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  1. Figured as much. Hopefully see the likes of Ruth and co get some game time then.
  2. Wasn't sure what the rules were for him given he was on loan at Peterhead but if allowed, definitely. In sadly. Greggs Forfar pre match.
  3. RAZOR

    Pet Hates

    But...my enemies . Was some watch yon.
  4. RAZOR

    In the News

    Was on C5 the other night. Peer lad was cuddling his Granny at one point and the stroop was flapping about in her face. Harry Hill would've had a field day with that.
  5. We're nae much better at Pittodrie. Ridiculous pricing all round.
  6. MM always worth a laugh. He's aff his rocker.
  7. On the other petty flip of the coin, I've never had a pint of McEwans. Synonymous with Hunnery.
  8. Laddie is a complete dick. https://twitter.com/afcrbm/status/1520144184266706944?t=hUSS3TMXJZJROlwiZWMDtQ&s=19
  9. Richard Gordon joining Cove as Head of Media & Communications.
  10. Or his book with a chapter dedicated to his 'Celtic family'.
  11. Or you've already done all the deals to sign your mates and former players under the table.
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