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  1. Had this conversation with a homophobe at work I said just as gay as putting it in your own hand
  2. Girl snowballed me once and I did the only gentlemanly thing I could think of and spat it in her face
  3. Every game is a must win game to think there not is defeatist
  4. Can’t believe everyone is slagging ojo off after the way I was rounded upon for saying he was shit all along
  5. Does he need to spot a player is that not what the head of recruitment is for
  6. had me on the floor laughing reading this. It’s brightened up my morning no end. i think poofing is now my new word for farting. This will be the best post of the day
  7. Is it ah well that’s that fucked then
  8. It’s very expensive but does it not mean the away fans can be charged £36 to
  9. I wouldn’t say it’s a blinkered view it’s just some people are seeing the worst some are prepared to give more time. In the last three league games we played I won’t say we’ve played teams of the park but we have had the most possession and created most chance, but what is blatantly obvious we need to start converting these chances into goals. After last season who would of thought the team would of created 50 chances in 10 games never mind only 3
  10. I’m not sure he performed stinkingly. When we had him his scoring record was gash but he played deeper and set up a lot of goals when cosgrove was on his scoring streak doing a lot of his running for him so cosgrove could be in those positions
  11. I think with that link you might of proved my point, for Spurs to have the 9th highest turnover in world football but win nothing in years and play pretty crap they must employ shite coaches to coach the first team squad
  12. Ok Newcastle get 40000 fans every week does not make them a big club so do Sunderland are they a big club. They have won nothing for 60 years. I’ll put Spurs in that bracket to. Steve mclaren who appointed Cathro not Benitez as manager when he was sacked in that season Benitez came in and kept him. He didn’t head hunt him he was already there for 6 months or so till he took over at hearts where Levien has be largely lampooned for his football career the last 10 years or so, so I’m not sure that’s a good argument either
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