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  1. There's been very little mentioned about him since the signing. Presumably he's not out there or we'd have seen pics/interviews etc
  2. Montgomery and Considine at the left hand side of the Saints defence. If I was an opposition manager I know which side i'd be attacking down.
  3. Possibly. I'm starting to lose track now!
  4. Didn't Cormack say his visa was already sorted out the other day? You'd think he'd know what was going on at his club, but he's as clueless as the rest of us.
  5. Was about to suggest the same site. Extremely useful, even though it looks shady as fuck.
  6. Thatcher is a cunt Brexit is a cunt. Don't think it gets simpler than that tbh.
  7. Which one would you rather receive a reach around from?
  8. Must have cost the club an absolute fortune hiring and firing Glass and his shit show recruitment. Thank fuck for McKenna and Ramsey, otherwise we'd have made quite a bit of losses. Hopefully Goodwin does get an improvement out of this Dons side, he's brought in quite a few players and likely on decent wages, with a transfer fee.
  9. McInnes was sacked before then. Point being, if we continued the form before his sacking we wouldn't have
  10. Wouldn't be so sure about that. Results prior to him being sacked were appalling, and we scored 1 goal in 2 months or something daft.
  11. Opposition struggled to notice him between the sticks either, boy was invisible.
  12. I didn't mean it in a "we didn't spend a lot" i just meant that we've "only" spent the money that we weren't expecting.
  13. Thing is, we've basically only spent the £1M we got for McKenna. Which is money that we I doubt we expected or budgeted for, so we're breaking even with those guys before you even start to look at the money brought in from the Ramsey sale.
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