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  1. Why wouldn’t you wish to hear what the new manager of the team you support has to say?
  2. And don’t go for a pie or a piss at half time, go 5 mins before that, there’s nae queue and you won’t miss much fitba
  3. Fair doos, you don’t want him here. Which player with the same credentials would you like?
  4. I did say it’s maybe shite, you suggested it was bollocks, much and such. He is a shitebag, but he’s now our shitebag, do you not want what he brought to the tims in a dons shirt? I would imagine he would have more chance of things being rosie and holding all the cards with Celtic than us? His choice is to come here and “ be relentless in his quest for success at Aberdeen” I like that, you don’t.
  5. I agree, he’s not coming here for pennies. He will be on a good wedge that’s for sure. Why do you think he’s signed up with us when he probably could have received a better offer where he is? My belief is he has bought into what Cormack and Glass want to achieve, and that should be exciting for us. Its maybe shite, we will know soon enough, I’d rather not criticise ambition after the dire stuff we have witnessed these last years.
  6. Seemingly, our new manager,s first priority signing is a well established midfielder, do you think that’s going to be his only signing? Maybe a good defender and a striker will follow, maybe? We,ve shouted for change, it’s happening, try to enhance it.
  7. Aberdeen fan: We,re an absolute shambles and we need change. Aberdeen Fc: Ok, let’s sign one of the most successful club midfielder in Scottish football history to motivate and develop our squad. Aberdeen fan: Na, I,ll pass.
  8. I didn’t say he had, there’s always a first time and I live in hope. Cheer up min And Rangers have been deed for 9 of those 10 years.
  9. Pap on. I’m assuming YoungLoon won’t remember Roy Aitken in an Aberdeen shirt, he was a more detestable tim than Brown but he gave his all in every game. I think Browns mentality will be the same. When he halves snake jack in the SC semi final next year and drives us on to the final, will you be wanting a ticket YoungLoon?
  10. On a similar theme, our defender to defender passing is straight to their feet, and not in front of them to run onto for a quicker attack. The defender receiving the balls always seem so static and just stand and wait for it. We were taught to run onto the ball at school ffs.
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