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  1. Thanks I’ll take your compliment
  2. He probably will agree to that as he will want his team to get stronger while weakening a rival
  3. Could say that about other Scottish players but they still went for more
  4. Which was half of the shit loan deal with option to buy that was supposedly offered before the transfer request went in
  5. I have no idea I don’t know the ins and outs of it but I thought the Italian team did but wanted him on loan and only pay for a permanent move Iv they avoided relegation. Other teams like Millwall are probably chancing their hand knowing he handed in a transfer request but who the hell would want to go their anyway
  6. Some people will put a higher valuation than £2 million on him because he is better than cosgrove, he’s better than mckenna and he’s better than other players who left Scotland for teams down south at about the same age as he is now for more than that. He is also a current Scotland international in a position where Scotland have a lot of very good players so that should make him more expensive to. Others will say he’s not worth it because he’s a hun who’s dad is an arse piece
  7. What actually happened to Mackenzie. I didn’t see any of the game apart from the goals. Is he out long term
  8. Could you keep this shit to the appropriate thread, the miovski one is bad enough. Us who don’t give a shit about it shouldn’t have to read it on a football forum
  9. An attacking midfielder should be the first signing hopefully get one before to long
  10. I think Goodwin has been known to tell a few porkies to throw people of the scent of what is actually happening
  11. thurso

    Spiken Sh*t

    As much as red John was bit of an idiot who posted stuff over and over again he got banned from here for hardly anything compared to whet that idiot shoofta posts Meant to be a football site who cares about anything else
  12. It’s just a nick name I got when I went to uni in Edinburgh when I sighed up here I just used it
  13. Your right burning people to death in their houses is worse than killing soldiers in their sleep
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