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  1. Saying "we're going to get our business done early" is just stupid. It's impossible to dictate how quickly we'll get targets in, if at all due to, as we're all aware from the previous god knows how many transfer windows, factors outside of our control. Other clubs might stall selling until they have sold other players, the selling club might decide they want more money / want cash upfront rather than over X time, the player himself might decide to wait and see what offers he gets etc etc. Like saying "I'm planning on buying this specific house by end of February". There's a ton of things that can and probably WILL make the sale take longer than it should, if it happens at all.
  2. Well on the plus side - we've time to go and get other targets. What a waste of over 2 weeks of the transfer window though. We should have just put an ultimatum to him, "either you agree to come here within 7 days or we'll look elsewhere". I know we're hardly in a position to be making demands on certain players, but fuck it, it's only to the detriment of the club that we're losing out on other signings because we're sitting on our hands waiting for people who don't want to be here to decide. edit - hope he has a shite career in England now.
  3. He's conceded an average of 4 goals a game in his career. Still better than that cunt Collins though.
  4. Coldplays cover of The Pretenders 2000 miles is one of the worst things I've heard in the last few years. Chris Martin is such an overrated singer.
  5. He must be looking decent in training and they aren't basing a new contract on past endeavours. Glass has been fairly ruthless with dropping / getting rid of the players who aren't making the cut so far. McInnes did the same at the very beginning as well.
  6. Longstaff should have been decent. Can''t blame Glass for taking the boy in, almost everyone in here were happy with the signing. Jet is decent in spells and on his game he's brilliant. Can't argue with Gurr. Samuels I never seen enough of. Looked alright when he first came, but that was it.
  7. Depends on Lewis. He maybe doesn't want to be here and wants away, therefore it becomes an issue.
  8. Ferguson was a regular for Hamilton though. As The Gee Man says above, Polvara will have a lot more adapting to do before we see much of him.
  9. It's a work in progress. Have you seen Get Back? They took forever to work on one line, let alone a full song...
  10. For reference! Some personal highlights include: Getting the ball and falling over Took a shot that was blocked by a defender Getting the ball, running into space then passing it straight to the opposition Getting the ball, turning and hoofing it up the field to opposition defender Attempting a through ball. Failed to beat defender. Attempted a through ball. Too hard and went out for a goal kick Slicing a shot miles wide Now, i'm not having a go at Jenks here. It's more the fact someone's created a highlights reel and included some of the worst highlights of any player i've seen. The above list are things most players do throughout a season, if they didn't they wouldn't be playing at Aberdeen or Brighton, but to include them in a "best of" video....baffling.
  11. McGrath is being signed on a pre-contract, so won't see him till the summer. (if at all) Ferguson loves a goal against the Huns. Nobody could question his work rate and commitment vs the Huns.
  12. Finished Dexter New Blood yesterday. It's a far better ending to the show than the shit show of season 8. 9/10
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