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  1. KenDodd'sDad

    Spiken Sh*t

    Shoofta has outed himself as a hun on numerous occasions, most recently when he objected to the glorification of Goram’s death, something all right minded people will hold in the same regard as the ibrox disaster.
  2. You are a hun and I hope you die a slow painful death just like your mason colleague Goram.
  3. Nae really a fair fight, cunts been deid for 20 odd years.
  4. Hardly damning. I've weasled my way out of far more incriminating evidence.
  5. Weighing things up, would Scales, on balance, be a good signing?
  6. Saw it on Broadway, probably the funniest thing I've ever seen. Going again in Aberdeen tonight.
  7. Will he fuck, huns are a bunch of poofs that will do fuck all.
  8. Kal Naismith would be a better shout than Gallagher, Bates and Considine, had an outstanding season playing CH for Luton, minutes away from making the play off final last night (yes I know he played for the Huns, so did Bates). Alan Campbell also a better shout in midfield than Ferguson after their respective seasons.
  9. She's the singer that did that version of Northern Lights on the AFC video last year. Fuck the huns.
  10. Wright for McRorie ended up basically being a swap didn't it? Possibly Anderson for JET as well.
  11. He wasn't great down south before his injury TBH, seem to recall he gave away a stupid penalty in his first start.
  12. “You’d”. Outing yourself as a hun again. Mods, get this hun to fuck please.
  13. Aberdeen had a higher turnover than Hearts and Hibs pre pandemic due to corporate, not sure if that has gone back to normal now but assume so.
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