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  1. If you think for one minute that he will have any say in the next manager you are nuts. Supreme leader Cormack will be deciding that for us all.
  2. He reminded me of a guy who's used to folk nodding approval at everything he says, then comes across a few guys who question everything he's doing and is furious at them for daring to question him.
  3. Glass is a dead man walking, it's an exercise in futility keeping him around. I see zero chance of him turning it around.
  4. In all honesty who would want to pick up the rancid sack of shit we've become.As for Hughes, no thanks on that. I'm half convinced some players are actively trying to get Glass the bullet
  5. When he said Glass was the most suitable candidate to apply, i take it the others were a traffic cone and a dead guy.
  6. It was his utterly shite clearance straight to the opposition that led to the goal.
  7. We must be the slowest team whilst attacking I've seen in a long time
  8. They are currently 69th (nice) and we are 151st so ranking certainly suggests they are way better.
  9. Very good performance considering it's our first competitive game.
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