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  1. Seen "Never Give Up"? "I should have told them there and then to fuck of!f". Fergie kens the score!
  2. Nae sure to be honest. Uefa might have some shite rule in place regarding no other European games clashing with Champions League or some tripe. There were some Europa and Conference games on Tues this week but obviously that canna happen next week with us playing Sunday. One game early and one game late in Vienna on Thurs would work if no away support maybe? If not one tie might be switched and likely Austria Vienna v us since the Rapid game is "bigger" being The Europa.
  3. Betty Swallicks

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    Eh???? Creepy @ConsiCanBoogie1903 min. FYI I'm Ronnie Pickering.
  4. Male nurses. Fiat 500 drivers. Cat owners. Short breaks in Brighton. Made up stories. Factual stories about going to the shops. Park runs. Photos of pink pints. Aye this place is mintal!
  5. Rapid Vienna knocked out Champions League and now playing at home next Thursday in The Europa League. If Austria Vienna get through I wonder if our game will be changed ie home first leg, away 2nd leg? No away support so could maybe play them on the same day? Prefer to be away first leg so hopefully thats possible.
  6. Art Gallery is pretty good tbh. Far better than the dundee V&A imo.
  7. Wise up! George Street is fucking ace! Food from every corner of the world. Drugs galore. Sex shops. 2 Romanian brothels.
  8. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12366199/english-football-to-introduce-heading-guidance-across-all-levels-for-2021-22-season 10 headers per week in training. Jesus wept.
  9. Suicide bomber or fisherman on the right on the shandy?
  10. She's 4ft 8in and just over 7 stone........ goes out with a 6ft and 15stone American Footballer. Yikes!
  11. Thats exactly what she did. Jacked it in after making a cunt of one jump thingy. "I'm not winning as usual, its not fair, my mental health is suffering". Pathetic!
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