hope the BofE is right about the rate of growth, but they are experts, so the tories usually dismiss such things, especially gove, the thicko.
  7. A nice draw against a shit team in a lovely country would be good. The covid gods may strike again though.
  8. Did anyone get a pair of adidas aberdeen fitba bits? The closest I got was a similar pair but no name. Grey soles, three silver stripes with red trim. Then got a pair of those nikes with the the big red Nike on the back. They got ditched for adidas Chile visse.
  9. See if we get our act together and sign some proper footballers, I reckon we can take them next season. As for the other lot, someone should buy ryan kent off them.
  10. I see there is a film called the Auschwitz escape coming on. I bet david Irving is watching it throwing things at the telly shouting, wrong wrong never happened. World at war is the only ww2 thing you should watch because they get to chat with ex nazis like albert speer, the jammy sod that got off because he said he installed a system that spread killer gas through Hitler's bunker.
  11. Monbiot in the grauniad did write a class article right enough. Anyone got a birthday greeting from nigel farage yet? A snip at £75.00. Grifters keep on grifting. I hope Cummings brings bojo down, with a scathing article in the daily mail.
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