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  1. Good pen against Brazil though
  2. RAZOR


    Here's me thinking the rat tail died out with James McFadden.
  3. Hornby could potentially make the worst Aberdeen XI
  4. Can turn off and try to forget about the whole season now. Absolutely abysmal.
  5. If anything, Chedzer should be removed just to piss off man hater Jessica Ennis.
  6. Aye tough watch. We'll of course pander to the GoH, nae steens. Doesn't matter if we thrash them of course but alas seems a tough ask. Inevitable turn off at 2-0 for me I think. Delighted to be wrong.
  7. Murdo Fraser another one. Coasts in every election. Ridiculous really.
  8. Good information. Cheers min.
  9. An MSP can equally resign/get punted from their respective party and still coast through 5 years as an independent candidate. Not right. Should mean a by-election.
  10. Yeah fair play to him for going head to head with her. Harvie and Slater were the same. Not a fan of Willie Rennie but fair play to him for going out and winning his seat in a region surrounded by SNP. What happens with the Lib Dems could be amusing though. I believe you need at least 5 seats to be classed as an official party?
  11. I certainly don't think you should be able to stand for the constituency seat and the regional list seat. Takes the piss. Party leader should also have to win a constituency seat. Weak as piss from the linesman to sneak in through the back door. Unbelievable. I couldn't understand how the Tories seemed to clear up in the South of Scotland with the SNP 2nd and they still only returned 1 seat? Yet everywhere else where the Tories finished 2nd they were getting 3/4 seats on the regional list. Bonkers system.
  12. Not sure about the McLean comparison. Different team, different players etc. I do wonder if now is the best time to cash in on him though.
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