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  1. Everyone who say they are in the know have things to prove or you end up loosing your credibility like Scott burns and the Icelandic guy Got to keep up the good post to be the main in the knower on here
  2. Could of said as soon as you knew then. Would of proved your in the know as everyone else thought he was signing. Or was this just decided last night
  3. You should of told everyone a week ago when this happened then not after the fact
  4. Is that what actually happened tho
  5. Thurso is the new Aberdeen. Oil is out the window and renewable energy is the future and what is there loads of hers wind wave and nuclear energy. Aberdeen’s new stadium will be built in Thurso
  6. Don’t worry folks I got it from a good source at the club that we are after Kevin de Bruyne as our second option to McGrath so things are looking up. Oh and who would want to live in paisley or Aberdeen. Both pretty crap places to live !!!!!
  7. Doesn’t matter if two were offside for the first goal wasn’t even a free kick. Great tackle by Ferguson.The pen was more of a stone wall thing than the free kick and it was never a pen. Ojo out hayes in
  8. Some just don’t like our players leaving remember Kenny McLean was a useless hun going to rangers until he signed for norwich, same was said about greame shinnie. If he’s so rubbish and inconsistent I wouldn’t be to worried if he goes as he will be easily replaced
  9. No I definitely don’t think we need two strong arse cheeks. We need teams to be competitive with each other. Teams have gotten better and we’ve gone backwards that’s why we are in 6th place. But in the last 30 years celtic and the rangers drop very few points to the other teams, where as ourselves hears Hibs or whoever can never make a challenge because we are all usually pretty even in comparison to each other and as a result drop to many points to each other to stay close to them.
  10. Or it’s gone back to the way it’s been for 30 years the rangers and Celtic pull away from everyone else as most of the other teams are pretty even as anyone can beat the other on any given day
  11. They must of improved if they are closer to the top than bottom
  12. Sorry but I’m of the view We should be competing with all the teams in the league and our next game is against the rangers and they’ve not exactly strengthened a lot. Hibs signed the boy that was on loan at Rosa county, was ok from what I seen nothing more. Henderson is a prospect but not going to be a game changer. The boy from America seems to have a good reputation the boy from norway will have to be good the money spent the one from Norwich is a young lad will hardly play I suspect.
  13. You sure Hibs are the only team. I’m pretty positive Celtic have made more action a statement with their signings. I’m not sure Hibs signings are that good if I’m being honest
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