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  1. Stavvy was my hero growing up. Ramirez is my hero now.
  2. The only reason Bates didn't bother disputing it is because he used to play for them so knows what the script is.
  3. The first thing they will probably do is sack their Geordie manager He is useless tho so fair enough.
  4. Always had a soft spot for Newcastle. NE club and all that.
  5. I once ended up on @RAZOR's bus in Kirkcaldy I think? Don't remember much about that tho. Hopefully it was memorable for him.
  6. My limo story doesn't really count but it almost involved a bus and I didn't think it merited it's on thread.
  7. We once got a limo to a rangers (RIP) game at Pittodrie L&B didn't have a minibus available so Brian turned up in the limo champagne on ice in the back and everything. Some envious looks from folk standing outside the Bobbin when we got dropped off. Carnage on the way home.
  8. All the defeats to Celtic I have witnessed at Hampden over the years are now just a depressing blur
  9. Haha the best one in recent memory was when your al man drove a handful of us down to Glasgow I have some photos from 27/05/17 so whatever game that was.
  10. Surely that's not typical? I am 5'9" with size 9 feet, average average I thought.
  11. Fuck yeah!!! No idea which one I will try to go to tho.
  12. https://www.soletrader.co.uk/timberland-courma-guy-wp-boots/t27zhdbn400483/ These are my winter tyres.
  13. Hopefully he carries on his impressive development, his head is screwed on so no worries about that.
  14. All Misers' posts make sense now.
  15. Pash


    Can't believe you listen to Pantera in a 1.6 eco-chariot, sacrilege.
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