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  1. A point was the least we deserved. Didn't look like a pen as the ball moved with the challenge but I was 100 yards away from it so hardly had the best view. Only one team was going to win it once we equalised but a point isn't to be sniffed at baring in mind the long journey back from Azerbaijan. Brilliant atmosphere. They were loud, as they always are at home, and we gave the lads great backing as well. We have a bigger game on Thursday.
  2. Looking forward to this one. Hearts is my favourite away day and I miss them when they keep getting relegated. Nice and easy train journey as well. Haven't got a clue what the team will be or who is available but clearly Thursday is more important so expect Glass to pick a team with that in mind. 0-0.
  3. Surprised Red Shed is dearer than Silver as well. Was that the same for the last round?
  4. I'll drop you a private message on Friday pal.
  5. It'll be a guaranteed sell out unless we are more than 2 goals down after the 1st Leg. I'm planning on going but I'll hold off till 7pm on Thursday night. I'll be back up for the County game on the Sunday meaning it's two long journeys (around 1,000 miles in total) in the space of a few days so if the Euro game is a dead rubber I might give it a swerve.
  6. It's a bloody old plane mind. Built in 1991. That's a J Reg in car years!
  7. £25 for mine then which is about what I expected. Imagine I'll pay it. Surprised they didn't make the season ticket holders deadline 5pm on Thursday to ensure as many committed as possible in case things go tits up over there.
  8. Suppose we'll find out at the Ross County game see if they can fill it up any more there. It's a great initiative and DM should be applauded for bringing it in but having the 1st half dozen rows empty plus a big section next to the Main Stand isn't ideal, especially when it looks like it's going to be over subscribed this season. Hopefully there's a way to be able to get a few more fans in there.
  9. Me. I care. That's why a posted that. A proper home end behind the goal shouldn't look half full and have rows of empty seats at the front.
  10. Hopefully something can be done about the Red Shed. Sounded class last week, and well done to all in there, but looked shite with all the empty seats at the front and side. Maybe they could get around it by allocating everyone a specific seat but sort of turning a blind eye to people sitting (standing) where they like. Shouldn't be too hard to get around. Technically it's an all seater stadium but it's already an unofficial standing area. Would be even better with another 500 in there. Even leaving 10% of seats unsold would look a lot better.
  11. These are a decent side and by far the best we'll have come up against so far. Not expecting much but as long as we are still in the tie for the 2nd leg, ie a 2 goal deficit at the very worst, I won't be too disappointed.
  12. Should have had the game won by half time so only ourselves to blame there. Aside from that it shows what we all knew which is that, away from the first XI the squad is pretty thin on quality. Annoying because that's our best chance of silverware gone by mid August.
  13. That sort of recognition is perfectly acceptable.
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