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  1. The daddy of the call centre. Coshed Yasmin with paperclips in a sock. Mad bastard!
  2. You've lied about stranger things. time travel from Hamilton, 6 DNA memberships, season tickets etc.
  3. If we were to progress they need to calm down on the "greatest Scotland side of all time" chat. Qualification is obviously far easier now and 16 from 24 sides progressing is ridiculous imo. It would be nice to see Scotland at the knock out stages for once right enough.
  4. Why would he be worried about that? He claims he's bought one but likely won't use it. He could put the confirmation pic back up and blank out his seat number. I guess he won't since it seems it could be a photoshop job. millermong making stuff up and attention seeking is almost expected but potentially conning G_T out of 20 quit is shite behaviour. As you were.
  5. He makes up stories to dupe fellow posters into donating money to pay for Moroccan children to get driving lessons.
  6. Any more proof? There is no proof now, you were called out on the photoshopped pic then immediately took it down. Just pay up ffs min.
  7. Crap like telling lies and ripping off other posters? You need to grow up and pay up.
  8. Photoshopped pic taken down, I hope you're going to reinburse G_T his 20 quid Millermong?
  9. Millermong has since taken the photoshopped pic down. Not unusual for him to lie but he conned 20 quid out of someone on here.
  10. This. People who actually give a fuck about the support, Pittodrie and have put in some serious dough after 20 years of Milne not giving a fuck and letting the place rot.
  11. Fucking tremendous! The Station Hotel summer 89. Ace times!
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