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  1. I'd have to watch it back as my memory may be clouded by the passing of time, and the fact I was pished, but my recollection of the game was that Logan was superb.
  2. I couldn't really give a fuck what people say online, because let's be honest, the vast majority don't have the first clue about the subject they're talking about. So critique away. But to say Campbell was in any way to blame for their goal today stinks, and just makes you sound like the very kind of person I mention above.
  3. Said it in a group chat last night, as good as Calvin Ramsey will become, Jack looks like he's been playing there for years. Brilliant. Known him since he was 8 years old and he's never changed. Must be an absolute nightmare to play against.
  4. It's Dave MacDermid that owns the media company that provides coverage
  5. It finished 1 - 1 after a goalless 15 minute second period. Forgive me for not divulging who was playing in any certain position. Eyes are everywhere.....
  6. They did. It's 1-1 at half time. Matty Kennedy for the reds, Lewis Ferguson scored an absolute peach to equalise for the whites. Joe Lewis had a great save to deny Jack Gurr what would have been a dream debut goal. I will watch the second half later
  7. Looks like it's not going ahead...
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