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  1. "Learn about earning their wages".
  2. He didn't score on his debut, as we got gubbed from St Johnstone. If I recall, he scored a peach against St Mirren in his third or fourth game
  3. Not disagreeing with you, but to be pedantic, there was no 21 year olds started last nights game.
  4. I get you don't rate him, i've no problem with that, but nae sure why you'd want to get personal
  5. I was genuinely bemused when he was substituted on Saturday
  6. Conceded way less in the last 5 games with "no defenders", than we did in the previous 5 games with a full compliment. Just saying.....
  7. The players you mention that "weren't good enough for this level" have accumulated just shy of 1000 SPL/Premiership games between them. The facts speak for themselves.....
  8. No bother. I don't think anyone is particularly to "blame", more 3 or 4 players should certainly have done more to prevent it.
  9. Pretty sure that's what i've been saying in each of my posts on the subject..
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