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  1. Aww give it a rest , we all understand what the guy was getting at he was enthusiastic about the stadium and it’s varied catering American red don’t be swayed by the sarcasm of this poster , unfortunately we are well used to his inputs I thought everyone didn’t care about what random strangers said on the internet....
  2. The food there is also brilliant. Best part about that stadium is free refills on your drinks (unheard of in professional stadiums here), So a good 24 OZ souvenir cup costs about 3£ and then you can just go to the machines and refill it for free the rest of the game. They also don’t over charge for things like like hamburgers, hotdogs, nachos, popcorn from stadium food kiosks. Think a hotdog is like 1£ and a burger like 2£ (Also unheard of in a stadium here. Most would charge 4-5£ for a hotdog and 7-8£ for a burger). But there is also about 50-100 privately owned restaurants/fast food locations around the stadium. It’s also incredibly loud in there. They were way below avg attendance yesterday and it was still bloody loud. (Picture was at half time when everyone was at the food stalls.)
  3. Was at the ATL UTD game tonight. Last 15 min was shambles. Did see Ronny on the big screen for 5 sec when barco came on. Don't even think he was called to warm up.stadium is world class though. Didn't know Dave and Ronnie was there. Have some family in the ATL area that have been pals with Dave for ages.
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