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  1. Sadly not. The Albion was some place though.
  2. RAZOR

    Thread O Twitter

    https://youtube.com/shorts/GjHHXbXc4z8?feature=share A classic clip here from back in the day.
  3. If we're bottom by Christmas it will be a duo of the Browns. Samuels and Ojo will be straight out the squad. Long term - Neil Chopper Harris
  4. He said Considine and Lewis said the training has been going well. Considine hasn't trained in months and Lewis has been dropped due to poor form. The whole thing was democracy manifest. Car crash radio.
  5. Get him in the Have You Ever Pissed Yourself Thread then.
  6. We always managed to carve out a decent trip back in the day min.
  7. You should doodle a fake moustache on his loons portrait that hangs in the Inverurie pub (can't remember the name of it). Judas - worse than Davie Robertson imo.
  8. Won 0-2 without having a shot on target. Quite something. Tangs, that's the one. If the rats don't get you the beef will.
  9. @Matt Armstrong's Dog Is Choi's the one next door to your local? If so, sad enough to have done 3 of the above. Though I'd have preferred getting wanked off by an Indian cementer than the food from yon place. A timestamped photo in Delft is surely on the list, been Hat folklore for many years.
  10. Correct. Pipes is like a young Peter Nicol on that squash court (only much sounder) Mind LGIR asking for photos. Some gal
  11. Possibly since the one where Dave Bus shat in the middle of the dressing room and was never to be seen again? Decent prank tbf
  12. RAZOR


    https://americanfizz.co.uk/snacks-and-chips/crisps-and-chips This site is decent enough price wise. Fair selection as well.
  13. That's right. Good memory Pash. As usual, good trip - shite match. Hope you're doing fine.
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