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  1. Pretty fucking atrociously too.
  2. I actually loled This thread is an utter embarrassment.
  3. So many experts on this forum it's fucking staggering!
  4. I think Wales will take care of them, doubt they will be as inepet as Scotland are.
  5. There will be 20 pages of he's not good enough/shite/hun/tim/too old/too young/gay. Should be fun...
  6. Minis inbox about to receive intergalactic levels of probing i think.
  7. I'm pretty sure that he was a drug mule filled to the neck with condoms full of coke. The whole thing was bizarre.
  8. Wish the club would just announce someone so folk can tell us how shite he is a million times.
  9. The league table says otherwise no thanks
  10. Shame as he looked comfortable on ball when he did play. Decent wage freed up now though i suppose.
  11. What exactly was his injury issue?
  12. Didn't realise i had to watch every game ever played to be a football fan.
  13. Mostly Aberdeen or the national team i have zero interest in others. Will watch highlights show if im not busy but don't go out of my way too.
  14. We ain't in it so why would you watch it?
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