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  1. re Ross. Maybe he wasn't given enough chances, but given the fact that many other youngsters have been given game time since McInnes was binned, i'm guessing that Ross either didn't do enough to impress or he's been injured/not fit enough. If it's the former then I don't see any issues with us "letting" him go. Similarly the latter, he's been fairly injury prone hasn't he? If he turns into a player, then fair enough, he was offered a new contract and now he's been given the chance to play in the Championshiip for more money at a decent sized club. There's very little a club like Aberdeen can do to stop a player moving to Blackburn. We're not going to compete with the wages and he's not done enough over his contract to warrant an extension here.
  2. StandFree1982


    Monkeypox. bit racist.
  3. That white one with the gray stripes was hideous.
  4. Can't see how a game v United is going to shift many Season Tickets, if i'm honest.
  5. Too many Huns and Tims in the area. Also too many armchair "fans", the ones on Twitter wetting the bed before the transfer window is open because we've not signed Aquero, Kane and Bale. Uncertainty about being allowed in isn't helping, and having a new manager, one most didn't actually want, people are going to be wary.
  6. If we sell Ferguson, that's basically ALL of our high value assets sold, with nobody else really coming through that is worth a few quid. McCrorie needs to kick on this season, he started his career here so well and faded really quickly.
  7. A lot of people think highly of him who work with him. He does seem a lot quieter in person than that cocky arsehole he is on the pitch. If he can bring on players like Campbell, Ferguson (if he stays) and McCrorie then it's a good move all round.
  8. Then Covid happened. Probably prevented us from getting in a few targets that we wanted/needed in.
  9. Main never turned us inside out. He was gifted a goal by Arnason, great finish btw, and the other was when ball stood with his hand up, letting the guy past him to slot it to Main who had the easiest finish in the world. the other goal that night was fucking shite too. Motherwell were gifted all three goals that night, but that's not really the point here! i'm still fuming about that game.though!
  10. Unless it was conducted by Celtic. Then everything would have been announced into the public before they'd even spoken to the player, only for it to fall through and for them to look silly AGAIN
  11. Is the sound of Devlin's ligaments as soon as he signs the extension
  12. Checked his Twitter, he's been liking a lot of the posts linking him to Aberdeen. Sounds like it's happening.or at least true anyways
  13. If you stayed any longer on that diet, you'd have been flown home by air ambulance.
  14. Simpson still the AberDNA guy? He's got more roles than a baker atm,.
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