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  1. Gurr on the bench tomorrow? Goofy cunt better not get on, he'd get raped.
  2. Brother millermong will be along shortly to justify these stats.
  3. "Twitter is for gays" says the male nurse out the window of his Fiat 500 on his way to another trip in Brighton.
  4. Remarkable lack of class and intelligence talking about Fergie in those terms but to add further insult he praises McInnes in the same piece. Fergie bad, McInnes good. And he claims there is no agenda.
  5. Played a stormer again yesterday. Completely fucking off the ridiculous 10k rule.
  6. Already this season they’ve gone out of the Premier Sports Cup to Raith Rovers. Blink and you’d have missed them in the Europa League qualifiers. Really knows his stuff.
  7. Written for the weegie mongs. Its fucking ace they feel the need to write such pish. Ha! Pathetic, sickly cunts will be agreeing with every word.
  8. Na. Thats just fucking ridiculous. Poor bairn.
  9. By the sounds of it the most interesting part was Hayes saying aye aye.
  10. Betty Swallicks

    In The News

    Aboot 2% of coppers should be wifies imo and they should be gay butch types trying to be like the men. No wonder there are so many of them now. Caker of a job for a bird. Same as female firefighters, prison wardens etc, they don't belong there really. Same rules apply the other way around ie nurses, checkout workers, dinner wifies etc where the 2% of males should be camp @Poodler types trying too hard.
  11. Fars the eastern europeans fan you need them eh? Cunts!
  12. Charlton lost their home for years and were 30mins away from doing a rangers and dying. Portsmouth have been in administration. You're a close 2nd to millermong when it comes to being clueless about football.
  13. Clone Island is the mark of a desperate man, a tink or a daft kid these days. Some Sauconys are ace, some are shit. Those above are shit.
  14. I thought that was you in the pics you posted when there? The skinny arms and wifie looking hands holding beers were somebody elses?
  15. "Its Dad Talk". Creepy old child catching cunt ye.
  16. 103 people listed in the odds for Newcastle manager job. There are quite a few I've never heard of plus Fergie (80 this year) at 250/1 and a bird LOL (Emma Hayes) at 200/1. No mention of Deek.
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