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  1. 4 hours ago, Big Hat Logan said:

    Encouraging that training seems to have gone up to a level we would actually expect. Makes you wonder what has been going on as McInnes seemed to have the players really fit and motivate the first few years, we seemed to score a lot of late goals as we were still going when the opposition was tired. The last few years we’ve not seen any of that and so many injuries and players hinting at training being low intensity. Maybe he became jaded with it all like some of us.

    Either way it’s a good start. I’ve not watched a single press conference or clip of Glass talking yet though. Keeping expectation low I think but hoping he can deliver.

    Why wouldn’t you wish to hear what the new manager of the team you support has to say?


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  2. 9 minutes ago, whosyoureugine said:

    Sorry to offend lads. Its my first time on a fan forum, my son set it up for me when McInnis left, wanted to connect with the rest of the fan base since we can't do it in the pub or in the stands now. I see its not the place for me, maybe a generational thing for an old cunt like me. Ill leave you lads to it, look forward to the same chats standing waiting for a piss or a pie at half time in the future. 


    And don’t go for a pie or a piss at half time, go 5 mins before that, there’s nae queue and you won’t miss much fitba 

  3. 3 minutes ago, fine-n-dandy said:

    His abilities on the field for us imo will be nothing short of a man down for most part. (Even without red cards) 

    Only time he’ll get noticed is by the increase in cards he will deservedly earn that he escaped at Celtic for the most part


    i agree he will likely be a good attitude in the dressing room but that is about it. Will that be worth the time/effort/money? Not imo.


    the expectations & in many cases wankfests over his signing are ridiculous. He is a very average player & his best assets was winding up opposition & escaping punishment for dirty tackles. Both those assets will be considerably weakened by not being in a Celtic shirt & he will just become the aging average player that just gets booked all the time

    Fair doos, you don’t want him here.
    Which player with the same credentials would you like? 

  4. 4 minutes ago, fine-n-dandy said:

    Bollocks. He’s left Celtic because they are now the second team in Glasgow. He knew his playing days were pretty much at an end there as well.

    He’s getting out of dodge as he cannot take the stick he’ll get from the Orcs. He’s a shitebag. Only shows bottle when things are all rosey & his team holds all the cards

    I did say it’s maybe shite, you suggested it was bollocks, much and such.

    He is a shitebag, but he’s now our shitebag, do you not want what he brought to the tims in a dons shirt?

    I would imagine he would have more chance of things being rosie and holding all the cards with Celtic than us? 

    His choice is to come here and “ be relentless in his quest for success at Aberdeen” 

    I like that, you don’t.

  5. Just now, Big Hat Logan said:

    I’ve just stated my concerns over financing all these supposed new signings. Brown must be on a good wedge as part of this deal.

    I agree, he’s not coming here for pennies. He will be on a good wedge that’s for sure.

    Why do you think he’s signed up with us when he probably could have received a better offer where he is?

    My belief is he has bought into what Cormack and Glass want to achieve, and that should be exciting for us.
    Its maybe shite, we will know soon enough, I’d rather not criticise ambition after the dire stuff we have witnessed these last years.

  6. 5 minutes ago, Big Hat Logan said:

    Would rather a really good defender or striker but yeah, a 35 year old midfielder who has been in his comfort zone for 14 years is a priority seemingly.

    Seemingly, our new manager,s first priority signing is a well established midfielder, do you think that’s going to be his only signing? Maybe a good defender and a striker will follow, maybe? 
    We,ve shouted for change, it’s happening, try to enhance it.

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  7. 25 minutes ago, Shinniesta said:

    Brown is a cunt. But the last great team we had were full of cunts that would kick their granny to win. 

    We've had players who were once pantomime villains when we played against them sign for us in the past the likes of Roy Aitken. 

    Brown is a proven winner. If he does the business on the pitch and raises the level and mentality of those around him both on the park and on the training pitch I can live with him being a cunt. The more cunts with his desire and winning mentality in a Dons jersey the better as far as I'm concerned. 

    Pap on.

    I’m assuming YoungLoon won’t remember Roy Aitken in an Aberdeen shirt, he was a more detestable tim than Brown but he gave his all in every game. I think Browns mentality will be the same.

    When he halves snake jack in the SC semi final next year and drives us on to the final, will you be wanting a ticket YoungLoon?

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  8. 50 minutes ago, DelMonte said:

    Not sure if McInnes tells the players to slow it down every time the ball goes out of play but it seems like it. We never get the ball and take a quick throw in, wait ages until both teams are set up. Same with goal kicks and all free kicks.

    Its like we are desperate to slow the game down to walking pace. Then a team like Livi get in our faces and we look shocked. 

    On a similar theme, our defender to defender passing is straight to their feet, and not in front of them to run onto for a quicker attack. The defender receiving the balls always seem so static and just stand and wait for it.

    We were taught to run onto the ball at school ffs.

  9. Made this point yesterday, although I said last night that after a bit of a weak start he came across quite well on the radio. Machuntyre asked something like "do you feel the media have unfairly driven this, unsettling AFC in the process." I'll bet every red was screaming "go on have the cunt" and instead he answered something like "maybe, no. Not really." But if you then go on to listen to his comments he really is sticking the knife in to the media, the non concomitant SFA :trophy: and the hun. Tom English is clever enough to understand what he's saying so tries to counter. MacIntyre is too busy blubbing into his McCoist mug to take any notice.


    For Milne to call the huns bluff which he has quite spectacularly we had to be prepared to keep Derek on. The 6 points was a hoor but heh ho. That's why I questioned the untenable comments yesterday. Were that true the compensation would have been a fraction of what was contracted.


    Anyhoos all you "I'm only here cos of Derek" players. Get the fucking digit out. 3-0 by half time with each goal celebrated with a massive pile on with Derek at the bottom. Feel free to use the resultant confusion to lay one on the wee hun wank in the dugout opposite.

    By not allowing that club to talk to Derek, he has called their bluff and shown some balls for a change.

    What he needs to do now is drop the “lets move on” shite. Take a look at that clubs statement Stewarty, and have a look at the way they have treated your club, your management, your team and your supporters for the last few weeks.

    Take a look at how they have cheated their way to millions in revenue over the last 20 odd years, to the detriment of our club.


    So while you’ve shown your cock is currently bigger than Kings, grab the initiative and get wired into the SFA and no more “lets move on” pish.


    3 points tonight please, COYR.

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  10. They cheated regardless of the appeal outcome.


    Whether they lose the appeal or not, they cheated the laws of the game anyway.


    Whether they win or lose the tax case makes zero difference to what they should be / should have been punished for by the SFA in terms of their football rule breaking.

    Which was fielding players who were incorrectly registered.


    They were fielding entire teams where every player on the pitch was breaking the rules.

    And the huns did this knowing they were breaking the rules.


    Whereas a wee team in the Scottish Cup spells a players name wrongly (a genuine mistake) and they forfeit the match 3-0 and get tossed out of the cup.


    By the book, each an every game where they had a player whose full contract / income details were hidden from the SFA, a 3-0 loss has to be imposed.

    On every game.


    For a minimum of 12 years solid.


    P-38 W-0 D-0 L-38 F-0 A-114 Pts-0

    Each season.


    Cheating fucking bastards.

    Totally agree MH, and with the evidence in court today, the cheating has been going on ever since David Murray limped up the marble staircase o the big hoose.


    The question EPK asked was to the outcome in relation to the current Sevco, not the old, cheating, in liquidation carcas.

    And if we believe bloggers JJ and PhilMcThingy, they wont be around much longer either.

    A slow death is preferred to a quick one.

  11. Purely in the interests of accuracy Sevco 5088 (Craig Whyte) was the named immovable favoured bidder for the basket of assets once the CVA (the exit from admin achieved by hertz well Dundee et al) was harpooned by an understandably pissed HMRC. Sevco Scotland was Charles Greens Creation that the highly questionable administrators Duffhouse and Pishflaps chose to sell to because they didn't like the cut of Craigy's job. Highly illegal.

    Apart from that, highly factual accurate and informative post.


    Purely in the interest of accuracy, Craigys job or jib? 😊

    Highly illegal? Absolutely.

    Apologies for the inaccuracies, a faded memory or idiocy, you've decided.

    The link below was from memory.




    Rangers chief executive Charles Green signed off on Craig Whyte's appointment as a director of the company used in the initial stages of his buyout, according to documents lodged at Companies House.


    Documents seen by STV appear to show Mr Greens signature verifying the appointments of Mr Whyte and his associate Aidan Earley as directors of Sevco 5088 Limited.


    This appears to contradict a statement made by Mr Green in an interview with STV this week. When asked what part did Mr Whyte and Mr Earley have in Sevco 5088, he said: "Neither of them had a role in Sevco 5088."


    However, Rangers have cast doubt on the validity of the documents.


    A club statement said: "Mr Green is appalled by this blatant attempt to discredit him.These documents are not correct or valid and he did not sign Craig Whyte or his associate on as directors of Sevco 5088.


    "Mr Green was the sole director of Sevco 5088 until he resigned and became the founder director of Sevco Scotland, formed by Scottish solicitors."


    The revelations are the latest in the dispute between the former Rangers owner and the current chief of the club.


    The directorial appointment forms, which have been filed several months late, show the signatures of the former Sheffield United chief executive, alongside those of Mr Whyte and Mr Earley. It is claimed the forms were signed during a meeting in London on May 9, 2012, three days before Duff and Phelps signed an offer letter with Sevco 5088 in a £5.5m deal for the clubs assets.


    The Rangers statement added: "If this documentation was correct then, as Sevco 5088 was formed as the initial bid vehicle, the administrators would have been negotiating a sale of the club to a company which had a director who was clearly forbidden from being involved with it.


    "Furthermore, it should strike people as deeply suspicious that these documents are being filed today 11 months after they were supposedly signed and on other documents Mr Greens home address has been mysteriously changed without his knowledge.


    "Furthermore, notice was filed publicly in January this year by Field Fisher Waterhouse and is on record at Companies House company seeking to strike off the company, yet four months later directors appointments are now being supposedly filed."


    According to records at Companies House, Sevco 5088 was created as an off-the-shelf company by a Cardiff-based secretarial firm on March 29, over a month after Rangers were put into administration on February 14.


    The appointment forms for the company, which is registered to the address of London legal firm Field Fisher Waterhouse, were lodged with Companies House on Friday.


    Companies House confirmed the documents had been accepted but had not yet been scanned in to be made available on its website.

  12. What outcome can come of this, with regards the current Sevco club ?

    With the current people running Scottish football, irrespective of the outcome, nothing will change EPK.


    Outcome 1, this is what should happen:

    HMRC win the appeal and they reclaim all unpaid tax due on the use of EBTs/DOS.

    These were tax free loans used to entice better players to sign for Rangers IL which they otherwise couldn't afford. These loans were issued as a side letter which should have been submitted with the players contracts to the SFA/SPL. Rangers IL knew this was against the rules, but hid the letters anyway. Cheating. (The then president/secretary at the SFA, Campbell Ogilvie, who at the time the EBTs first became apparent, said he knew nothing about EBTs, when in fact, when he was the secretary of Rangers IL, he had an EBT. You couldn't make it up.)

    HMRC, on winning the appeal will then chase the employees with side letters for all tax due, which is £millions.


    The SFA/SPFL as it is now, should then investigate all matches played where Rangers IL used players with EBTs, cheating, and award each game 3-0 to the other team, and strip all honours won during that time. These were the rules at the time.

    This is where the current Sevco abomination should suffer.


    When Charles Green Sevco 5088, bought a basket of assets from the liquidators, part of the assets included Rangers IL history.

    There was a 5 way agreement formed by the SFA,SPL,SFL, Sevco and Rangers IL, that for admission to the SFL division 3, Sevco had to cover all Rangers IL footballing debts, which included a £250k fine for EBT usage. (Doesn't that seem quite a low fine? Apparently not, as the players weren't illegally registered, but imperfectly registered, there is a difference, according to the SFA. You couldn't make it up.)

    So Sevco 5088, then became Sevco Scotland, who then became The Rangers Football Club, bought the history and everyone lived happily ever after, same club, most successful team in the world, WATP, right? Our very own chairman even stated we should all move on, nothing to see. Does that make cheating ok?

    So the current Sevco, after title stripping, should amend their "history" that they purchased, to reflect the EBT years, as its the same club, right? Sorted.

    Or could the current Sevco admit that they are a new club, and put 3 Scottish league titles and a Petrofac cup as their history? Wouldn't the truth be refreshing?


    Outcome 2,

    HMRC lose their appeal, and the current Sevco abonmation remain the same club, most successful team in the world, WATP, move on.


    For those who bang on about an obsession, maybe it is, but we should never accept cheating to gain an advantage over other clubs, our club included, and the SFA cover it up in any way they can, to benefit one club.


    If HMRC win, everything should be done to right the blatant cheating, follow the rules, its simple really.

    Only in bigoted blue tinted glasses is the truth so wrong.

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  13. McMaster was an attacker as well as a left back.


    Logan is an attacker as well as a right back.


    Eric Black was a winger as well as a CF. I may need to explain this one. When our LB or RB had the ball, Black would whip out to the wings to receive it. This was exactly the same trait that made that boy fae DUFC such a great footballer, who's name escapes me just now but will come back shortly.


    Speaking in numbers fails to see the whole flexible unit of an effective attacking team.


    Defending is different. The best teams score more goals than the opposition and therefore attacking is slightly important in this game.


    Paul Sturrock or Eamon Bannon perhaps?

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