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  1. And Shinnie. He liked to get the ball and drive forward as well. We have Jenks, Longshaft, Watkins and Hedges who can play that attacking midfield role, but Jenks has been shite and the others were injured. Even JET could play as a No.10 role, but he's anonymous half the time as well. Once we have those back, i'd like to think we'll be better for it. But if not, there's a serious issue.
  2. What are you basing this on? genuine question.
  3. I wouldn't have predicted the Celtic result. And likely not the Rangers one either. I might have picked Saints for the win v Aberdeen though. The dons games are easy to predict atm.
  4. I've not read much on here and I missed the game. But having seen the goal, i'm very much moving towards the "Lewis needs dropped" side of the fence. The defence shouldn't be letting the shot come in, but it was weak as fuck and Lewis should be getting there. Just one of many shite stops from him this season.
  5. Celtic still finished with 86 points that season. We've not been close to that in the 3 points per win era, 76 is the most we've had and that would STILL be 10 points behind. So to say that Celtic were "there for the taking" is quite an overstatement. That is also with us beating them twice in the league.
  6. Dundee 0 - 1 Sevco Hearts 1 - 0 Livingston Motherwell 1 - 1 Ross County St Mirren 1 - 1 Aberdeen Celtic 2 - 0 Dundee Utd Hibs 2 - 1 St Johnstone missed last weeks, although going by the results, i'd probably have been worse off id I had played!
  7. I liked Nicky Low, thought he was a decent wee player. He just wasn't quite good enough to make the step up in level to be a regular at Pittodrie. We shouldn't be entertaining ANY bid for Ramsey unless it's upwards of £5M.
  8. You could argue about all this till the cows come home, but the hard reality is this - He's gone and it doesn't matter thinking "What would Derek do" with regards to players now. Back on topic - Ramsey to Everton on paper would be a decent move for him, but in reality, he'd likely not be anywhere near the first team and spent a year playing reserve football, or loaned out maybe. He's maybe better going down the Fraser route and plying his trade at a smaller, lower division club with more chance of game time and experience.
  9. Anyways. Glass deserves time. I think he's recruited pretty well and we've got the basis of a strong side. We're playing some nice stuff at times, but like the last few seasons we are shocking at the back and not taking chances. He's inexperienced and will learn as he goes, he's changed games for the better with his subs so he's tactically aware. With Samuels, Longstaff, Bates and Watkins only just barely in the door, all players who can improve us, we should hopefully see an improvement going forward. Calling for the manager to be sacked already is just hysterical nonsense.
  10. Come on now. "an accident"?! Wasn't like he accidently named the wrong player, put McKennas name on the 11 rather than someone else. He was in there because a) the current back 2 were shite and b) McInnes must have thought he was ready.
  11. I don't think that was really the point. His point was about giving youth a chance, and ended up pointing out a list of players who most weren't given any chance at all. (rightly or wrongly).
  12. 1100 minutes in 39 games. according to transfermarkt.com
  13. Mckenna - Yes Campbell - Yes Low - barely. the rest NO.
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